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v1.4 BOOM Library ENRAGE

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The One Effect Plug-In To Rule Them All

Boom Library ENRAGE is a highly addictive multi-modular FX processing tool that opens up unlimited possibilities in how you tweak and process your sounds. It will easily handle your daily FX plug-in needs but will also introduce you to a world of insanely wicked sound processing. ENRAGE is super responsive and extremely precise. To put it simply, ENRAGE will change the way you experience sounds.

Create Your Own Effects With Boom Library ENRAGE!

ENRAGE is an FX processing plug-in with more than 40 different devices waiting for you to chain them together and send your audio signal on a thrilling digital journey. Always remain in full control by modifying a multitude of parameters or let go and get inspired by ENRAGE’s more than 300 presets.

ENRAGE at a Glance


  • Create your own effects
  • Over 50 different devices
  • 12 different mod sources
  • Over 300 factory presets
  • Save and share user presets
FormatSoftware Plugin (VST, AU, AAX) for Windows & Mac
Required Hard Disk Space196 MB
License Agreement

ENRAGE Is A Gigantic Tool Box Packed With Unlimited Possibilities

Unlimited options. A wide range of devices. Extraordinary mod sources. The only barrier is your imagination. Combine any effects, create routing chains as simple or complicated as you need. Choose from over 40 devices, click and drag them into the rack, and change the parameters. ENRAGE’s modularity allows interacting and interwoven effect structures that cannot be achieved with typical serial effect chains. Expand the possibilities by simply dragging and dropping macro assignments to take further control.

50+ Devices

What Are Devices In ENRAGE?

Devices are the FX modules that make the centerpiece of ENRAGE. Found on the left side of the window, they’re organized into 10 different categories: In/Out, Delay, Distortion, Modulation, Generator, Pitch, Filter, Imaging, Reverb, and Gain & Dynamics. With over 40 options, your sound design possibilities are boundless.


  • Stereo in
  • Stereo out
  • S-Chain in
  • Tap Source
  • Tap Receive

  • Tape Delay
  • Shift Delay
  • Fixed Delay
  • Multitap Delay
  • Grain Delay
  • Repeater

  • Distortion
  • Decimator
  • VariDrive
  • Waveshaper

  • phaser
  • Chorus
  • Vocoder
  • Ring Mod
  • Flanger

  • Sine
  • Saw/Square
  • Noise
  • Crackle

  • Pitch Shift
  • Voice Shift
  • Freq Shift
  • Sub Octaver
  • Spectral Warp

  • Multifilter
  • Param EQ
  • Splash Filter
  • Vowel Filter
  • 2 Band Split
  • 3, 4, 6 Band Split

  • Panning
  • MS Split
  • MS Merge
  • and MS Encode
  • MS Decode
  • Stereo Split
  • Stereo Merge

  • Basic Verb
  • Convolution

  • Analyzer

  • Gain Lin
  • Gain dB
  • Compressor
  • Gate


12 Modulation Sources

A MOD SOURCE alters your sound by changing values over time. You can connect MOD SOURCES to DEVICE controls and even to other MOD SOURCE controls. When you apply modulation to the controls they change their value according to the shape of the modulation signal.

  • Curve
  • ADSR
  • Envelope Follower
  • LFO
  • Mapping
  • Smooth (NEW)
  • Delay
  • Transient Follower
  • Change Analyser
  • Pitch Tracker
  • Formula
  • Spring (NEW)

Working With Mod Sources In Enrage

There are 12 ways to modulate your FX: ADSR, Curve, LFO, Envelope Follow, Transient, Change, Mapping, Pitch Tracker, Formula, and Delay. Freely combine up to 12 modulation sources. After they’re set up, simply click and drag on the four squares to the parameter you want to modulate. You can even modulate other mod sources!

300+ Presets

ENRAGE comes packed with over 300 factory presets, ready to twist, mangle, and madden your sounds. Load them, tweak them, create your own and share them with your friends.

Enrage 1.4 – What’s new?


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Format: Software Plugin (VST, AU, AAX) for Windows & Mac
Required Hard Disk Space: 196 MB
Manual: PDF
License Agreement: PDF

 ENRAGE requires a free iLok account


Please note: This plug-in requires an audio host software. It does not work as a standalone application.
It works with the most common audio host software apps that support VST 2.4 and VST 3, AU or AAX plug ins:

  • Logic Pro
  • Pro Tools (11+)
  • Cubase
  • Nuendo
  • Ableton Live
  • Reaper


  • Windows: Windows 8 (64-bit), 8 GB Ram, Intel® Core™ i5
  •  macOS 10.13 (64-bit), 8 GB RAM, Apple Silicon (M1) or Intel® Core™ i5, OpenGL 2.1 capable GPU



