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Improve Your Face Sculpting in ZBrush

zbrush face sculpting tutorial

This introductory tutorial to real-time sculpting from FlippedNormals offers many quick and easy techniques to improve your face sculpting in Zbrush.  Learn about facial proportions and anatomy, how to make clean shapes, and add character details to make your piece more realistic.

Introduction to Sculpting

In this sculpting ZBrush video tutorial, we’ll cover how you can improve your face sculpting using quick and easy techniques. Learn about face proportions, how to make clean shapes, facial anatomy and adding character to your sculpts.

03:30– Proportion

09.55 – Clean surface

13:38 – Facial Anatomy

47:06 – Adding character




The industry standard for digital sculpting and painting

Introducing ZBrush: the industry-leading standard for digital sculpting and painting, empowering artists to create with unparalleled freedom. Developed by art veterans who know firsthand the demands of digital sculpting, ZBrush has been used in some of Hollywood’s fanciest film studios, video game companies, and jewelry designers. With top-notch tools that can shape, texture, and paint virtual clay in real time with instant feedback, you’ll have unprecedented access to an endless range of precise digital creations. ZBrush even received an Academy Award for the revolutionary technology that powers it.

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