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v2023 Lightworks Pro

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Lightworks Pro
Lightworks Pro

Bring your video to life

Lightworks Pro is an easy-to-use yet powerful and versatile video editing tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike.  It offers Hollywood-level editing for broadcasters and filmmakers, or anyone who wants to be one.

For 30 years, Lightworks has helped every type of video editor and creator imaginable; from Oscar-winning Hollywood legends to YouTubers. Chances are you’ve watched something created on Lightworks Pro.

The Craft Editor’s Choice

Lightworks Pro comes loaded with premium features: support for pro media formats, super-efficient file handling, flexible timeline, a full suite of trimming tools, proxy-editing, stereoscopic, multicam, advanced background processing, smart auto-save, hardware support, custom sequence output formats, custom metadata and broad interoperability.

For teams, Lightworks Pro also includes industry-leading Project Sharing – true realtime collaboration – Share media, bins and edits in realtime with full control over which user has read / write access.

OpenFX + NewBlue Post Tools

Lightworks Pro 2022 has received a major upgrade to the FX engine, with support for OpenFX – the open standard for visual effects plugins – opening up a world of effects possibilities. Lightworks Pro supports plugins written to this standard.

Lightworks Pro also includes two packages from NewBlue: Titler Pro™ – adding fantastic 2D/3D titling and motion graphics – and Essentials video tools, to correct and sharpen footage (with Stabilization coming very soon), to quickly deliver the results you need.

Enhanced Audio Tools

Lightworks Pro now supports a fantastic array of audio plugins, including VST3, AU or LADSPA, from leading plugin providers including iZotope, Waves, Sonnox, and Accusonus. Cleaning up, improving or altering audio becomes a breeze, with a simple drag/drop to the timeline.

Integrated Cloud Storage

For individuals and teams, Lightworks Pro includes enhanced Cloud Storage support. Add one or more services as Library locations and they will behave as shared local folders: browse, import and edit directly from Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and pCloud.

Feature Highlights

  • High-resolution H.264/MP4 export
  • High-resolution timeline rendering
  • High-resolution proxy files
  • Social Media Export Templates
  • Advanced Titling and Motion Graphics
  • BRaw media clip and project decoding
  • Apple ProRes decoding
  • Quick LUT support
  • HQ constant/variable bitrate H.264/MP4 export
  • Advanced 10-Bit export options
  • Audio effect plugin support
  • Video effect plugin support
  • Support for NewBlue TotalFX plugin
  • Advanced video effects – enhance, stabilize and more
  • Advanced custom format creation
  • Export interchange formats with other applications
  • Export camera formats
  • Export media file formats
  • Export physical media file formats
  • Export and upload directly to your cloud library
  • Import directly from up to 5 cloud libraries
  • More proxy file compression options
  • More timeline rendering wrapper options
  • More timeline rendering codec compression options
  • Third-party hardware IO support
  • Extended Hardware support
  • In-Edit Video QC
  • Apple ProRes encoding up to 4K
  • Advanced Scopes: CIE, YCbCr & Split View
  • Quick LUT support
  • RED R3D media clip and project decoding options
  • Stereoscopic project and export output

What’s new in Lightworks 2023?

Edit smarter, not harder, with Lightworks 2023. Enjoy Custom Layout Creation, HDR Workflows, Video Mask Effects, and more! Available now with updates for Lightworks Free, Create, and Pro!

  • Own Your Workspace with Custom Layout Creation – Your edit, your rules. Create, define, and adjust custom workspace layouts to maximize your edit.
  • Maximize Colour with HDR Workflows – Get the most from your footage by utilizing the full range of color and contrast available.
  • Control Your VFX with Video Mask Effects – Create and improve a variety of professional-quality effects and adjustments.
  • Sound Better Than Ever with Improved audio – We’ve made further improvements to our audio suite to help your project sound its best.
  • Sprinkle some magic with video fx improvements – Enhancements to the VFX toolset mean it’s easier than ever to add visual effects to your production.
  • Looking good with an improved UI – We’ve made a host of big and small upgrades to the Lightworks user interface.

