v2021 ArtVPS Shaderlight Network Licensing


ArtVPS Shaderlight Network Licensing
ArtVPS Shaderlight Network Licensing

Interactive, intuitive 3D rendering software for SketchUp

With ArtVPS Shaderlight Network Licensing, render with Shaderlight across your network.

Shaderlight is an interactive 3D rendering plug-in for SketchUp that enables anyone to transform a SketchUp model in to a photorealistic render. Whether you’re an architect, interior designer, 3D rendering expert or using SketchUp for fun, the simple to use yet powerful technology behind Shaderlight will bring your designs to life.

Shaderlight will transform the way you use SketchUp and you can try it for free. Download our 14 day trial to see for yourself just how simple it is to create high quality images on your desktop or in the cloud. Then after the trial simply upgrade to our pro version to unlock all the great features.

If your office, studio or classroom has multiple SketchUp users all wanting to render with Shaderlight then take a look at purchasing a network license.  Installing Shaderlight on your network couldn’t be simpler – all you need is one host license and any number of client licenses.  You can simply add more client licenses to the network as demand increases.

How ArtVPS Shaderlight Network Licensing Works


  • Install the host software on a single computer on the network. In other words, this is now your License Server.
  • Set up each computer you want to have access to Shaderlight. Then, start SketchUp with Shaderlight installed. That machine will receive a client license from the host server.


  • The first machines to run Shaderlight will be licensed. When all client licenses are used the next machine will run Shaderlight in free mode.
  • Users can simply release their license back to the license server if they’re not going to be rendering with Shaderlight.

Before installing Shaderlight, take a look at our minimum and recommended system requirements. Shaderlight has been designed to work with both SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro.


  • Windows 8.1 or Mac OS X 10.9 or later
  • 2 GB RAM
  • SketchUp 2014
  • Internet Explorer 8 or above is required on Windows platforms


  • 8 GB RAM (If you are rendering larger resolution images you will benefit from more RAM, especially if you are working in Auto Update mode. Single (Tiled) mode uses a lot less memory and can be used to render high quality high resolution images)
  • 2GHz+ quad-core processor

Some things to consider

  • Shaderlight will make full use of a multi-core processor and will use all cores of all CPUs.
  • Shaderlight won’t use the GPU for rendering. SketchUp can use the GPU for its own display, so interactions in SketchUp might benefit.
  • Any given render will require a certain amount of RAM, and having more will not improve render times. Having less than that amount will dramatically increase render times as memory is swapped on and off the hard drive. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to predict the amount of RAM needed in advance. In our experience, 8GB is enough for most small-medium complexity scenes at resolutions below 1920×1080. 16GB is enough for more complex scenes at 1920×1080.  As it’s difficult to know beforehand how much RAM you’ll need, it’s worth planning an upgrade path for your future needs.