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Blend Scatter

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Blend Scatter


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Blend Scatter

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Blend Scatter

Blend and Scatter properties

grape design Blend Scatter is a tool for After Effects that blends and scatters properties. It’s easy to use, with a simple UI and automatic blending and scattering!


Blend and Scatter properties easily in After Effects.


  • Duplicate layers and automatically blend or scatter properties.
  • Easy to select the same properties for all selected layers.
  • Supports almost all properties, including color, 3D and effects.
  • Does not use expressions and can add keyframes.
  • Simple UI Panel.
  • Works very fast.

Blend or Scatter


Blend : Array properties at equal intervals between the values of the top and bottom layers.

The properties of the top and bottom layers are not changed.



Scatter : Randomize properties between the values of the top and bottom layers.

Randomly generates different results each time.



Copy : The numbers entered in the ‘copy’ of layers are duplicated.


Supports almost all properties




Position, scale, angle, color, effects, time remap, 3D, layer styles, etc.

Excluding shape, mask, and text source properties.



Other Features


Auto Select : Automatically selects the same properties for all selected layers.

Useful for selecting properties such as Shape Layer and effects.



Keyframes : If selected properties have keyframes, changed value keyframes are added.

Not using expression.


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