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Chaos Vantage


Download demos and trial versions, product documentation, free presets and more.

Chaos Free Trials

Your fastest route to real-time.

Explore your most complex V-Ray 3D production scenes ray traced in real-time. With Chaos® Vantage, there are no time-consuming conversions. Simply drag and drop your complete V-Ray scene into Vantage and start exploring. Quickly create high-quality visualizations or pre-visualizations for architecture, film-making, automotive and more.


Vantage At a Glance

Photoreal real-time visualization

  • What it is: High-quality standalone visualization tool for V-Ray artists that want to quickly explore and present their work in a fully ray-traced environment.
  • Who uses Vantage: Archviz artists, VFX artists
  • Why Vantage? Take advantage of a 100% ray-traced environment to handle massive scenes and produce results as close to reality as possible. Unlike any other real-time game engine alternatives Vantage can keep up real-time frame rates even with massive scenes.

What is the difference between Chaos’ Renderers?

Chaos V-Ray, Corona, Enscape, and Vantage are all rendering and simulation software products, but they differ in their features, industry, and user needs. Learn which renderer is right for you!


Use Chaos Vantage as an Archviz artist

Explore & present unlimited design variations.

Switch between design options, material schemes, and lighting configurations to compare, explain, and explore all the possibilities you have for your design or its presentation.

See every aspect of your scene as you model.

A real-time companion view, unaffected by scene size, that gives you a highly realistic perspective of your scene as you adjust materials, lighting, and geometry.

Render super fast.

Produce high-quality renderings and animations in record time at a quality level that makes approval easy — including all the render elements needed for post-production.

Render realistic anima 3D human characters

With Vantage 2’s full compatibility with AXYZ design’s anima 3D, it’s never been quicker or easier to add a realistic human dimension to your archviz projects.

Use Chaos Vantage as a VFX professional

Playblasts of exceptional quality

Playblasts that convey the actual materials and lighting of your production for far more meaningful review and approval.

Previz with full-size scenes, that can be reused in production

Ray tracing in real-time without scene simplification or baking, using the same materials and lighting as your production team.

Real-time reference

A real-time ray-traced view that closely matches your production rendering results as you finalize your scene. It’s also perfect for over-the-shoulder discussions while making decisions.

What’s new in Vantage 2

Chaos Vantage 2 adds powerful new capabilities enabling you to convey your designs more effectively. Toggle between different moods and variations of your project with the scene states. Visualize realistic vegetation moving in the wind and animated people interacting with their design. Composite your images with support for popular render elements like “back to beauty” and material and object masks. And much more.

  • Scene states. Assign different light setups, materials, object transformation, and post-process looks to different cameras. Easily recall and send them for batch rendering.
  • Scatter. Populate your scenes with millions of objects in just a few clicks. Our new scatter tool allows you to quickly and easily create forests, fields, crowds, and more.
  • Deformed meshes. Animate people and vegetation and create richer animations for your project presentations.
  • Render elements – Add the most popular render elements, as well as object and material masks to fine-tune your images in post.

Latest Update: Vantage 2, Update 5 – July 2, 2024

Chaos’ real-time ray-traced platform now supports VR headsets, and they’ve added new features including animated vegetation, rounded edges, partial opacity, and more.

Chaos Vantage Features

Chaos vantage Zero setup

Zero setup.

Drag and drop your V-Ray® scene into Chaos Vantage and start exploring. Unlike other real-time solutions, there’s no geometry to optimize, UVs to unwrap, or lighting to bake.

Chaos vantage go big

Go big!

Chaos Vantage is built to handle huge scenes with billions of polygons and high-res textures. It’s the fastest way to see your most detailed V-Ray scenes in real-time.

Chaos vantage easy to navigate

Easy to navigate.

Navigating your scene is easy. Use controls similar to your 3D app, or move around like playing a game. Walk upstairs and avoid walking through walls with automatic collision detection.

Chaos vantage 100% ray-traced

100% ray-traced quality.

With fully raytraced and real-time rendering, Chaos Vantage uses physically based cameras, lights, materials, and global illumination for the most realistic results.