  • Available licensing options:
    • Machine License activation and USB Dongle



What’s new in version 1.4

New Features

    Tame can dynamically detect any peaks in the frequency spectrum, allowing you to remove unwanted resonances or even isolate them. Try it with the side-chain option!
    Smooth is like a filter for modulation. When applied to other mod sources, it allows you to smooth things out and adjust the rise and fall times. Spring applies spring physics to your modulation to make your FX go boing.
    We decided to get a little crazy and give you even more macro options. You can now assign up to 24 macro controls, so your sounds can get as complicated as your most enraged imagination.
    ENRAGE is now freely scalable. Resize it to perfectly match your screen size.
    We’ve added 60 new presets, making your preset pack have over 300 choices – a huge variety of starting off points to mangle your sounds. Search for “1.4” in the preset browser to explore them all.
    Better performance for better and more professional results. Eliminate phasing in the band splitter module to preserve the cleanest and most accurate signal.
    ENRAGE is working smoother than ever under the hood. With automatic internal latency compensation, all the effects and modulation within ENRAGE are synced automagically if needed, so that everything stays in syn in your preset and in your DAW. Working with any device that introduces latency was never so easy.
    ENRAGE was already blazingly fast and efficient. We still managed to have it operate up to 2x faster with up to 50% less CPU load.
    Usability and workflow have been greatly improved. Store and recall Device configurations via drag and drop, save time with new shortcuts and context menus, and lots more!


  • UI can now be resized with corner resizer
  • Devices and Mod Sources can now be created by using the right click popup menu
  • Automatically create a modifier mod source (e.g. a mapping) by using the right click popup menu on a mod source
  • Multi-replace mod source assignments. When dragging a mod source over an existing assignment, hold Ctrl/Cmd to change all assignments to the new mod source. For example, this can be useful if you want to replace all assignments of a Macro with a Mapping.
  • Mod Sources can now be duplicated via dragging (like Devices)
  • Macro names are now reported to the DAW (not all DAWs support this equally)
  • Default settings for Autoroute, Show modulated values and Output Limiter can be configured in global settings. These will apply to newly created plugin instances.
  • Most knobs and sliders now snap when dragging and holding down the shift key
  • Added sustain stage to ADSR mod source visualization
  • Clicking the label of an unselected Mod Source will select it instead of opening the label editor
  • Default BPM can now be configured in Preset Settings for Hosts that do not provide Tempo
  • Preset browser now recalls state after plugin editor was closed
  • Added popup menu on Preset name (on top) with reload/save/init functions for quick access
  • Undo history no longer gets cleared when saving a preset
  • Improved UI performance
  • Mac build no longer requires OpenGL


  • Removed “show device latencies” setting from global settings. Device latency is always shown if a device introduces latency.
  • Redesigned global settings

Bug Fixes

  • ADSR mod source was not sample accurate
  • Repeater device did not reset properly
  • Missing samples related to other plugin instances will no longer be treated as an error
  • In ProTools 2023.03, mouse clicks on some popup menus and combo boxes did not work

Version 1.3.10 (December 2022)

Added various pan laws to panning device

Reduced memory usage

There is no longer a memory usage spike when switching presets

Voice Shift Device produces less artifacts

DC filter in Tap Receive Device can now be disabled

Tap Send device pass through output can now be muted

Tap Send device can now be disabled

Pitch Shift device no longer causes additional latency depending on pitch amount

Oversampling now uses linear phase filters and is usable for parallel mixing

If an impulse response sample can not be loaded, Enrage will notify about it. When using Reaper, Enrage will also try to find the file in the projects media subdirectory.

Oversampling will no longer get disabled when changing presets

In realtime operation, a plugin reset will no longer cause a short fade in

Delay devices now correctly interpolate delay times < 1 sample

Panner device output is no longer too quiet

Latency of Pitch Shifter device in Spectral mode was too high

Warp device sometimes produced high pitched tones at high sample rates under certain circumstances

Changed list of allowed characters in preset names to prevent creating illegal file names

Dry signal was too quiet when Enrage was used on mono tracks and using global dry/wet mixing

Flanger device sounded inconsistent at different samplerates

Pasting a mod source with self modulation did not include the modulation assignment

Version: 1.3.9 (May 2022)

  • Native support for Apple Silicon

Version 1.3.0 (November 2021)

Tap Receive, offering the possibility to re-route any audio from ENRAGE back into the rack in another spot in conjunction with Tap Send. You can now expand the effect chain within ENRAGE or even build custom feedback loops. This alone is a game changer within ENRAGE. Don’t get lost!

All Band Splitters (2, 3, 4 and 6 band) are now a lot faster and all crossovers can be modulated!

The Multimode Filter got some treatment and now features additional Vintage Bandpass 12/24dB, all new Allpass 12/24dB, and Notch 12/24dB filters.

Major overhaul of the Multitap Delay with two additional stereo spread algorithms, and an impulse response visualizer. Highly recommended to give it a try!

Vocoder device is on a completely new level, with adjustable Detail resolution, Attack/Release and an extremely improved sonic behavior in general. Of course the legacy mode “direct” is still available if needed and to make sure old projects still sound the same.

Various quality of life improvements, small changes and bug fixes.


This is a free update for EnRage customers.

Enrage 1.2 Update Preset Tour

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