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Installing & Using NewBlue Add-Ons In Lightworks

Lightworks NewBlue

Did you know that every version of Lightworks, from Free to Pro, includes NewBlue bonus content to add some pizazz to your edit? Below, LightWorks shows you where to find the NewBlue bonus content and start with these add-ons in this video. The step-by-step guide is perfect for all users, beginner or advanced level.

NewBlue Requirements

Several Lightworks features use plugins from NewBlue:

  • Transitions requires an active Lightworks Free, Create, or Pro license
  • TitlerPro requires an active Lightworks Create or Pro license
  • Essentials requires an active Lightworks Pro license

Note: Other NewBlue Plugins work in LightWorks Too!

Lightworks Pro

Lightworks Pro

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Lightworks Pro is an easy-to-use yet powerful and versatile video editing tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike. From YouTube to Hollywood, Lightworks empowers video editors at any skill level.

For 30 years, Lightworks has helped every type of video editor and creator imaginable; from Oscar-winning Hollywood legends to YouTubers. Chances are you’ve watched something created on Lightworks Pro.

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