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2024 Boris FX Continuum FCP Unit: Beauty Essentials

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Boris FX Continuum FCP Unit: Beauty Essentials
Boris FX Continuum FCP Unit: Beauty Essentials

Take your Final Cut Pro Assets to New Heights

The Continuum FCP Beauty Essentials Unit is the ultimate digital package for skin refinement and image restoration.

Beauty Studio is the star of this pack.  Develop gorgeous looks and skin in an instant with the ease of Beauty Studio. Plus, isolate skin tones with effective skin masks & Mocha.

We’re seeing more detail than ever before in images on screen thanks to cameras equipped with ultra-sharp lenses and highly-sensitive light sensors. The Beauty Studio filter allows you to easily apply digital make-up. Automatically eliminate wrinkles, pores, and unwanted blemishes.

The integrated two-stage matte keyer helps isolate skin tones from surrounding areas of the shot, making it possible to easily smooth out imperfections without affecting other areas of the image. Retain image sharpness where it matters most — hair, eyes, and lips — for a natural looking finished result.

15 Effects & 200+ Presets

Beauty Studio

The number one tool for digital retouching and skin smoothing with integrated Mocha masking.


Channel Blur

Channel Blur blurs an image independently over each RGBA color channel.

Channel Blur YUV

Channel Blur YUV controls the level of blurring in the image independently over the YUV and Alpha channels.



Defog restores the contrast and colors of a scene taken in bad weather such as fog and mist. Choose from several presets.



DeBand removes banding artifacts from an image by smoothing pixels in affected areas while retaining detail.



DeBlock automatically finds blocks your footage and removes them. Sit back and watch it do all the work!



DeFringe removes various types of color fringing as a result of sensor overloading in cameras seen from overexposure.



Detail performs intuitive selective sharpening, detail enhancement and edge aware smoothing on your clip.



Diffusion creates atmosphere by reducing contrast and creating a glow using an extensive texture library.


Eye Light

Eye Light creates a targeted light meant to be placed around a person’s eyes.



Frost glow highlights and reduces contrast while softening facial blemishes and wrinkles.



Halo glow highlights and reduces contrast while softening facial blemishes and wrinkles.


Magic Sharp

Magic Sharp enhances image detail while minimizing artifacts associated with traditional sharpening tools.



Mist glow highlights and reduces contrast while softening facial blemishes and wrinkles. Get beautiful looks instantly with presets.



Silk softens wrinkles, blemishes, and fine detail to produce smooth skin textures while retaining detail in coarse features.



Oh yeah! Mocha masking is included in all Continuum effects. Create complicated masks with speed and precision. Share between effects or across different host applications.

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OS Requirements

  • macOS Catalina 10.15 or higher
    Note that Continuum ML filters require Monterey 12.0 or higher

Recommended Hardware

  • Apple M1 or M2 (Standard, Pro, Max and Ultra)
  • Intel or AMD CPU with four or more cores


  • 8 GB minimum, 16+ GB preferred
  • Storage: High-speed disk array or SSD storage


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