Lightworks Pro Features

Your Story, Your Way

  • Unmatched Format Support – Import just about any common type of media file that you can lay your hands on.
  • Simple Social Media Export – Deliver your videos for any social media platform.
  • Windows, Mac or Linux – The same user interface, experience and performance regardless of which OS you choose.
  • Use Any Frame-rate – Import any frame rate file and play it at its native resolution and shape.

Timeline Time Savers

  • Proxy Workflows – Increased performance with optimized proxy files from HD, 4K and 8K media.
  • Background Processing – Don’t wait for effects to render or exports to finish, carry on working while we handle the hard job in the background.
  • Instant Autosave – Never lose your work or your projects. Lightworks auto-saves every single move so you don’t have to think about it.
  • Storyboard Bins – Pre-edit directly inside bins by moving content around and instantly turning it into a new sequence.

Creative Control

  • Powerful Timeline – From beginners to seasoned pros, our timeline is designed to help you edit as fast as you can think.
  • Titling & Motion Graphics – Lightworks comes loaded with 100’s of customizable pre-built graphics.
  • Shared Projects – Instantly see Bin updates and sequence changes, including giving permission of sequences to other users.
  • Cloud Connected – Edit directly from your cloud storage! Just connect, browse and drop clips into your timeline.

Built for Editors

  • Advanced Metadata – Custom metadata creation for easily managing content.
  • Fixed or Flexible Layout – Decide how best to use the application to benefit your workflow.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts – Save time with predefined keyboard templates or create your own.
  • Hardware Support – Support for Blackmagic Design, AJA and Matrox hardware for HDMI and SDI.

And much, much more…


  • Unmatched Format Support – Import just about any common type of media file that you can lay your hands on.
  • Export – Full support for a wide range of export formats and target locations from social media to cloud services to broadcast formats.
  • Cloud connected – Edit directly from your cloud storage – at no extra cost! Just connect, browse and drop clips instantly into your timeline.
  • Proxy workflows – Increased performance with optimized proxy files from HD, 4K and 8K media.
  • Advanced Metadata – Custom metadata creation for easily managing content.
  • Shared Projects – Instantly see Bin updates and sequence changes, including giving permission of sequences to other users.


  • Drag and drop – Simply drag new content to your sequence and move it around within the sequence timeline.
  • Advanced editing – Multiple Video, Audio and FX tracks, Trim In/Out, Slip, Slide including complex multi-point and asymmetric trimming. Three/four point editing including, Insert, Replace,
  • Fit-to-Fill, backfill, audio leveling, track sync warnings
  • Insert, replace, Fit-to-fill, backfill – All the standard features to make your video come to life…
  • Trim-slip, slide, ripple, roll, multi-point – and all the pro features used to create your favorite blockbusters
  • Auto-save milestones – Never worry about losing an scene or project. We’ll auto-save your progess so you can focus on your edit.
  • Universal timeline – Mixed size, mixed frame rate – you decide what you want to edit and we’ll will handle the rest.


  • Titles & Motion Graphics – Over 700 advanced pre-built and fully customizable titles and motion graphics to bring your video to life.
  • Creative Transitions – Move seamlessly from scene to scene, build drama and set the pace with 100s of awesome transitions.
  • OpenFX Plugins – There’s a whole world of amazing VFX and Lightworks plays nicely with all the major plugin vendors.
  • NewBlue TotalFX – TotalFX from NewBlue is the complete post-production solution and is now available from LWKS
  • Filters & LUTs – Filters and LUTs will give your video the look you’re looking for.
  • Color Correction – Make sure your colors balance with and look sharp with our simple correctional tools.


  • Built-in EQ and filters – Unless you’re making a silent movie, you’re going to need to work on the audio too, simple prebuilt presets take the leg work out of cleaning up audio using EQ.
  • VST, AU, LADSPA support – Lightworks plays nicely with all major audio plugin vendors.
  • Analog scrub mode – Simply scrub through your audio track to easily find the precise moment you need to edit your audio.
  • Voiceover – Record voiceover directly over your playing timeline.
  • EQ Presets – Audio is the unsung hero of video, make sure you get it right the first time by using our simple EQ presets.
  • Automation support – Mix audio levels at the clip level within a sequence.


