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Digimation The Archive Titanium Edition

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Digimation The Archive Titanium Edition
Digimation The Archive Titanium Edition

The world’s largest collection of high quality 3D content.

Digimation The Archive Titanium Edition is a huge collection of high-quality 3D content.  The Archive features 16,504 high-quality models across a wide range of subject matter.

Developing accurate models is one of the most time-consuming tasks in the creation of 3D graphics and animation. Using Digimation’s pre-built model libraries will save much of the time normally spent modeling.

The Archive includes 16,500 high-quality models across a wide range of subject matter; including more than a thousand digitized vehicles, highly detailed human anatomy, architectural landmarks, military vehicles, aircraft, 3D geography, and more. The low price of The Archive represents such a tremendous value that it may pay for itself on the very first job, and you’ll continue to save money each time you use it.

The Archive models are delivered in industry standard OBJ format making them compatible with virtually every production pipeline including modeling and animation programs like 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Modo and LightWave; game engines like Unity 3D, and compositing programs like Photoshop CC.


digimation archive car

Digitized (also referred to as scanned) vehicles provide a high level of detail and unmatched model accuracy; critical when a 3D model must stand in for a real world vehicle, or anytime absolute accuracy is important. The Archive is the world’s largest source of digitized vehicles (more than 90% of its cars and trucks are digitized). For less than you would pay for to scan a single vehicle, The Archive delivers more than one thousand.


digimation archive human

The Archive contains one of the widest assortments of accurate anatomical models available anywhere – almost six hundred in all – including data from the Visible Human Project®. Skilled modelers, in collaboration with medical experts, have spent thousands of hours developing The Archive’s 3D anatomy collection to be precise and beautiful.


digimation archive jet

Whether your projects focus on a single theme or tend to be more diverse, our 3D model libraries can provide just the content you need. Digimation model libraries allow you to license thousands of models at a time across a number of diverse categories at a much-reduced cost compared to purchasing the models individually.


Available in Windows or Intel Mac format.


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