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Halloween Tutorials Roundup #halloween #vfx #tutorial

Halloween Tutorials Roundup

We LOVE Halloween at Toolfarm and we’ve been sharing some creepy VFX tutorials, horror film sound design tutorials, and a lot more! We have dug up some of our favorite older tutorials plus loads of new ones. Check them out, if you dare. Mwahahahahaha.

VFX Tutorials

Blood moon optics

Add a Blood Moon with Boris FX Optics

In this Quick Tip, Mick Harauz shows you how to add a creepy blood moon to your images in just a few steps in Boris FX Optics.

maxon demyst spooky week 3

Spooky Scene Workflows: Redshift, ZBrush, Substance, Cinema 4D

Join ZBrush environment artist and instructor Rodolfo Silva and Maxon Master Trainer Dustin Valkema for a new four-part spooky webinar series.

zbrush membrane-like wings tutorial

Make a Bubbling Cauldron with Cinema 4D, Thinking Particles, Xpresso

Make some magic with Cinema 4D, Thinking Particles, some deformers, and Xpresso with this Bubbling Cauldron tutorial.

maxon demyst spooky week 3

Ghostly Text Reveal, Sapphire in AE, including a Project File

John Dickinson breaks down a ghostly text reveal that he created using Sapphire and Particle Illusion in After Effects.

friday the 13th vfx and chill

Friday the 13th | VFX and Chill

From Friday the 13th, Hashi was all alone in a spooky abandoned house, he’s sharing free scripts with all of you! In this episode, Hashi also shows techniques for making smoky ghosts, bloody text, popping balloons, faces in smoke, and more using simulations in Cinema 4D.

zbrush membrane-like wings tutorial

Create Transparent Ghostly Effects with Mocha & Particle Illusion

Create transparent ghostly effects using Mocha Pro and Particle Illusion to transform an actress into a ghost.

zbrush membrane-like wings tutorial

ZBrush: Creating Thin Membrane-Style Wings (Good for Bats, Dragons)

Just in time for Halloween, learn three different ways to create membrane-like wings (think bats, dragons, monsters) in ZBrush with this tutorial from Pablo Muñoz Gómez.

Blood moon optics

The Thing With a Hundred Eyes with Red Giant

Here’s a classic Halloween tutorial and free template! Red Giant‘s lead designer Leo Hageman shows you how to use the Contact Lens Kit. It’s a free and easy-to-use project with 100 different eye presets! The presets are based on well-known horror, fantasy, and sci-fi characters.

Blood moon optics

Spooky Season VFX & Chill with Hashi & Seth

From the crypt of YouTube! Watch Hashi & Seth create a dementor raptor Beetlejuice tribute on the Spooky Season episode of VFX and Chill.

maxon demyst spooky week 3

The Last of Us Clicker, GeoTracker for After Effects

In this tutorial, learn how to take some stock footage of a Zombie and turn it into a mushroom-faced Clicker inspired by HBO’s The Last of Us – using GeoTracker in After Effects and some 3D cordyceps.

Other Horror VFX and Titles Tutorials to check out

Sound Design Tutorials

maxon demyst spooky week 3

Burning Question: How Do I Create Sound Design for Horror Films?

The sound design in horror films can put your audience directly into the experience. In this article, learn about the history of horror music scores and spooky sound design, and how to make them, whether you’re a musician or not. There are lots of tips on what sounds and techniques work well in the genre.

maxon demyst spooky week 3

How To Create a Hair-Raising Soundscape This Halloween

Another from Halloween’s past, Alessandro Mastroianni shows you how to create a Hair-Raising Soundscape for your horror film using Krotos Audio Dehumanizer 2 and Concept 2.

maxon demyst spooky week 3

Use Krotos Audio Reformer Pro to Design Sound for Haunted House Attractions

Create some spooky haunted house attraction sounds with sound designer Dan Bieranowski using Krotos Audio Reformer Pro.

maxon demyst spooky week 3

Create Zombie Sound Effects Using Simple Monsters

Terrify your friends or add more devilish detail to your sound design by performing an eerie array of goblin growls, grim reaper laughs and bloodcurdling zombie screams in the studio.

More Sound Design Tutorials

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