  • Multi-OS – Window, Mac or Linux. You can create your next video on any of the major operating systems.
  • Hardware support – Support for Blackmagic Design, AJA and Matrox hardware for HDMI and SDI.
  • Console – Use the legendary Lightworks Console for ultimate heads-up editing, or a contour pro shuttle for a tactile editing experience.
  • Multi-language support – Support for a wide range of languages including Spanish, Italian, Swedish and German – and more in the Forum.
  • Fixed or Flexible layout – Use the fixed layout for short-form projects or the advanced flexible layout to build your own UI and open multiple bins or timelines.
  • Secondary display output – Output full-screen video to a secondary display via HDMI/DVI.


Operating Systems

All versions are designed to run on Intel and AMD chipsets and motherboards.

  • Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10
  • Mac OS X 10.11 or higher
  • Linux Supported Debian Distros
    Ubuntu / Lubuntu / Xubuntu 20.04 or higher
    Mint 17 or higher
  • Linux Supported RPM Distros:
    – Fedora 30 or higher

Recommended System Specifications

  • Intel i7 chipset or faster, fast AMD chipset
  • 4 GB RAM or higher
  • Two highresolution displays (1920 x1080) or above
  • PCI Express graphics card (NVIDIA or AMD) with 1GB or higher
  • DirectX 9 (Windows OS only)
  • Compatible sound card. Make sure that you can hear audio from your system
  • Separate media and system drives (these can be internal or external as long as the interface has
    sufficient speed)
  • 200MB Disk space for Lightworks installation
  • (Optional) a Lightworks Console
  • (Optional) a Lightworks keyboard
  • Internet connection required to install Lightworks and register licenses

NewBlue Requirements

Several Lightworks features use plugins from NewBlue:
  • Transitions requires an active Lightworks Free, Create or Pro license
  • Titler requires an active Lightworks Create or Pro license
  • Essentials requires an active Lightworks Pro license
The full suite of NewBlue tools – TotalFX – is available as a paid upgrade to Lightworks Pro.

All of these plugins require the following:

Windows 10
macOS 10.15 and later

2GHz (multicore / multiprocessor recommended)

4GB required (8GB recommended)

NVidia or AMD with OpenGL 2.1
902Mhz base clock (1506Mhz recommended)
1GB VRAM required (4GB VRAM recommended)


Wide Container Support

  • MXF OP1a, MXF OPAtom – P2, MXF OPAtom – native
  • Avid support
  • QuickTime
  • AVI, .mts, .m2ts, .m2t, .mpg, .mp4, .wmv (export only), .ts (import only), .m2v (import only), .asf (import only), .vob (import only)


  • Resolution, format and codec independent timeline
  • Edit at 23.976, true 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, or 60 fps
  • Advanced realtime Multicam editing with unlimited sources (Subject to hardware and storage capability)
  • Source/Record three-point editing
  • Insert and Overwrite editing
  • Replace, Fit to Fill, backfill
  • Drag-and-drop replace editing
  • Extend and Split edits
  • A/V Sync indicators on timeline
  • AutoSync – Single-click re-sync of whole timeline
  • Multi-colored markers for edits and clips
  • Matchframe for clips and subclips
  • Comprehensive Drag and Drop support
  • Storyboarding – arrange tiles in Bins, adjust in and out points and convert to an edit with a single click


  • Switching clips directly in the timeline
  • Unique Sync Group feature
  • Live Cut – cut between angles during playback
  • Sync to Lock Frame or Timecode
  • Sync with Edits
  • Unlimited Sources
  • Mixed Sources – resolution, format and frame rate
  • Auto edit sync group sources as one sequence


  • Support for complete stereoscopic workflow*
  • Individual Left and Right eye media
  • Automatic sync on import
  • No change in editing workflow
  • Realtime Adjustment toolset for Alignment, Scaling and Colour Correction
  • Multiple output options – Anaglyph, Side-by-side, Chequerboard, Individual Left and Right Eyes
  • Monitor desktop, secondary display and SDI outputs
  • Export options for various formats

Colour Correction

  • New preset colour looks templates, just drag and use
  • Real time (GPU accelerated) Primary colour correctors
  • Real-time multiple Secondary colour correctors
  • Colour image control filters
  • New Curve colour correction editor