Chaos vantage fast animation

Simple and fast animation.

Perfect for previsualization, you can create, edit, and render animation from Chaos Vantage. Easily animate between cameras, apply transitions, and arrange your sequence in the Animation Editor.

Chaos vantage live loink

Live link.

Get a live raytraced view of your scene, and render animations with a live link from 3ds Max, SketchUp, Rhino, Revit, and Cinema 4D. Changes you make in your scene will instantly appear in Chaos Vantage.

Vantage Key Features


chaos vantage rendering

Real-time rendering

Render your scenes in 100% ray traced real-time through the power of DXR-compatible GPUs. Enjoy physically accurate cameras, lights, and materials while retaining game-like interactivity.

Live Link animation rendering

Get a live raytraced view of your scene, and render animations with a live link from 3ds Max, Maya, SketchUp, Rhino, Revit, and Cinema 4D. Changes you make in your scene will instantly appear in Chaos Vantage.


Employ the Vantage native denoiser designed for real time denoising or the NVIDIA AI Denoiser, when rendering high quality output to automatically remove noise.

Batch rendering

Easily queue camera views and animation sequence jobs in the render queue.



chaos vantage ui

Live link

Instantly sync changes done to the scene in your DCC without exporting vrscenes.

Material workflow

The material tab lets you easily preview, assign, replace, and search materials for an interactive workflow.

3D navigation

Navigate and direct your cameras using the popular 3DConnexion SpaceMouse controller.

HDR Monitor support

Make your projects extra radiant with HDR monitor support.

Quality presets

Quickly choose between quality and interaction speed with a single slider, allowing you to set Vantage for high-quality rendering or faster feedback.


Animations & special effects

chaos vantage animation

Deformed meshes

Animate people and vegatation and create richer animations for your project presentations.

Animation Editor

Easily create animations by dropping cameras, adjusting length, adding transitions and exporting video or image sequences.

Extended animations

Take even more .vrscene animation effects into Vantage. From flickering and fading lights to animating the tiling offset, your animated materials, textures, and lights now work seamlessly in Vantage.

Scattering fog

Set the mood for your scenes with realistic environmental effects such as god rays, light shafts through windows, streetlights, with volumetric fog with realistic light scattering.



chaos vantage lighting

Global Illumination

Vantage GI is developed to provide maximum lighting accuracy at interactive rendering speed.

Ambient occlusion

Add detail to your renderings with contact shadows using raytraced ambient occlusion.

Geolocated time of day

Perform accurate light studies by quickly and easily setting up the sun for a given date, time and location. Create daylight time-lapse animations with minimum effort.

Sun & Sky

Render realistic daylight for any hour of the day and create any type of cloudy sky with the user-friendly yet powerful procedural cloud system.

Accurate lights

From physically accurate Area lights, to IES lights with real world measured light distribution, to simplified point and spot lights, Vantage renders your lights with raytraced accuracy.

Light instancing

Light instances are preserved and can be controlled easily.

Light creation and placement

You can now create various types of lights directly in Vantage. Use the advanced placement options to achieve lookdev directly in Vantage without any DCC dependency.


Add plenty of dynamic lights to your scene without worrying about performance or resource constraints. Vantage implements NVIDIA RTXDI with its Direct light reservoir sampling feature.



chaos vantage camera

Scene states

Assign different light setups, materials, object transformation and post-process looks to different cameras. Easily recall and send them for batch rendering.

Real-world cameras

Use real world camera parameters and work like a virtual photographer — add depth of field and motion blur to your renders.

Auto Exposure

The camera exposure adjusts automatically as you navigate in your scene.

Bloom effect

Add the popular lens effect to simulate the real-world interaction between the light sources and the camera.


Composition guides overlays make it easier to find the perfect frame.

Orthographic cameras

Easily create top-down or facade renderings with the orthographic camera projection.


Materials & Textures

chaos vantage materials

Decal with cylindrical projection

Easily add stickers, labels, and other graphics to flat surfaces or cylindrical objects like bottles and jars. Adjust the Decal’s projection to perfectly align with the object’s surface curvature in just a few clicks.

