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Layer Styles the Easy Way!

Dresser is the tool for editing applying and saving Layer Styles in After Effects. Save time twirling down layers in the timeline!

It will help you save more than 50% of your time when working with Layer Styles, by reducing a ton of clicks.

And with its built-in Preset Browser, it will make it easy for you to save and access your pre-made styles with customizable thumbnails.

More than 2x faster!

Dresser spares you a ton of clicks and twirling down menus when working with Layer Styles in After Effects. Making it save more than 50% of your time!

Start Using Layer Styles

Dresser will quickly become your Layers’ new personal stylist. It may actually make you want to use Layer Styles and its wonderful forgotten features!

Multiple Layer Support

But there’s more. The intuitive panel gives you some easy tools to quickly adjust, toggle and remove Layer Styles on multiple layers at once and keep your Layer Style properties in view while working with your layers.


Toggle/Show/Hide Layer Style(s) Group (on multiple layers)

apply layer style

Apply Layer Style(s) Group to all Targeted Layers (with Property Link)


Remove Layer Style(s) Expressions (from multiple layers)

delete layer styles

Remove Layer Style(s) Group (from multiple layers)


On top of it, l Dresser has its own built-in Presets Library with customizable thumbnails.

You can even use this for all your After Effects presets (.ffx) if you don’t like working with the native Effects & Presets panel. Or if you just want a more visual overview of your presets.

Happy with your Style?

Save a single Layer Style or a combination of Layer Styles as a Preset from within the panel. Dresser will automatically create a thumbnail. Or you can create one yourself from the current frame of your active composition.

Free Layer Style Presets included!

To get you started there are 100+ free presets included with your license (e.g. Gradients, Metals, Neomorphism, Neon…

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