  • Realtime Pre and Post Audio waveform display
  • Analogue-style multi-track audio scrubbing
  • Subframe-accurate audio keyframing
  • Realtime audio adjustments during playback
  • Clip and Track Gain controls
  • OMF audio export with pan and volume levels
  • Real-time, software-based audio normalization
  • Onscreen multi-track mixing console
  • Multiple mix Bus routing
  • External Mackie control surface support
  • Real time fader automation
  • Real-time audio filters and effects
  • Parametric EQ
  • Mixed bit-rates and samples on timeline
  • Audio level meters per track
  • Pan controls
  • Mute and solo controls
  • Direct to timeline Voice Over recording


  • Project Sharing:
    • Multiple users working in the same project at the same time, sharing the same media
    • Edit permissions handled within Lightworks: quickly transfer permission from user to user
    • Edit changes instantly saved and updated for each user without having to save or exit Lightworks
    • Bins can be shared between users and are updated in realtime
  • Media Sharing:
    • Support for EditShare shared storage servers
    • Support for a wide variety of third party shared storage (NAS and SAN)
  • AAF Interchange*:
    • Export AAFs to Avid Media Composer, ProTools and Resolve with AAF export presets


  • Import RED media and DPX sequences directly*
  • Include timecode and keycode in the same list
  • Support for 35mm 3-perf, 35mm 4-perf, and 16mm-20 and mixed film formats
  • View feet and frames in edit
  • View keycode and ink number overlays on video
  • 24-fps EDL import and export
  • 24-fps EDL conversion to and from 29.97 fps
  • Import ALE, FLX, and CSV files
  • Track key numbers, ink numbers and timecodes
  • Output Cut list, Change list, Optical list, Pull list,
  • Dupe list, Audio EDL

Third Party Support

  • Boris FX (64bit Windows and Mac OS X only)
  • Boris Graffiti (64bit Windows and Mac OS X only)
  • Adobe After Effects Plugins (Windows 32bit only)
  • Premiere Plugins (Windows 32bit only)
  • Blackmagic Fusion (7.5 and higher)
  • GenArts Sapphire (Windows 32bit only)

Import and Output

  • Batch Import
  • Transcode on Import
  • Export Clips, Edits, Bins, Racks and entire Projects
  • Telecine 29.97i to 24p pulldown removal
  • Import 30fps and 25fps media into a 24fps project

Record and Playout

  • Frame-accurate capture tool
  • Batch capture
  • Crash record
  • Frame-accurate insert and assemble edit-to-tape
  • Serial Device Control (RS422)
  • Firewire Device Control
  • Support for SDI capture devices*:
  • Matrox X.mio, DSX LE2/3 and MXO2 ranges
  • Blackmagic Decklink, UltraStudio & Intensity ranges, AJA Kona and Io XT


  • Ripple
  • Roll
  • Slip and Slide
  • Remove and Delete
  • Asymmetric, multitrack trimming
  • Dynamic trimming during playback
  • JKL trimming
  • Trim window
  • Timeline trimming
  • Keyboard and numeric moving and trimming
  • Close Gap
  • Single click drag and trim – no separate tool required
  • Drag in Black
  • Auto Unjoin


  • Multi-split screen Viewer for original shot comparison
  • Node-based effects layer and compositing tool
  • Alpha Channel Matte Transitions
  • Global Transitions between In and Out points
  • Quick Transitions direct from the timeline
  • Real-time effects in SD, HD, 2K, 4K and 5K
  • Speed Tool for varispeed changes
  • Keyframe graphs
  • Fold and Unfold effects
  • Realtime blurs
  • Realtime chroma key
  • New quick-access to effects from timeline
  • Favourite Effects category for quick use
  • Unlimited user effects templates
  • Copy and paste effect attributes to multiple clips
  • Bezier and Linear movable motion paths
  • Numeric (as well as keyframe) control over variables
  • Stereoscopic Adjustment tools


  • Basic native realtime titling
  • Rolls, Crawls, Static
  • Realtime font previews
  • Colour and gradients
  • Scaling and positioning
  • Basic effects – Fade in and out, typewriter
  • All parameters can be keyframed
  • New title presets for lower third and titles