UDIM texture support

With UDIM texture support, UV mapping and texturing workflows become easier, simplifying UV map generation and texture assignment. Additionally, Vantage is now capable of rendering UDIMs.

Refraction glossiness

Create realistic frosted glass effects using the refraction glossiness parameter in V-Ray Material.

Shading support

Support for Clear coat in V-Ray Material, V-Ray 2 Sided Material, Glossy Fresnel reflections, Substance textures, V-Ray MultiSubTex, MultiTexture, ForestColor, Normal maps, and more.

One-click clay override

The powerful Clay option significantly streamlines the material overrides process when setting up lighting or presenting early designs.

Material Coat

Add reflective coating to your material to achieve effects like varnished wood or metallic paint.

Multiple UV channels

Enrich your projects by creating sophisticated materials such as stacking labels or adding decals with newly added support for multiple UV channels.

Dynamic textures

Vantage automatically resizes the scene textures and uses the most optimal size. This greatly improves memory efficiency and allows you to load even larger scenes.

Normal maps

Add depth detail like bumps and dents to improve the realism of your surface material.

Image sequences as textures

Turn the TV on or light up the fireplace by using image file lists to animate textures.


Remove repeating patterns and add more realism to your textures using randomization controls.



chaos vantage geometry

Chaos Cosmos integration

A collection of high-quality, render-ready 3D assets, HDR images and materials that quickly add believable entourage to your interior or exterior scene.

Learn more >

Chaos Scatter

Populate your scenes with millions of objects in just a few clicks. Our new scatter tool allows you to quickly and easily create forests, fields, crowds, and more.

Support for Anima4D assets

We’ve partnered with AXYZ to provide support for its high-quality 3D library of animated 4D people and crowds.

Mesh Lights

Turn any geometry into a direct light source for even more artistic lighting. Mesh lights are now rendered much faster than before.

Hair & Fur

Create realistic carpets, rugs, animal pelts and even grass with Vantage’s support for V-Ray Fur. You can also achieve lifelike hair with precise highlights and customizable glint and glitter controls with the support for VRayHairNextMtl.


Create intricate geometric details from textures, ideal for designing bas-reliefs, pavements, brick/stone walls, and similar structures that are challenging to model manually.


Post Production

chaos vantage post production

Render Elements

Add the most popular render elements, as well as object and material masks to fine tune your images in post.

Filmic Tonemapping

Simulate different real-world films’ color gamma to color correct images.

Color correction

Remap the image colors using present color corrections from a LUT file.



Supported platforms

  • Chaos Vantage works with .vrscene files exported from V-Ray Next, V-Ray 5, and V-Ray 6.
  • We recommend using V-Ray 5 and above for the ultimate experience.
  • Chaos Vantage works with a live link from 3ds Max, SketchUp, Rhino, Revit, Maya, and Cinema 4D.

See a detailed list of supported features per host platform >

System requirements

  • RAM: System RAM should equal or exceed GPU memory (minimum 8GB RAM)
  • Operating system: Microsoft® Windows® 10 with Update 2004 (version 10.0.19041) or newer
  • Licensing: Vantage license with License Server 4.5.1 or newer
  • GPU Acceleration: DXR compatible NVIDIA® or AMD or Intel discrete GPU
    • Chaos Vantage can use up to 2 GPU devices.
    • For NVIDIA GPUs: RTX series or newer, required driver 515 or newer1 in WDDM mode, recommended driver 537.13 or newer
    • For AMD GPUs: RX 6000 series or newer
    • For Intel GPUs: Intel Arc Alchemist or newer

See detailed requirements >


Read documentation.

Visit the Chaos help portal and learn everything you need to know about Chaos Vantage.


Do I need V-Ray in order to be able to use Vantage?

Not necessarily. Vantage works seamlessly with .vrscenes not requiring any data prep, but we have many users of Vantage who use OBJ or FBX imports from applications where V-Ray isn’t present, such as Solidworks or Creo, or who aren’t using V-Ray in production (as in Pre-Viz). In doing so, they rely on Cosmos materials or a custom .vrscene as a material library for their material assignments within Vantage. We also have Vantage users who obtain V-Ray in other ways (e.g., as part of SketchUp Studio) and some Corona users that use V-Ray converters to reach Vantage.

