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unreal gameboy gsg tutorial

Create a Photoreal GameBoy Color in Unreal Engine | Full Workflow

November 29, 2023

Remember these? Learn how to create a photoreal Gameboy in Unreal Engine with this tutorial from Pwinsher.  Download the project files from Greyscalegorilla and follow along. 

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Live Q&A Greyscalegorilla

Plus for Everyone: Live Q&A With Nick & Chad at Greyscalegorilla

November 14, 2023

Last week, Greyscalegorilla announced that Greyscalegorilla Plus is now for everyone, compatible with ALL 3D apps. You must have some questions!

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Rhinozine: Elevate your Grasshopper Game and lots more!

November 13, 2023

Checkout Rhinozine, an online magazine for Rhino artists, covering topics like Tips & Tricks, Inspiration, Education, jobs, and more.

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spooky season vfx & chill

Spooky Season VFX & Chill with Hashi & Seth #halloween

October 25, 2023

Watch Hashi & Seth create a dementor raptor Beetlejuice tribute on the Spooky Season episode of VFX and Chill. Get Maxon tools at Toolfarm.

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zbrush membrane-like wings tutorial

ZBrush: Creating Thin Membrane-Style Wings (Good for Bats, Dragons) – Halloween!

October 25, 2023

Just in time for Halloween, learn 3 different ways to create membrane-like wings (think bats, dragons, monsters) in ZBrush with this tutorial from Pablo Muñoz Gómez.  There’s a “Quick Way”, a “Controled Way” and a “Fun Way”.  All three methods can be useful in different situations too, not to just make wings.

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bubbling cauldron

Make a Bubbling Cauldron with Cinema 4D, Thinking Particles, Xpresso

October 24, 2023

Make some magic with Cinema 4D, Thinking Particles, some deformers, and Xpresso with this Bubbling Cauldron tutorial.

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faceform wrap Tricks for Creating Clean Rig Blendshapes

Faceform Wrap: Tricks for Creating Clean Rig Blendshapes

October 24, 2023

Learn a few tricks with Faceform Wrap on how to create Blendshapes for facial rigs when your input data is imperfect.

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DAT Chicago

Watch DAT Chicago Live on September 8

September 7, 2023

Watch DAT Chicago, streamed live on September 8 at 12 pm Central Time. Toolfarm will be there so watch our social media channels for pix!

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Gryun Kim siggraph 2023

Gryun Kim | Making of Shin Ramyun | SIGGRAPH 2023

September 5, 2023

Discover the fascinating artistry behind Shin Ramyun, brought to life by acclaimed 3D lead animator Gryun Kim at SIGGRAPH 2023.

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Arturo Wong

Arturo Wong | Mograph and Simulation Techniques for Sport

September 5, 2023

Arturo Wong (motion designer, 3D generalist, art director) showcases a captivating % graphics package for the L.A. Clippers at SIGGRAPH 2023.

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bifrost bootcamp

Bifrost Bootcamp from Maya Learning Channel #mayamonday

August 28, 2023

Jason at the Maya Learning Channel introduces fields, a powerful and versatile tool in Bifrost. He covers all aspects of fields.

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dat montreal

Watch DAT Montreal Archives from Maxon & Mograph.com

August 22, 2023

Watch the archives of DAT Montreal from August 22, 2023. Sponsored by Dell Technologies, RNDR, Nvidia, and Toolfarm (that’s us!).

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Part 1 Modeling the scene

Part 1: Modeling the Scene [Beginner’s Guide to Interior Design Rendering]

August 22, 2023

In Part 1: Modeling the scene, Nejc Kilar, 3D Artist at Chaos, kicks off the Beginner’s Guide to Interior Design Rendering series.

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DAT Toronto

Watch DAT Toronto Live!

August 17, 2023

DAT Toronto streaming live on August 17, 2023! Sponsored by Dell Technologies, RNDR, Nvidia, and Toolfarm (that’s us!).

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enscape dark mood bathroom

Enscape Dark Mood Bathroom

August 15, 2023

Modulus Render talks about how to create a dark mood bathroom with SketchUp and Enscape, and how to achieve a realistic result.

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