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BOOM Library Creatures Humanoid Construction Kit

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BOOM Library Creatures Humanoid Construction Kit
BOOM Library Creatures Humanoid Construction Kit

Finding the right fictional creature sounds is no easy task – too often they sound fake, weak, or simply wrong. CREATURES HUMANOID delivers that grizzly, barren terror you need in your two-legged monsters. Full of horrifying screams, bone-rattling growls, and drool-dripping snarls, these creature sounds will leave your audiences gripping the edge of their seats.

The library was recorded using a combination of extraordinary voice acting and the skills of our experienced sound designers that find themselves needing such a library every day. The Construction Kit provides the ultra-detailed dry sounds while the Designed collection pounds in the extra flesh.

What’s inside

Included sounds – keywords

aggressive, alien, babble, breath, choking, cyclops, dwarf, exhale, extraterrestrial, fantasy, gargle, golem, growls, grunts, lizard, metallic, mummy, mutant, ogre, orc, paranormal, reptiloid, roaring, scary, screams, snarls, stutter, throaty, trills, undead, vocal, whispering, zombie

creatures humanoid ckCreatures Humanoid Construction Kit


The library features growls and snarls that will knock the socks off the listeners and really feel the horrific depth of your two-legged foes. All sounds are available in both mono & stereo with two different perspectives.


Use this high-quality, ultra-detailed audio library to design the upright monsters of movies, video games, and animations. The creature sounds include 12 different actions: idle, attack (short/long), pain (small/medium/large), death, alerted, inhale/exhale (short/medium).


With 12 clearly defined emotions, it’s easy to find the right sound. The sets are not limited to creature sounds, but also perfect for human combat. In addition, they are split between 15 male and 7 female vocal sets and are available in both mono and stereo.


Tech Specs

Size26.6 GB
Content Info
FormatWAV – 24bit – 192kHz / Windows + Mac

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