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BBTools Shadow 2

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BBTools Shadow 2


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BBTools Shadow 2

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BBTools Shadow 2

Lifelike Shadows

BBTools Shadow 2 is an extension for Adobe Photoshop that adds lifelike shadows to objects in a standing position.

  • Compatible layer kinds: text, smart objects, and regular layers.
  • Opt for an angle (manually set or utilize the “Sun position” choice), adjust scale, blur (for shadow dispersion), opacity, and color settings.
  • Almost real-time automatic updates.
  • Native UXP extension.


Panel UI Controls

  • Angle: Shadow angle (1 – 359 degrees)
  • Scale: Shadow length (1 – 100), a relative value based on the object’s size and varying with shadow angle.
  • Blur: Shadow dispersion in pixels (1 – 100)
  • Opacity: Shadow opacity (1 – 100)
  • Color: Shadow color
  • Sun Position: Determines shadow angle based on the object’s relative position from a user-defined point created using Photoshop’s Pen tool.
  • Auto-update: Automatically adjusts the shadow whenever any of the above parameters are changed.


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