What’s new in Vantage 2 Update 5

July 2, 2024

Chaos’ real-time ray-traced platform now supports VR headsets, and they’ve added new features including animated vegetation, rounded edges, partial opacity, and more.

New Features

Virtual Reality

  • Initial(WIP) support for interactive rendering in VR headsets. Details
    Ensure an appropriate OpenXR runtime is set in the VR’s respective app:

    • Windows Mixed Reality: “Mixed Reality Portal” > “Settings” > “Set up OpenXR”.
    • Oculus: “Oculus” app > “Settings” > “General” > “Set Oculus as Active”.
    • SteamVR: “SteamVR” app > “Settings” > “Developer” > “Set SteamVR as OpenXR Runtime


  • Support for Chaos Cosmos animated vegetation assets. Details


  • Support for VRayEdgesTex in bump and rounded corners.


  • Support for animated partial object visibility.


  • Support for ACEScg rendering color space.
  • Tool for quickly saving a previz video with DLSS. Details


  • Search filtering and sorting for scene objects, lights, and cameras.
  • Progress bar for importing assets.
  • Added meter scale information in the log and Scene stats.
  • Added “Flip horizontally” option to the Background image. Details
  • Added ability to drag and drop files onto FilePath property labels(LUTs, Environment texture, Background texture, Point, Spot, Directional Projection textures).

Color Corrections

  • Loading chromatic aberration from VFB settings in .vrscene.



  • Added decal option to lock the width/length ratio.
  • Improved the “place decals” tool to be activated when importing or dragging decals from the Chaos Cosmos browser and to load the decal properties.


  • Improved the “Always on top” behavior, now it is disabled while HQ rendering.
  • Improved UI – now distance parameters display with scene units.
  • Improved the camera settings layout.
  • Improved the highlighting and selection in scenes with millions of instances.


  • The default sun is now auto-enabled when it is the only light in the scene.
  • Added an Improved shading option to the clouds that improve self-shadowing. Details


  • Texture loading speed is now 5-10% faster.
  • Improved acceleration structure rebuilds and instance updates for better performance.

Vantage file

  • Merged assets as a result of “Open file as config only” now are properly saved in the .vantage file.



  • Visible strip artifacts on clouds.
  • Incorrect environment rotation when using the “Flipped” option in Maya


  • Decals not rendering from Live Link from Revit or other V-Ray 6.1 builds.
  • Decals not updating on animated objects under specific circumstances.
  • Transform animation from .vrscene being ignored for decals.


  • Incorrect saturation of textures when dynamic textures are enabled.
  • Reduced checker artifacts with UVWRandomizer random rotation and certain normal maps when dynamic textures are enabled.


  • Overlay issue when using multiple GPUs with OptiX or DLSS upscaling.
  • Incorrect change of the “View mode” after “Frame Selected/Scene” action.
  • Hiding of the “Create scene state” dialog when “Always on top” option is enabled.
  • Undo transformation for objects in very large scenes.
  • Non-functioning undo shortcut while the Transform Dialog is open.

Vantage file

  • Generation of additional clone objects when opening the scene as config only.0

What’s new in Vantage 2 Update 4

May 21, 2024

Enhance the realism of your Vantage renders with Decals, which enable the addition of stickers, labels, markings, and graphics onto flat and cylindrical surfaces. Additionally, Vantage now renders UDIMs and supports UDIM textures for easier UV mapping and texturing workflows.


New Features


  • Support for importing and creating V-Ray Decal. Details
  • Support for nested V-Ray scenes inside V-Ray scenes.


  • Support for “Thin walled” option in V-Ray material.


  • Support for UDIM textures.

Color corrections

  • Added white balance to color correction tab. Details
  • Loading most VFB color corrections settings from .vrscene files (Exposure, Filmic, White Balance, Hue/Saturation, Color Balance, LUT)


  • Support for setting “Auto-exposure” and “exposure bias” from .vrscene or Live-link.


