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Color Shift

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Color Shift


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Color Shift

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Color Shift

Give your videos a new color palette

Give your videos some new colors with Color Shift by Haligonian. Color Shift allows After Effects users to remap hue, lightness, intensity, and more to a color gradient.

Shift that shift.

Transform your video’s colors into a new color palette.


Get Shifty

Color Shift lets you remap pixel values, such as Intensity or Hue, to a gradient.

How it works

Which part of the gradient is output to each pixel is based on the value of the “Input Range” for that pixel. There are 15 Input Range options to choose from, including light intensity, red component, alpha component, and many more.



Remap Input Range -> Gradient

The values of the selected Input Range (i.e. intensity, red, green, etc.) for each pixel are then remapped onto your gradient. For example, for the Intensity Input Range, a 50% gray pixel will output a color from the exact center of the gradient.

HDR Support

Color Shift supports 32bpc projects and HDR pixel values. You get to decide how HDR values behave by choosing from one of the three “Values Over 1” modes: Clamp, Wrap Back To 0, or Bounce.

Alpha Gradient

In addition to a color gradient, Color Shift allows you to have an alpha (transparency) gradient. By default, the alpha gradient handles are locked to the position of the color gradient handles, but they can be unlocked to enable you to give your videos a brand new alpha channel for all kids of practical and creative effects.

These also change what happens when you drag the Input Range Offset slider, which can cause values to exceed one, since it just adds or subtracts from the Input Range value for each pixel.



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