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Advanced Color Control

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Advanced Color Control


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Advanced Color Control

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Advanced Color Control

Control your colors

Control colors like never before in After Effects with Advanced Color Control.


Advanced Color Control, as the name suggests, is an advanced type of Color Control.  It brings all the different properties of color from the Color Picker dialog to the Effects & Controls panel of After Effects, where you can animate or apply expressions to these properties.  It also provides different Color Models, Operation Modes, Automation of the creation of Controls with lots of customization, and much more.

Color Models

Advanced Color Control offers 3 different Color Models, allowing you to opt for the one that suits your preferences and workflow.  These models include:

  • HSB (Hue Saturation Brightness)
  • HSL (Hue Saturation Lightness)
  • RGB (Red Green Blue)

Operation Modes

Each of the Color Models comes with 2 Operation Modes which determines how a Color Model is operated.  These modes are detailed below:

  • Values Control Color:
    In this default and the most used Operation Mode, you use the slider values to control the color.  This mode provides a straightforward method for controlling and customizing colors.
  • Color Controls Values:
    In this Operation Mode, you change the color, and the respective properties of color are updated according to the new color.  This mode proves beneficial when you aim to extract values for a specific color selection.  By changing the color, you can dynamically retrieve the relevant color properties.

User Interface

Advanced Color Control presents a streamlined and aesthetically pleasing one-liner interface, featuring a sleek design.  All interface elements are conveniently labeled below for seamless navigation and optimal user experience.


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