Media Management

  • Media management at edit or project level
  • Powerful search capabilities
  • Content Management
  • Comprehensive metadata for granular search
  • Bins or edits can be created from search results
  • Take media direct from search to the timeline
  • Rename Clips to match media and vice versa
  • Low-res to Hi-res workflow for offline / online
  • Maintain master clips across multiple projects
  • Clip colors in edit (match by source, reel or timecode)
  • Custom comment fields
  • Custom Bin views – show, hide and re-order
  • EDL and AAF import/export for metadata exchange
  • Instant Automatic Save – no need to save project
  • Automatic Edit backup facility
  • Project Archive – Logs, Picture and Sound
  • Batch export


  • New interface scaling with Retina display support
  • Magnetic placement of all panels
  • New viewer controls on source and edit viewers
  • Real-time video analysis, hardware accurate video vectorscopes and waveform monitors
  • Multitrack Audio Mixer with multiple mixes
  • Keyboard and user interface customization tool with templates for Avid and FCP keyboard mappings
  • On-screen console controls
  • Voice Over tool for adding narration to timeline
  • Shot Sync – sync two sources for comparison
  • Customisable BITC timecode and film footage
  • Customizable realtime letterboxing
  • Create and edit your own Macros to simplify worflow


  • Full-screen, real-time SD, HD, and 2K preview on single or secondary display
  • Multiple timelines open simultaneously
  • Customisable Undo levels
  • Up to 64 Video tracks & 32 Audio tracks with unlimited FX tracks per sequence
  • User preferences can be moved system to system
  • Customizable keyboard and user interface buttons
  • Customizable real-time effects settings
  • Customizable render settings
  • Customizable layouts
  • Customizable track layouts
  • Full Unicode support

Please note: The software specifications stated above are subject to change without notice.
* only available in Lightworks Pro ** Separate one-off license fee required

Lightworks v2023

Added HDR workflows

  • HDR format is now detected from the media files (MOV/MXF/MP4)
  • HDR colourspace information is now available to view for HDR media in Bins and on the Metadata panel
  • Bit Depth of the video is now available to view for media in Bins and on the Metadata panel
  • Added the ability to change the ‘Playback colour space’ on a sequence (Lightworks Pro Only).
  • For Lightworks Free and Lightworks Create, the SDR colour spaces can be selected.
  • Added the ability to change the ‘Colour space’ option on the Export panel (Lightworks Pro Only)
    in this version, the option is locked to the current colour space, i.e. for export of a sequence, it follows the ‘Playback colour space’.
  • Added the ability to change the ‘Monitor Colour space’ option on the Video->Output tab of the project card (limited to Default and rec709 currently.) The ‘Default’ option sends native video colour space (SDR or HDR) to be interpreted by the display. The ‘Rec 709’ option applies a viewing conversion from HDR to SDR.
  • The sequence timeline will allow mixed HDR/SDR formats for the purpose of review.
  • HDR format is signalled in the exported media files (Lightworks Pro Only)
  • Updated the CIE scope to display the sequence colour spaces above rec709 for HDR workflows (Lightworks Pro Only)
  • Added ‘Auto follow’ option for CIE scope Display
  • Added the “Apply HDR transforms” setting on the Video->Output tab of the project card. This controls if automatic colour management is active or not
  • Added video colour space metadata for MXF export (AVID DNxHD, DVCPRO and DV)
  • Added Rec 2020, P3 Display (HDR), P3 DCI (HDR), HLG (HDR), and PQ (HDR) options to the ‘Monitor colour space’ output setting
  • Added support for Apple ProRes HDR exports (Apple Certified)

Added Video Mask Effects

  • Added the ability to draw/create Masks: Ellipse, Square or Complex Shape (user defined) to various effect categories:
    • DVE effects category: All
    • Colour effects category: All
    • Stylise effects category: All
    • Key effects category: Lumakey and Chromakey
    • Matte effects category: 2D Shape and Colour/Corner Gradient
    • Mix effects category: Blend, Dissolve, Luma Wipe and Masked Blend
  • Added Inside/Outside Colour Correction effect, allowing two separate tabs for Inside (the mask) and Outside (the mask)
  • Added option to allow the mask wireframe to be visible when scrubbing the sequence timeline
  • Added Mask parameters to the keyframe graph (apart from curve point keyframes)
  • Added new ‘Speech Bubble’ effect under the Matte effects category
  • Added the ability to keyframe Effect Masks