  • Support for dome light “horizontal flip” option from Maya.


  • Search filter functionality in the Scene outliner. Details

Animation editor

  • Imported animated cameras in/out ranges setting Details
  • Undo/Redo actions for animation editor.



  • Improved Scatter generation and update for detailed target and area include/exclude meshes.
  • Improved denoising of deforming geometry.


  • Scatter and fur objects can now be selected in the viewport.
  • Improved tooltips timing.


  • Updated DLSS-RR to version 3.7.


  • Improved playback performance with a small number of animated instances and a large number of non-animated instances.
  • Improved dynamic textures update performance.



  • Merging of animated scenes with different Up vector results in wrong orientation.

Chaos Cosmos

  • Wrong rendering of Cosmos assets exported from Maya.


  • Crash when modifying key shortcuts.
  • Disappearing popup dialogs for camera settings.
  • Hiding an object doesn’t hide its descendants if they are procedural objects (scatter, fur, light).
  • NVENC failure when falling back from AV1 to H264 on older GPUs.


  • Installer doesn’t proceed when there is no V-Ray License Service installed.

What’s new in Vantage 2 Update 3

March 27, 2024

Redefine the art of material blending with the newly introduced Support for V-Ray Blend Materials. In addition, you can amplify your creative control in post-production with the new Multi Matte render element.


New Features


  • Support for rendering V-Ray Blend Material (BRDFLayered).

Render element

  • Support for the Multi Matte render element. Details


  • Added viewport toggle filter for the light gizmos. Details
  • Added option to improve desktop responsiveness while rendering. Details
  • Added information, in the status bar, for the host application used for Live Link.
  • Added ability to rename of objects created inside Vantage (Fur, Scatter, Lights, Multi Matte) with a context menu or double-click on object name.


  • Added AV1 codec for video encoding, enabled by default (if supported by GPU). Details



  • Improved memory used for displacement by varying tessellation level within a mesh.


  • Updated Intel Open Image Denoise to version 2.2.

Light Cache

  • Improved Light Cache to slightly better preserve low intensity samples.


  • Chaos Cosmos Browser UI responsiveness.



  • Random displacement when using unsupported secondary UV channel of the geometry object.

Scene states

  • Broken sub-states after dropping Environment texture.

Live Link

  • Wrong Live Link update for Nodes with unsupported materials.
  • Wrong rendering of Glossy Refraction with rotated texture during Live Link with Rhinoл


  • Sun azimuth rotation values to match geographical azimuth. Old saved .vantage files will be automatically updated to use new values on Save.


  • Missing “Height ratio” update when collision “Height tolerance” is changed.


  • Wrong cloud shading with sun slightly under the horizon.


  • Wrong lighting when rendering using direct light reservoir resampling and the scene contains a normal map.
  • Refraction artifacts when rendering with direct light reservoir resampling.


  • Disappearing toolbar in the Debug Log window after second opening.
  • Hiding of the HQ rendering dialog while “Always on top” is enabled.


  • Streak artifacts with Optix denoiser and multi GPU setup.
  • Broken temporal (“reduce flickering”) denoising in multi GPU mode.

What’s new in Vantage 2 Update 2

December 7, 2023

Embark on a creative journey with Vantage 2, update 2. With V-Ray Fur support, Vantage empowers you to craft realistic grass, fabrics, and carpet textures effortlessly. Or add intricate details to your scene geometry with the new Displacement feature.


Hair & Fur

Create realistic carpets, rugs, animal pelts, and even grass with Vantage’s support for V-Ray Fur. You can also achieve lifelike hair with precise highlights and customizable glint and glitter controls with the support for VRayHairNextMtl.


Create intricate geometric details from textures, ideal for designing bas-reliefs, pavements, brick/stone walls, and similar structures that are challenging to model manually.

