Fluids and Fluid Dynamics (65 Tutorials)

nxfluids mixed density

nxFluids Mixed Density with INSYDIUM Fused

February 21, 2024

Bob Walmsley from INSYDIUM shows how to mix fluid sims of different densities, like oil and water, with nxFluids in INSYDIUM Fused.

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How to Choose the Right 3D Rendering Software

In Depth: How to Choose the Right 3D Rendering Software #3drenderer UPDATED

February 21, 2024

There are so many renderers available out there, and how does an artist know what to choose? Learn what the different renderers offer.

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nxFluids Melt

nxFluids Melt Rig – INSYDIUM Fused

January 2, 2024

Learn how to set up a basic melt simulation with X-Particles, using NeXus nxFluids and nxGravity to control melting,

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nxFluids Detailed Meshes

nxFluids Detailed Meshes – INSYDIUM Fused

November 28, 2023

Bob from INSYDIUM shows you how to take fluid sim particles and create detailed meshes with nxFluids in INSYDIUM Fused.

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liquid animation newton

Creating a liquid animation with Newton for After Effects

November 20, 2023

Jay Baulch shows you how to create a liquid animation using Newton 3 for After Effects, Motion Boutiques 2D Physics engine.

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DAT Chicago

Watch DAT Chicago Live on September 8

September 7, 2023

Watch DAT Chicago, streamed live on September 8 at 12 pm Central Time. Toolfarm will be there so watch our social media channels for pix!

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News: Maxon Announces SIGGRAPH 2023 Speakers

Maxon at SIGGRAPH 2023 – Watch 3 Days of Archives

August 15, 2023

Watch Maxon’s SIGGRAPH 2023 Presentations live from August 9 through August 11, 2023. Get inspired by leading motion graphics and 3D artists.

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Medical Animation

Medical Animation using C4D’s Simulation System

June 13, 2023

Thomas Brown and Amanda Slade show you some techniques for creating beautiful medical animation using Cinema 4D’s Simulation System.

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DAT Nashville

DAT Nashville Archives

June 12, 2023

Watch the archives from June 11, 2023, the DAT Tour in Nashville, with great presentations from talented artists and animators.

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Bianca volumes

Bianca Schaurer-Spieß: Raise the Volumes – Graphical 3D Techniques

June 7, 2023

At FMX 2023, Bianca (AKA aniMaid) shows you exactly what is possible with Volumes in the 3D and Motion Design Field using Cinema 4D.

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DAT Tour Philly Archives

DAT Tour Philly Archives from May 15, 2023

June 1, 2023

On May 15, 2023, the DAT Tour hit The City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, with great presentations from über talented artists and animators. Watch the archives below.

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DAT Tour Philly Archives

DAT Philadelphia Watch LIVE on May 15, 2023

May 8, 2023

DAT, The Design and Animation Tour, Philadelphia, May 15, presented by Maxon and Mograph.com. Watch live or catch the archives later.

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Event: DAT - The Design & Animation Tour

DAT Denver LIVE! May 11, 2023

May 8, 2023

Watch DAT live from Denver on May 11. Featuring Bryan Coleman, Byron Stanford, David Ariew, Chelsea Evenstar, Cameron Butterfield, many more!

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dat dallas

DAT Dallas Archive: The Design & Animation Tour, Maxon/Mograph.com

May 4, 2023

Watch DAT from Dallas on April 28. Featuring Alex Parker, Barton Damer, Gustaf Fjelstrom, Sasha Vinogradova, Mark Fancher, and many others!

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Maxon NAB 2023

Get Ready to Be Wowed: Maxon’s Live Stream Archives from NAB 2023 are Here!

May 3, 2023

Watch and learn from the best Cinema 4D artists in the industry with Maxon’s live-stream archives from NAB Show 2023.

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