CHV Electronics Repair FX AE


CHV Electronics Repair FX AE
CHV Electronics Repair FX AE

Eliminate noise, repair dead pixels and fix video damages.


This package currently only contains the Dead Pixel plugin. More plugins will be added to the package as a free update.

Dead Pixel

The intelligent tool to repair dead pixels and stationary spots

repair fx ae dead pixel

Mark the spot, adjust the size and render. It's that easy!

Dead Pixel is able to reconstruct and repair stationary damaged areas like dead pixels and dust spots. This plugin is perfect to be used on footage that has been shot with a digital camera with dead pixels. Such footage is often quite useless, but with Dead Pixel you can't bring your footage back to life. If you have such footage, Dead Pixel will be a life saver.


Plug-ins Yet to Come (in Free Update)

Noise Reduction

Get rid of noise and dust

chv repair fx ae noise reduction

Noise Reduction is different to all the others de-noise tools out there. Most other tools simply apply a frame by frame blur over the video. Even if those tools avoid to blur and edges, they will still just blur the video. If you apply a simple Sharpen filter then you will get all the noise back. Noise Reduction works different because it takes a completely different approach. Noise Reduction scans the surrounding timespan, compares all the frames of that timespan to each other and evaluates mathematically which part of the video is real content and which part is noise that needs to be eliminated.

Dropout Eliminator

Repair even the worst dropouts

chv repair fx ae dropout eliminator

Dropout Eliminator is made to repair damages like dropouts or burn holes. If your video contains big damages in a single frame or field, you can replace the lost content with the content of a nearby frame. As a requirement your video must have a similar frame close to the damaged frame.

Dirt Remover

Remove dirt from your video

chv repair fx ae dirt remover

Dirt Remover eliminates dark and bright spots from your video and replace them with content taken from nearby frames. You can choose between the elimination of black, white or both types of spots at once.

Dirt Remover looks at nearby frames to determine if a certain spot is a dirt-spot or a freckle on a face or a moving object. If an unwanted spot is identified, it will be replaced by the content from the last or the next frame or a combination of both. Therefore Dirt Remover creates a mask where all identified spots can be seen. You can preview the mask in the canvas and adjust the settings to your needs.


  • After Effects CS5 and up