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AutoDesSys V-Ray for form•Z – Perpetual

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AutoDesSys V-Ray for form•Z – Perpetual

Photorealism. Fast.

Render anything you can imagine with V-Ray for form•Z, the Sci-Tech Academy Award® and Engineering Emmy Award® winning renderer.

Architecture. Landscapes. Sets. Spacecraft.
Render exquisite stills, animations, and VR presentations in record time.

Built for Speed

Render with CPU alone or GPU and CPU together. Accelerate with RTX raytracing support on Windows. Enjoy next-level productivity with integrated network rendering.

V-Ray Adaptive Lights result in up to a 7x increase in speed, and its integrated denoiser can cut rendering times — often by half.

Pro Materials

Includes a comprehensive Material Library with 550+ realistic, physical-based materials including glass, plastics, metals, wood, concrete, and stone. Can’t find what you need? Download more .vrmat files from your favorite online resource.

Use the fully integrated material editor to edit existing Library materials or create new ones from scratch.

Quality Presets

Keep it simple with a single ‘Quality’ slider, which adjusts multiple render settings in one go. Or switch to manual control to optimize performance with your particular scene.

V-Ray for form•Z is a collaboration between Chaos Group and AutoDesSys. AutoDesSys develops and supports the product, based on the V-Ray AppSDK and V-Ray rendering technologies.

Adjust the intensity and the color of the lights.
Add lens effects.
Tweak denoiser settings.

All without re-rendering.

AutoDesSys V-Ray for form•Z – Perpetual Feature Highlights

Sections and Cutaways.

Non-destructive render time clipping with any object, including solids.

Grass and Textiles.

Create highly realistic grass, fabrics, and carpets with V-Ray Fur.

Aerial Perspective.

Create an immersive atmosphere and depth with V-Ray aerial perspective controls.

No job too big.

Wrangle millions of polygons with form•Z Components and VRayscene Assets.

Deep Feature Set

  • Quality slider for setting parameters easily
  • Integrated Denoiser
  • Light glow with Lens Bloom and Glare
  • Sections and cutaways with V-Ray Clipper
  • Aerial perspective controls
  • Animation Support
  • VR Support
  • form•Z Decal Support
  • Grass, textiles, and cloth
  • Extensive materials library
  • .vrmat support

“V-Ray for form•Z brings 3D models to life with ease and agility. The unprecedented integration with V-Ray allows for rendering and lighting to be an integral part of the form•Z design process, not just a final step. We are so excited to add this powerful tool to the form•Z product lineup and we cannot wait to see the wonderful creations it fosters!”

David Kropp, CEO, AutoDesSys, Inc.


V-Ray 5 for form·Z requires form·Z 9.2.0 or later.

Macintosh OS X:

  • Mac OS 10.12 though 10.15.
  • Mac OS 11 ( BigSur ) form·Z 9.2.0 or later.


  • 64 bit editions of Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.


  • Minimum: 1 GB
  • Recommended: 4 GB+
  • Note that complex models or large texture maps may require additional memory.

Internet Connection:

  • Required for product activation, software updates and access to on line manuals and tutorial videos.

form·Z 10 Minimum System Requirements


  • macOS 11 or later recommended (macOS 10.15 and 11 are supported with some feature restrictions)
  • 8GB of RAM (16GB+ recommended for complex models and large texture maps)


  • Windows 11 or Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • 8GB of RAM (16GB recommended for complex models or large texture maps)
  • Video card supporting OpenGL version 3.2 or later (A minimum benchmark score of ~3,000 is recommended, and for larger files, ~5,000 or better. Video Card Benchmarks)

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