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Rocket Lasso Live Ep 6 Season 7

Rocket Lasso Live Ep 6 Season 7

Chris Schmidt of Rocket Lasso is streaming live Ep 6 Season 7 now, showing how he embeds a letter A in a landscape with some cool texturing and lighting. He’s only 30 minutes in as I type this, so who knows where he will go! Jump on the livestream now or watch it later.

Rocket Lasso Utility Splines Collection

Rocket Lasso Utility Splines Collection

Wrangle your splines

Introducing the new RKT Utility Splines Collection, a powerful suite of 5 plugins that transforms the way you work with splines in Cinema 4D.

With this collection, you can now effortlessly smooth out rough lines, control the number of points in your splines, reduce the point count to a minimum, remove overlapping points and redundant points, and convert unruly splines into clean, smooth Bezier curves. This suite of tools has everything you need to achieve precise results in your spline workflow.

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