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2024 Boris FX Continuum FCP Unit: Stylize

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Boris FX Continuum FCP Unit: Stylize


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Boris Continuum FCP 2024

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Boris FX Continuum FCP Unit: Stylize

Take your Final Cut Pro edits to the next level.

Continuum FCP Unit: Stylize offers 9 must have premium filters for professional post-production.  Prism, Light Leaks, Video Glitch, and a thousand presets with Mocha masking.

  • 9 curated effects with 950+ professionally designed presets
  • Video Glitch, Grunge, and Damage TV effects
  • Light Leaks and Glows
  • Blurs and Prismatic effects
  • Volumetric alpha or luma-driven Light Rays
  • Includes Mocha tracking and masking

9 must have Premium Filters


Get the lighting look you want by adding it in post! Choose from 700 gobo presets that you can easily customize.


Video Glitch

Video Glitch simulates errors and artifacts that can be apparent during digital video playback.



Prism generates prismatic color aberrations in the filtered source. Start with RGB colors or change the values.


Light Leaks

Light Leaks simulates the dreamy look of animated light leaking through gaps in a camera. Perfect for fashion shoots, travelogues, and more.


Film Grunge

Film Grunge adds various textures to make your pristine image look like damaged or distressed film.


Film Glow

Film Glow generates a traditional look, where the frame is subjected to a strong light source causing the image to bloom.



Rays creates stunning and realistic light ray effects quickly and easily. Start with one of 10 curated presets.


Camera Shake

Camera Shake simulates camera shake using random changes in amplitude, speed, scale, rotation & motion blur.


Smear Blur

Smear Blur is a unique filter that simultaneously smears pixels forward and backward along the Z axis in a straight and/or spiral direction.



Oh yeah! Mocha masking is included in all Continuum effects. Create complicated masks with speed and precision. Share between effects or across different host applications.

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Host Support

  • Final Cut Pro 10.6.6
  • Motion 5.6.4

[Up to host versions released at time of Continuum release]

OS Requirements

  • Mac OSX: 10.15.6 or higher
  • Processor: Intel CPU with four or more cores or Apple Silicon M1 (Native Support)
  • Memory: 8 GB or more
  • Disk: High-speed disk array or SSD storage


Do I have to subscribe?

Nope, it’s one flat fee! NO subscription required.

Is this the right unit pack for me?

If you’re looking to add versatile drag-and-drop transitions to your projects with tons of options, Y-E-S. We also have Color Essentials and Transitions Units depending on your workflow needs.

How to get started with these effects?

You can search the Boris FX Continuum documentation to find out more about each effect in the package.

We also have several videos on how to use these effects on the Boris FX YouTube channel.

How do i get support if I face problems?

You can visit the Boris FX forum to see if your question has already been answered.

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