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BOOM Library Alien Life Construction Kit

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BOOM Library Alien Life Construction Kit
BOOM Library Alien Life Construction Kit

Expand Your Sonic Universe And Craft Unrivaled Alien Sound Effects

Explore the unknown corners of the universe and discover ALIEN LIFE! Feel the tension as visceral snarls, shrieks, squawks, grunts, and groans craft the unsettling sounds of extraterrestrial biology. ALIEN LIFE features BOOM Library’s signature high-quality audio and design. It provides you the tools to develop unique vocalizations and bioacoustics for all sentient beings in your universe. Use these high-quality animal sounds and prop effects creatively to craft the sounds of extraterrestrial orifices and appendages. This collection offers organic and exotic sonic palettes, weaving a vivid tapestry of alien evolution into a single guttural bellow.


What’s inside

Exotic Signature Vocalizations

This sound collection contains a vast range of pristinely recorded animal vocalizations. It focuses on exotic signature sounds, typically more challenging to capture cleanly. Curated to provide the tools to design truly unique and convincing zoological vocalizations for any creature you can fathom.

Very Broad Sound Palette

It includes a variety of fresh yet unmistakable snorts, growls, screeches, screams, chirps, and more. These sounds come in varying states of excitement and agitation, providing limitless potential. Discover strange new combinations and experiment with timing and tonality. Craft audible cues that help define the anatomy and biology of your ETs.

Expressive Prop Effects

Additionally, the collection includes a curated assortment of expressive prop effects. These effects cover clicking, slimy, squishy, scratchy, crunchy, and more. They round out the collection and offer more tools for boundless sound design potential. Invade your universe with ALIEN LIFE and manifest unique zoological vocalizations for all of the other-worldly creatures you can imagine!


boom alien life construction kitALIEN LIFE Construction Kit


The most unnerving sounds to us human lifeforms are often those we’ve been evolutionarily primed to be responsive to. Screams, shrieks, and wails poke at our primal brains with startling urgency. Growls and clicks can abruptly signal caution. We’re hard-wired to have a reflexive response to these stimuli. This can be used to your advantage to keep your listeners on edge. Craft custom vocalizations by layering elements of different species and effects. This helps audibly define each creature’s character and sonic signature. With these Construction Kit sounds, add authenticity and diversity to all of the alien species and extraterrestrial life-forms you can imagine.


ALIEN LIFE Construction Kit stands apart from other creature-related sound design kits, as it excludes humanoid sounds. Instead, it offers a vivid and eclectic palette featuring many unfamiliar and traditionally underrepresented biological articulations. Tweaking and layering the different exotic creature sounds, and shaping the tonality with the flavoring effects available in this bundle, allow you to sonically tailor unique organic vocalization libraries for all your alien creations. The ALIEN LIFE Construction Kit provides a futuristic toolbox of pristine organic source recordings, offering an unparalleled level of authenticity and fidelity rarely encountered in the sci-fi realm.


Designed, Construction Kit, Bundle – What’s The Difference?


A CONSTRUCTION KIT generally contains thousands of sounds as raw as possible and only as processed as needed for a specific topic, perfectly organized to make it easy for you to use them. Carefully selected, those sounds give you all the freedom and possibilities you need to design your own sounds within the given topic from scratch. For some topics it is difficult to provide recordings only, so you will find some pre-processed or synthesizer based sounds in those collections as well, but still only basic material, since we don’t want to offer it compressed to the maximum or similarly mutated. After all, the CONSTRUCTION KIT serves as such for ourselves, namely in the following process of creating the respective DESIGNED collection.


The DESIGNED collections feature fully designed sounds which originate from the CONSTRUCTION KIT stock. The sounds are of a specific topic and ready to use: mixed, processed, compressed, mastered etc. They can be easily put into all kind of projects, for example trailers, commercials, movies, TV shows and so forth or used as in-game sounds. This collection provides a quick and easy workflow and you can still use those sounds as a basic and layer, stretch or otherwise adjust them to suit your specific needs.


The bundle is the best option as it contains both, the DESIGNED and the CONSTRUCTION KIT at a reduced price.

What we recorded

We traveled the world, utilizing top-notch recording gear to capture a wide variety of exotic animal sounds. Donkeys, camels, tigers, Tasmanian devils, and even koalas are represented, each capable of sounding fierce when they want to. A flock of avian sounds, including eagles, hawks, owls, vultures, and emus, offers endless combinations of expression. All captured with our beloved MS + Sanken CO100K combo, ensuring high fidelity elements that seamlessly blend into the mix. Sub-aquatic humpback whale sounds, captured with hydrophones, add subtle layers of cosmic mystery to the overall character. Advances in audio technology, combined with the experience of our team, make this one of our cleanest and most malleable assortments of organic animal noises to date.

What’s so special about this library?

This library focuses on non-human animal vocalizations and articulations, curated from a wide range of exotic species known for their unique and curious sonic characteristics. These sounds are traditionally more difficult to capture and cleanly isolate due to the other environmental elements present in their natural habitats. Advances in audio recording techniques and processing have allowed us to present our cleanest collection of natural organic zoological sounds yet. They are polished and delivered in 192kHz for you to use like sonic silly putty and mold into the specific sounds you want your creatures to produce.

Tech Specs

Size10.2 GB
Content Info
FormatWAV – 24bit – 192kHz / Windows + Mac

Compatible Software

BOOM Library sound FX come as WAV files, meaning you can import and work with them in any software that can handle this file type. Here are the most common audio and video editing software tools that work perfectly with our trailer sound effects:

Audio Software

  • Logic Pro
  • Cubase
  • Nuendo
  • Ableton Live
  • Pro Tools
  • Reaper

Video Editing Software

  • Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • After Effects
  • Vegas Pro
  • Media Composer

Rich Metadata Embedded

We want to provide you with the fastest and easiest workflow possible. That’s why all files contain extensive metadata like file description & keywords to quickly find the sounds you’re looking for. Metadata can be read and processed by audio management tools. Some digital audio workstations feature an included search tool that can also read embedded metadata. Here are the most common audio management tools:

  • Soundminer
  • Basehead
  • Soundly

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