Custom Layout Creation (Fixed Layout Only)

  • Added the ability to create and define custom layout templates
  • Added new EDIT tab layout to expose more features
  • Added the ability to enable/disable visible items on panels by clicking the ‘+’ icon
  • Added the ability to reset the view back to the default by right-clicking the tab header
  • Added ability to reorganize the tabs at the top of the Fixed layout
  • Added the ability to add the Export panel within the new fixed layouts
  • Added new ‘Assemble’ tab to default layouts (Fixed layout only)

Keyboard Shortcut Improvements

  • Added eight new keyboard shortcut assignments, ‘Add favourite 1-8’ Bound to ALT F1-F8 by default for adding Favourite Effects.
  • Added Faster forward and Rewind keyboard assignments: 2000%, 3000%, -2000%, -3000%

Import panel improvements

  • Added improved import panel, making more options and libraries visible by default
  • Added improved ability to drag and drop into the application, allowing drop to a viewer, bin or timeline
  • Added the ability to import OpenEXR media
  • Added the ability to import  animated GIFs

Export Panel Improvements

  • Added ‘Optimise for streaming’ option to H.264 export option (Lightworks Pro Only)
  • Added ‘Keyframe interval’ option to H.264 export option (Lightworks Pro Only)
  • Added improvements to the GOP length on H.264 exports to improve image quality
  • Added in 16-bit options for PNG and TIFF image sequence exports (Lightworks Pro Only)
  • Added ability to include a custom thumbnail image to upload along with the YouTube upload option (2mb max JPEG/PNG only)
  • Added 10-bit/8-bit encoding option for H.264/MP4 export (Lightworks Pro Only)
  • Added the ability to export to OpenEXR media (Lightworks Pro Only)
  • Improved the default quality of YouTube uploads

Audio Improvements

  • Added Noise Gate effect (Lightworks Create and Pro Only)
  • Added Limiter effect (Lightworks Create and Pro Only)
  • Added the ability to save audio plugin effects as Favourites

Video FX Improvements

  • Added ability to install ‘Community Effects’ files directly to the application from the Effects settings panel (all operating systems)
  • Added the ability to switch between Tiles or List view for Effects (Flexible layout coming soon)
  • Added the ability to switch between Tiles or List view for Transitions (Flexible layout coming soon)
  • Added improvements to the In/Out Colour Correction effect
  • Added vertical resizable scrollbar to effect parameter graphs
  • Added ‘Graph height’ slider to the effects panel menu (ctrl + mouse-wheel still supported)
  • Added Graphs for grouped effect parameters to be correctly aligned with non-grouped parameters
  • Added independent keyframe graph panels
  • Added ability to drag Effects to the routing tab (Fixed layout)
  • Added ability to filter/search the LUTs list
  • Added ability to set the Black/White image colour settings from the sequence

User Interface Improvements

  • Added various streamlined user-interface changes throughout the application
  • Added fullscreen playback icon to sequence/source viewers
  • Added ‘Toggle auto-track sync’ icon to the sequence timeline
  • Added ‘Toggle audio levels editing’ icon to the sequence timeline
  • Added search functionality to the Font selection list
  • Provided panels/components for Clips/Sequences/etc (Fixed Layout Only)
  • Improved ‘Close gap’ to respect ‘Auto Track Sync’ setting

Lightworks V 2021.1

New Features:

