Build 512.1 CoreMelt TrackX powered by mocha for FCPX


CoreMelt TrackX powered by mocha for FCPX


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Track text and layers directly within Final Cut Pro X

TrackX Powered by Mocha lets you track text or graphics to follow background motion directly in FCP X. Insert floating lower thirds tracked to people, replace screens or signs, all with one step and no need to use another compositing package.


Now you can easily track text or graphics to background movement for innovative title effects, or track and insert a layer for screen replacements, to replace a sign, or extend a set.   CoreMelt TrackX uses the same powerful mocha tracking engine as SliceX, the same one used by the Mocha Pro package costing over a thousand dollars.  The powerful planar tracking engine can track many common objects for quick results without having to go into another compositing program.

Tutorial: Adding Steam, Sparkles or Flares to tracked motion inside FCP X

What's Included?

  • Simple Tracker: – instant tracking perfect for quick floating lower thirds or graphics following a person or object.
  • Track Layer: – advanced tracking with perspective shifts, surface mapping and masking capabilities.
  • Track Text: – includes a text generator that can track text with perspective and masking capabilities.
  • Track Flare, Track Flare Complex: – track a range of preset flares that include realistic movement options.
  • Track and LockDown: – a tool to track a moving presenter and lock his position to the centre of frame.

Track Flare & Track Flare Complex


Track and Lock Down:


Track lower thirds and text with Simple Tracker


Screen replacements and signs with Track Layer


Advanced Techniques


Finished Examples

Advanced Compositing Release

CoreMelt SliceX and TrackX advanced compositing release now has the following features for to make it easier to perform multi layer compositing with multiple plugins.

New features:

Copy / Paste of Track and Shape Data

You can re-use track data and shape animations by copy pasting the track data into a different plugin.

The procedure for this is as follows:

  • Apply any SliceX or TrackX plugin.
  • Track and / or keyframe animate the shape as normal.
  • Click on the shape and hold down the “option” key to bring up the contextual menu for the plugin. Select “copy”. This will copy both the track data and the shape data.
  • Select another TrackX or SliceX plugin and choose “paste”. You can choose to paste just the Track Data, just the Shape animation or both the Track Data and Shape animation.

Please note that in TrackX, Surface mode shapes can only be pasted into Surface mode shapes. Other types of shapes can be pasted into non-surface mode (Track and Mask mode). In SliceX there is only one shape type and shapes can be pasted freely between plugins.

New Track Processing Options

These options are accessed from the Track options button next to the track button When inserting graphics and text using TrackX you can turn on Motion blur in the Tracking options. This will allow for a much more realistic look when inserting graphics / signs or screen replacements.

Track Depth

Track Depth adjusts the track data to simulate an object being either further from the camera than the object you tracked or closer to camera.

Track Smoothing

This parameter lets you smooth track data by averaging the track over time. Higher values smooth the track over a longer time period.

Host: FCP X Only

  • Apple computer running Mac OS X 10.9 or later with Intel Processor
  • Core Image capable graphics card with minimum 128MB of VRAM.

For best performance, the we recommend you use a graphics card with 512MB video memory (VRAM). 1 GB VRAM is required for rendering 4K projects.

The following graphics cards are not supported:

  • nVidia GeForce FX 5200 Ultra
  • Intel GMA 950
  • ATI Radeon 8500, 9200

Some Macbook and Mac mini models are not supported due to the more limited feature-set of their built-in graphics accelerators.

Not sure what graphics card is installed in your system?

You can determine what graphics card is installed on your system by selecting the "About this Mac" command under the Apple menu.

When the system summary appears, click the "More Info..." button, which will launch the System Profiler application.

Graphics cards are listed under the "Graphics/Displays" section of the System Profiler.

Coremelt One Minute Tutorial - Screen Replacement

Learn how to replace the screen in a shot of an iPad, laptop, iphone, tablet or phablet, in minutes, using CoreMelt TrackX.


Adding Weapons and VFX to a Fight Scene

Inserting Blood Hits, Muzzle Flash and Wound Effects into a fight scene in FCP X using Coremelt TrackX powered by mocha.  Plus free blood and muzzle flash elements from FXElements.


Create a Fight Club IKEA label effect in FCP X

Creating a Fight Club IKEA label effect is easy with CoreMelt TrackX in Final Cut Pro X. Iain Anderson shows you how to do this cool effect!


Tracking Motion in FCPX Using TrackX by CoreMelt

Training session for TrackX powered by mocha - a motion tracking plug-in for Final Cut Pro X editors, featuring VFX artist Roger Bolton of CoreMelt.com.


Adding Steam, Sparkles or Flares to tracked motion inside FCP X

In this tutorial, Iain Anderson shows you how to add steam to a moving coffee cup, add sparkles to a magic wand and track flares to a moving eye.


CoreMelt TrackX for FCPX - Adding Steam, Sparkles or Flares to tracked motion inside FCP X

Adding Steam, Sparkles or Flares to tracked motion inside FCP X - CoreMelt TrackX powered by Mocha is a powerful tool to enable FCP X editors to easily track and insert graphics and layers. Just draw a shape around the object you want to track and the Academy Award winning Mocha tracking engine will lock on and allow you to track text, do screen replacements, replace signs and more.In this tutorial we show you how to add steam to a moving coffee cup, add sparkles to a magic wand and track flares to a moving eye.