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1.x.x Blace – AI Face Detection & Blurring

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Blace – AI Face Detection & Blurring


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Blace - AI Face Detection & Blurring

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Blace – AI Face Detection & Blurring

The world's first AI-based and automated face detection and blurring system for compositing and editing.

Blace is an Artificial Intelligence-based plug-in for face detection and blurring for After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Now with Mac and M1 native support

Blace is the world’s first AI based and automated face detection and blurring system for compositing and editing.


Easy-to-use and AI-based detection

blace easy


Control over detection areas and excluding of detections

blace control

Several customizable styles

blace styles


Customize detection sizes

Premiere Pro support

  • Runs on Premiere Pro with a limited feature set (limited masking workflow and no custom style)
  • Full 8- / 16- / 32-bit support
  • Use detections to control other effects (e.g. custom blur)


Blace is a windows only plugin at the moment. It runs on AE 2020 and PP 2020. Please test your configuration in demo mode.


AI-based solutions can outperform manual approaches, but also can produce unpredictable results. The detection framework was tested extensively but may fail in some cases, e.g. miss faces in the footage or falsely detecting similar-looking objects. Please test the plugin before buying to figure out if it works in your use case. Especially if Blace is used for identity protection, its detection results must be verified.

After Effects 2023, 2022, 2021
Premiere Pro 2021

1.4.2 – Dec 5, 2022

– fixed issue with installer
– added Apple Silicon support for mac

1.4.1  –  Jan 6, 2021

– fixed installers

1.4.0  –  Jan 6, 2021

– mac support

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