  • Projects created in Lightworks no longer require a frame rate to be selected during project creation. This allows for any frame rate content to be imported to a project and played back, logged and added to a sequence seamlessly, including:
    • All content is played at its natural rate regardless of media frame rate.
    • Import 23.98fps, 24fps, 25fps, 29.97fps, 30fps, 50fps, 60fps, 120fps, and 240fps media into the same project
    • The video output format is now set per sequence instead of on the project card
    • Copies of a sequence can be made for different output frame rates if required
  • Added a sequence output format option
    • Removed the project output format option
    • Each sequence has its own output format. This can be viewed/changed by right-clicking on a sequence and amending the ‘Playback format’
    • Clips always play back at their native Rate/Size/Shape
    • Thumbnails in a bin are always shown with the correct aspect-ratio/shape, but within a 16:9 frame
  • Asset Associations now allow for sequences, clips, subclips, documents, and to be linked together by loading an asset into the source viewer and selecting the “Associates” tab:
    • Drag and drop an asset from a bin to the ‘User’ sub-tab to associate them together
    • View associations in thumbnail or list views
    • View subclips associated with the clip loaded above within the viewer on the “Subclips” sub-tab
    • View sequences that include the loaded clip within the viewer on the “References” sub-tab
    • View constituent clips from a sequence loaded within the viewer on the “References” sub-tab
  • Added ability to define sequence custom output aspect ratios (Lightworks Pro Only)
  • Added “Square” and “Portrait” sequence output formats for social media
  • Added resolution preservation. There is no pre-sizing of clips, so the full detail of the sources is available throughout the effects chain (and only the final output is scaled down)
  • Added markers and documents to XML/JSON exports
  • Added ability to show which storage space a file is in
  • Added support on the Search panel for ‘starts-with’, ‘ends-with’, ‘contains’, ‘equals’, ‘less-than’, ‘greater-than’, ‘doesn’t contain’, and ‘doesn’t equal’
  • Added ability to use the UNC media path when dragging and dropping files Video Analysis sub-tab
  • Added new user interface changes throughout the application
  • Added some new icons throughout the application
  • Added more configuration options for configuring the user interface within the “Appearance” panel
  • Global, Font, Panels, Flexible layout, Menus, Popups, Buttons and Tables
  • Added ability to be able to export to ‘H.264/MP4″ using a custom output format (Lightworks Pro Only)
  • Added ability to be able to export to ‘MOV’, ‘MXF’ and ‘AVI’ using a custom output format (Lightworks Pro Only)
  • Added better clarification for export names (Changed ‘4k’ to ‘UHD 4k’)
  • Added further improvements to popup panels within the user interface
  • Added format dimensions tooltips to the export panel list
  • Added Korean Wording translations to the installers
  • Added Vietnamese Wording translations to the installers
  • Added the ability to be able to configure the default colour used for markers
  • Added ‘Frames’ display option for elapsed/marked durations (in addition to ‘Film frames’)
  • Added ability to show the ‘Rate’ of an audio only file on the import panel
  • Added ‘Colour’ to CSV export of Cue Markers
  • Added ‘DCI 4k’ (4096×2160) 19:10 as an output option for 4K media
  • Added the ability to adjust timeline segment colours (within the sequence timeline ‘Settings’ panel)
  • Added option on the ‘System Settings’ panel for choosing how to output source media to the hardware I/O
  • Added further icon improvements to the user interface
  • Added maximum codec supported bitrates to the H.264/MP4 compression panel on export

See full release notes here

Lightworks Version 2020.1

This latest version adds support for importing and decoding HEVC/H.265 media natively including being able to create proxy files to work with until switching back to the Hi-Res to render/export the sequence. Some of the other exciting new features in version 2020.1 can be seen below:

