Audified Linda IronVerb

Audified Linda IronVerb


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Audified Linda IronVerb

Universal creative reverb

Classic algorithmic reverb featuring 6 modes, variety of controls and unique Ironize effect.

Bringing a unique twist on the classic reverb sound

Building upon the creative mind of Martin Linda – musician, programmer, mixing, and mastering engineer – we decided to collaborate on another product and expand the portfolio of our Audified Wings. Previously we brought out Linda RockStack, a unique amp designed for the special needs of modern-day guitarists. Now we bring you IronVerb – algorithmic reverb with metallic sound character.

IronVerb – reverb like no other

IronVerb is a classic algorithmic reverb, perfect for all reverb needs – from subtle, short reverb to huge atmospheric, ethereal, and ambient textures with long decay. The main feature, the Ironize modulation, which adds an iron-like sound to reverb tails. Featuring 6 different modes, a multitude of parameters such as predelay, feedback, and damping, you can tweak it for your desires and needs. The modulation section allows mixing vibrato/chorus into the reverb. Its use is anywhere – from drums, vocals, and guitars, to simulating large spaces such as halls or cathedrals.

  • Ironize effect – adds Iron feel to the sound
  • Created in collaboration with Linda Audio
  • 6 different modes
  • Straightforward and clear interface
  • Modulation for more synthy feel
  • Designed by experienced mixing and mastering engineer

audified linda ironverb


Six Different modes

Featuring 6 different modes, with original algorithms, for various reverb colors and vibe. Including Flutter with periodic warbling effect; Plate based on classic vintage plates used in recording studios; Slapback with a slower attack which results in slapback echo-like sound; Dense with its narrow space and high density resulting in sharp sound; Steel simulating steel barrel; Steel2 bringing a different vibe to the Steel barrel sound, with a slower attack.

Predelay and feedback controls

Predelay allows for delaying the time before first reflections start to occur, up to 500ms. Feedback controls the amount and time of reflections – from shorter, echo-like reflections to long decay trails, in essence acting as a decay control.

Unique Ironize modulation

Ironize is the very feature that makes IronVerb special. It adds a smooth or glossy iron-like character to the sound, making it perfect for pad sounds, atmospheric sounds, and ambient soundscapes. The knob controls the amount of Ironize modulation, which means you can add subtle Ironize sound to more traditional reverb sounds and give them a unique sound.

Big and wide

Using Size control gives the option to shape how big your reverb sounds, while Width allows expanding the sound image from mono to full stereo and everything in between.

Damping and Resonance

Damp Amt simulates the amount of absorption of higher frequencies by reflective surfaces and allows darkening or brightening of the reverb tails. The Damp Freq control provides a frequency choice from 100 Hz to 15 kHz to tailor the perfect sound of the reverb. Resonance sets the resonance/mid-frequency shaping of the damping filter. The more Reso, the more gain is added to the band just below the damping frequency, and the less gain is applied to the rest of the spectrum.

Modulation section

Simple and effective, the Mod Amp controls the amount of applied chorus/vibrato effect to the reverberated sound, and the Mod Speed controls the speed of the applied modulation. Adding modulation to reverb sound can add some “synthy” vibe and differentiate the unique reverb sounds from those boring, sterile reverb sounds.

Hi-pass filter

Hi-pass is here to avoid unwanted reverb on lower frequencies. Ranging from 20 to 1000 Hz, this control prevents rumble and energy build-up on the bass side of the frequency spectrum, which could collide with the rest of the instruments.


Wet/Dry controls allow you to control the blend of clean signal and reverb effect.

Other Reverbs

Other reverb plugins offer an overload of controls and features that can be overwhelming. Getting the desired reverb sound is oftentimes a hassle, without thoroughly studying the parameters.

Linda IronVerb

IronVerb is designed to bring out pleasant reverb sounds with the perfect amount of very responsive controls to tweak it to your liking. Covering everything from classic, hardware, and vintage-inspired sounds, to modern atmospheric, ethereal soundscapes, IronVerb is perfect for every instrument, from drums and bass to guitars, pads, or vocals. Unique Ironize feature allows for creating a signature iron-like character for your reverb sounds.

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Mac OS X 10.11 – macOS 12
AAX 64b, AU 64b, VST3 64b, Apple Silicon Compatible


Windows 7 – Windows 11
AAX 64b, VST3 32b, VST3 64b