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BOOM Library Harbor & Industrial Library

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BOOM Library Harbor & Industrial Library
BOOM Library Harbor & Industrial Library

Harbor & Industrial: Authentic Ambiences

HARBOR & INDUSTRIAL consists of authentic industrial ambiances, one-third of which capture sites close to the water. Almost all files are loopable; every sound is ready-to-use and recorded to sit well within your mix. An accessible, yet highly flexible toolkit for you to create signature locations with ease.


Location Variety

This collection features a large variety of places to explore – both indoor and outdoor, busy and desolate, organic and constructed. HARBOR & INDUSTRIAL also offers a series of isolated components to assemble just the environment you envision with multiple layers and sources of sound. Especially game environments profit from the diverse palette of sounds available to give each area its own distinct character.

The Sound Of Size

In HARBOR & INDUSTRIAL, you have access to massive mechanical constructs with enough body to set up huge, incredible acoustic scenes. Without sounding intrusive these metallic beasts blend smoothly into their surroundings at just the right proximity and volume.

What We Recorded

We recorded over 4 GB of characteristic ambient sounds including boat and ship traffic, waves, wind, engines, industrial traffic, freight trains, conveyor belts, various room ambiances, outdoor ambiances, seagulls and other birds, construction tools, heavy lifting machinery and more.

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