What’s new in Vantage 2 Update 1

September 21, 2023


  • Support for NVIDIA’s DLSS 3.5 technology – DLSS 3.5 is an AI-powered denoiser that uses Ray Reconstruction to fill in the gaps of ray-traced scenes, enabling you to iterate and preview scenes at high quality while maintaining color and lighting accuracy.
  • Refraction glossiness, for frosted glass effects
  • Scene state animations, for smooth transitions between different states
  • Intel GPU support

What’s new in Vantage 2.0

June 27, 2023


New Features

Scene States
  • Implemented a Scene States system for creating, modifying and switching lights, materials, and objects variations. Each tab, that can utilize the states system has a Scene sub-state rollout and a new Scene States tab is added in the right side panel.
Render Elements
  • Implemented render elements(Lighting, Specular, Global Illumination, Reflection, Refraction, Self-Illumination, Atmosphere, Background, Diffuse Filter, Bumped Normals, Z-Depth, Velocity, Object Mask, Material Mask, Raw RGB) for compositing and masks.
    Option for saving render elements as separate .png and .jpeg images.
  • Implemented light scattering( volumetric) fog.
  • Support for multiple UV channels.
  • Support for Vertex Color.
  • Support for all options of the Advanced mode of the Color Correction texture from 3ds Max.
  • Support for repeat/offset U/V for UVWGenMaya when not using shading graphs (e.g. for bump maps).
  • Support for .vrscene file with animated: vertices, vrmeshes, materials, textures and UV parameters, light parameters.
  • Support for animations outside the imported .vrscene range.
  • Implemented Intel Open Image Denoise denoiser (OIDN) for interactive Details and HQ rendering
  • Implemented NVIDIA upscaling denoiser in interactive mode, requires driver 530 or newer.
  • Implemented reservoir resampling algorithm for direct lighting (RTXDI).
  • Render resolution scale option in interactive mode.
Chaos Scatter
  • Implemented Chaos Scatter for populating objects in the scene.
  • Support for HDR displays.
  • Support for AMD GPUs (experimental).
  • Support for statically subdivided geometry objects from .vrscene.
  • Support for mesh lights (improved with reservoir resampling enabled).
  • Creation of lights(Point, Spot, Directional, Rectangle, Disc, Sphere, IES) from inside Vantage. Details
  • Support for instanced lights via Forest pack and Railclone.
  • Support for VRmat materials.
  • Support for V-Ray override material (MtlOverride).
  • Helper onscreen text for gizmo manipulators.
  • Rendering quality presets slider with 4 predefined presets.
  • Implemented object cloning functionality with Ctrl+D.
  • Support for camera render resolution from .vrscene file.
  • Support for orthographic camera.
  • Camera grouping functionality.
  • Support for Vertex snapping when moving objects.
  • Added functionality to quickly place the pivot on the object’s bounding box boundaries.
Home Screen
  • Implemented a Home Screen dialog with quick links, recent file and sample scenes.
  • Implemented interval and specific frames or frames list for sequence rendering.
  • Support for embedded vrscene nodes (VRayScene).


  • Revamped user interface and user experience with reorganized and regrouped parameters.


Live Link
  • Double frame sequence rendering during Live Link with ‘Render animation with Chaos Vantage’.
  • Wrong placement of meshes at the origin when instanced by an Instancer in an animated .vrscene file.
  • Artifacts near the scene origin caused by self intersection.
Integrate Chaos Vantage into your V-Ray 3D Workflow

Integrate Chaos Vantage into your V-Ray 3D Workflow

Explore your most complex V-Ray 3D production scenes ray traced inreal-time. Watch a tutorial series and download a free Vantage guide.

Chaos connected workflows

How can Chaos' Connected Workflows help collaboration?

Learn how Chaos' Connected Workflows allows users to easily connect Chaos' visualization tools like Enscape, V-Ray, and Vantage.

sini and chaos vantage tutorial

Interactive real-time rendering using SiNi and Chaos Vantage

Learn how to use SiNi object plugins, SiClone, Disperse, and Scatter with Chaos Vantage and take advantage of real-time rendering power when painting, scattering modeling and more. 

chaos vantage 2 tutorial

Chaos Vantage 2 - Getting Started/Overview

These videos explain the process for using Chaos Vantage 2 for scene exploration, fast rendering, as a real-time reference, as a viewport companion, and more.  A free trial is available too.


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