3D Modeling (57 Tutorials)

sci-fi panel in After effects tutorial

Create a 3D Sci-Fi Panel in Adobe After Effects

January 13, 2014

Follow along as Tudor “Ted” Jelescu shows you how to use Adobe After Effects to create an out-of-this-world 3D Sci-Fi Panel!

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maya worms tutorial

Dynamic Worms in Maya

January 7, 2014

This is the last one for this tutorial Tuesday. Simulate a bunch of worms in Autodesk Maya from noorvfx.com.

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FreeForm Pro – The Ultimate Guide by Chris Lavelle

December 24, 2013

Follow along with Chris Lavelle as he shows you the “In’s & Out’s” of Mette FreeForm Pro!

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virus structures in maya

Creating Accurate Virus Structures in Maya

October 22, 2013

Shaun Keenan over at cgtuts+ recently posted on how to build accurate Virus Structures in Maya using the Molecular Maya Toolkit! Give it a look!

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Tearing Cloth Ball in Cinema 4D

October 18, 2013

Ben at BW Design uses Adobe After Effects and CINEMA 4D to create some lovely broadcast design elements, with a soccer ball tearing through some fabric. This is very useful stuff!

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Create a Stylized Snowman and Xpresso Driven Trees in CINEMA 4D

September 24, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday continues with a CINEMA 4D tutorial. Aleksey Voznesenski created this fun 4 part series for CG Tuts+. Check it out!

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Model a Ghostbusters Ghost Trap in Cinema 4D

July 2, 2013

Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday at Toolfarm! How do you catch a ghost in Cinema 4D?  You model a Ghostbusters Ghost Trap!

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Tutorial: Pixelogic ZBrush Z4R5 Time for Art The Dragon Flyer

June 25, 2013

In this session, Pixolator demonstrates two of the new Z4R5 features: ‘Panel Loops’ and ‘Polish By Features’. With the help of these tools, you will be able to quickly transform a roughly shaped mesh to a glossy hard-surface model.

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Natural Lighting in CINEMA 4D by Rob Redman

June 3, 2013

An overview of lighting techniques in scenes where exterior natural lighting illuminates interior objects- how to get realistic results.

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element 3d serge mustu inspiration tutorial

Inspirations/ Tutorial: Video Copilot Element 3D Examples by Serge Mustu

July 30, 2012

Post by Serge Mustu on Vimeo: “Here are some MoGraph like animations I’ve done with Element 3D (plugin from Video Copilot). I broke up the text inside of Cinema4D and imported the models into E3D.”

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Element 3D: Beyond Basics; Importing Objects & Building Materials, Extruding Masks & Text

Element 3D: Beyond Basics; Importing Objects & Building Materials, Extruding Masks & Text

July 17, 2012

New Video Copilot Element 3D Tutorials: Beyond the Basics: Everything you need to know to get started! Importing Objects & Building Materials: C4D tips, OBJ exporting and more!

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whiskey bottle and glass

Cinema 4D Setup Breakdown/ Whiskey Bottle and Glass by Matt Beckham

July 2, 2012

Check out this excellent studio shot breakdown for creating a whiskey bottle and glass tumbler, using Cinema 4D, by Matt Beckham.

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