  • Added decode support for HEVC/H.265 files
  • Added ability to lasso segments on the sequence timeline
  • Added support for the latest versions of Ubuntu
  • Added ability to detect rotated phone footage and rotate it to the correct orientation automatically
  • Added “Libraries” heading to the Content Manager
    • Moved Local files import option under this heading
    • Moved Audio Network import option under this heading
    • Moved Pond5 import option under this heading
  • Added improvements to Audio Network integration
    • Media can now be imported into a project
    • Media can now be used in a sequence
    • Export is prevented if the sequence contains non purchased media
  • Added ability to handle still images correctly
    • Added new “Images” filter
    • Images now import at the correct scale ratio rather than being scaled to the output format
    • Added ability to drag an image into the sequence viewer or timeline
    • Removed pagination on search results
  • Added improvements to varispeed in Flexible layout
    • Added segment right-click ‘Speed’ menu item
    • Added ‘Show segments speeds’ option on the timeline appearance panel (to restore per-track speed widgets)
    • Removed per-track speed button by default
  • Added HD overlay to the vectorscope
  • Added support for browsing “Amazing Music Tracks” from within “Libraries”
  • Added new enhancements for Tile view bins (text now appears outside of the tile rather than overlaying the image) Fixed layout only
  • Added ability to generate .lvix seek files locally (previously stored next to linked media)
  • Added Blackmagic BRAW decode panel to the Video tab of the project card
  • Added UHD Media to the Media->Transcoding tab to allow for transcoding to UHD on import
  • Added better Keyboard shortcut handling of using standard keyboard shortcuts ie, pressing delete deletes clips
  • Added ability to select segments on the sequence timeline
  • Added ability to right click a clip containing ranged cue markers and select Make->Sequence from Cue Markers
  • Added better categories for Keyboard Assignments list
  • Added German translation wordings into the installers
  • Added ability to move an effect along the timeline without changing it’s routing
  • Added ability to select multiple items then edit the text for one of the fields which now causes all rows to be updated
  • Added ability to apply effects to selected timeline segments
  • Added ability to change the size of the project thumbnail images by holding down CTRL and scrolling with the mouse wheel
  • Improved timeline sync-loss representation
  • Updated to the latest MainConcept SDK’s
  • And much more!

The full list of fixes and other improvements in version 2020.1 can be found in the 2020.1 Release Notes document on the Downloads page

14.0 revision 93046

  • New user interface changes
    • Added new project browser layout with project search
    • Choose between Fixed and Flexible (Historic Lightworks) layouts on the project browser
  • Added access to Pond5 media repository from within the application
    • Browse the entire Pond5 database by entering search criteria
    • Play the clip direct from the import panel
    • Play the clip back in fullscreen mode
    • Import the clip into the project and use it as local media (Lo-Res watermarked proxy)
  • Added access to Audio Network audio repository from within the application
    • Browse the entire Audio Network database by entering search criteria
    • Play the clip direct from the import panel
    • Play the clip back directly over your sequence
    • Sign in or register an account, to add clips to the cart for purchase
  • Added new Cues panel and renamed to Cue Markers
    • Added the ability to change the colours of Cue Markers
    • Added the ability to search for Cue Markers
    • Added quick pop up of Cue Marker information
  • Added new import panel functionality
    • Clips can now be played on the import panel the same as a tile in a bin
    • Clips can now be marked/parked on the import panel the same as a tile in a bin
    • Clips can now be inserted/replaced directly from the import panel to the edit timeline
    • Fullscreen display can now be activated on any selected tile on the import panel
    • You can now use CTRL and mouse wheel to change the size of the tiles on the import panel
  • Improved the Voice Over tool functionality and made it available with the Free license
    • Allowed Voice over recordings at all frame rates and formats
    • Added Voice over functionality to Mac OS X
    • Removed the functionality from the record tool and added to a right click menu (Flexible mode)
    • Improved VU audio meters on the Voice Over tool
  • Added support for the latest AJA drivers which gives KONA 4G Support (Windows and Mac)
  • Added new auto effect capability to the Effects panel
  • Added proxy workflow (create proxies directly from a clip or bin)
  • Added fullscreen playback preview controls (play, mark, cue marker, switch clip in the bin)
  • Added AVID DNxHD .MOV encoding to the import, render and export panels (Separate AVID DNxHD license required)
  • Added new Effects panel combining Adding, Settings, Graphs and Routing
  • Added ability to right click an empty area of the timeline and close the gap
  • Added ability to Play, Scrub and Mark clips in List view bins
  • Added improved RED R3D playback to utilise OpenCL
  • Added ability to automatically sync chunked Panasonic P2 files on import
  • Added keybinds for adding a video track and/or audio track
  • Added ‘Remove > Redundant cuts’ and ‘Remove > Gaps’. Remove ‘simplify’.
  • Added ‘make subclip’ keybindable command
  • Added Faster effects thumbnails (avoid regenerating the temp/preview edit for every time change)
  • Added ability to create user defined sub category
  • Added support for unusual frame rate files (11.99, 12.5, 14.99, 100.0, 119.88, 120.0, 239.76 and 240.0)
  • Added new RGB scopes
  • The full list of fixes and other improvements in version 14 can be found in the Release Notes document

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