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3D Cube in After Effects

3D Cube in After Effects

Motion Design School has a great trick for creating a 3D Cube in After Effects using Shape layers and the Stroke effect. If you’re new to After Effects, this covers some important basics that you may not be familiar with, like Precompose and Collapse Transformations. It’s so simple and fast, that you’ll find yourself using this technique often.

Want to do more with 3D primitives and isometric effects in After Effects?

Below are a couple of related products that can expand this kind of effect even further.

3D Primitives Generator

3D Primitives Generator

Few dimensions, MIGHTY results!

Check out 3D Primitives Generator for After Effects. 3D Primitives Generator is your handy toolbox to create 3D primitives with ease inside After Effects. Generate 3D objects using native After Effects layers. Create Cubes/Cuboids, Cylinders, Pyramids, and Prisms with a single click. Customize the materials to whatever you desire.

Learn MoreTry 3D Primitives Generator for free!

Isomatic FX

Isomatic FX

Finally, isometric graphics made easy within After Effects

This famous kind of perspective, recognizable by its absence of vanishing point (lines appear parallel to each other), can be seen almost everywhere. Even if you think it’s just one more trendy style, you might be right, but, as a motion designer, you just can’t ignore this pretty stylish and efficient style! Okay but… How could you achieve this “isometric” look within your favorite animation software ?

Learn More WIR3D WIR3D

Super simple 3D shapes

With WIR3D, you can create 3D wireframe shapes from a single shape layer in After Effects, in just a few clicks.

Learn MoreTry WIR3D for free!

Volume n' Tricks

Volume n' Tricks

Design from new perspectives and amaze yourself

Create outstanding isometric volumes and rotation without 3D layers or cameras. Plus, the faux camera adds even more depth to your designs. Elevate your 2D art to outer space with Volume n’ Tricks.

Learn MoreTry Volume n' Tricks for free!

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