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CoreMelt StyleX

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CoreMelt StyleX


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CoreMelt StyleX

Video style transfer for Final Cut Pro X

Coremelt StyleX offers machine-learned grunge styles instantly applied in Final Cut Pro X.

StyleX: Grunge lets you instantly apply stylized textures and looks to your video in Final Cut Pro X using trained machine learning. It includes 50 pre-built styles that cover a range of looks from illustration styles, two tone printing styles, and grunge and graphic styles. The three included plugins yet you apply the styles in various ways while allowing you to mix back the original image, or pre-color correct before applying the style. Create softer effects by blurring only the style and mixing the original back, or more subtle effects by applying styles only to the highlights or shadows of video. StyleX: Grunge is Apple Silicon M1 native, but also works great on Intel Macs.

StyleX: Grunge can be very useful for Final Cut Pro X editors who wish to create title backgrounds, interesting transitions, unique looks for music videos or promo videos and anywhere else you want a stylized illustration look. The included Styles are much more than Look Up Tables (LUT’s), they add texture and change colors in ways that are content-based, not merely on the existing colors in the video.

Here is a quick visual introduction of what StyleX has to offer.

ALL CoreMelt System Requirements

Updated April 19, 2023

The latest versions of CoreMelt products are installed using the CoreMelt Manager. For older versions, see this support article.





PaintX 4
Lock and Load 4
Apple Intel or Apple Silicon-based computer with macOS Catalina (10.15) or later

V2 Plugin Set
Lock and Load 3
Apple Intel computer with Mojave (10.14) or later
*works on M1 computer when using FCP in Rosetta 2 mode

Host support

PaintX 4
Lock and Load 4
Final Cut Pro X 10.5.x or later
Motion 5.5 or later
V2 Plugin Set
Lock and Load 3
Final Cut Pro 10.4 or later
Apple Motion 10.4 or later
Premiere Pro CC2018 or later
After Effects CC2018 or later


Recommended for all plugins16 GB RAM (8 Minimum)


Recommended for all pluginsGPU supporting Apple Metal with 2GB VRAM or more
Quad-core processor or better
CoreMelt products may work on hardware that does not meet these requirements but performance may be compromised.

Please try a trial version first to check if they meet your requirements.

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