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1.1 EmojiKit

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Download demos and trial versions, product documentation, free presets and more.


You may download a free Demo after logging in.


Create animated or still emojis with 1 click.

EmojiKit lets you create animated or still emojis with 1 click directly in After Effects.

Put the motion in emotion

Quickly add the most popular emojis to any After Effects emoji face after effects animation

EmojiKit gives you easy access to animated and still emojis in AE.
Add personality to existing projects, animate realistic UIs, or create something unique from scratch.

(did we mention it’s Lottie compatible?)


Each emoji can be used animated, still, or looping.

(watch all animations here

EmojiKit currently comes with over 50 emojis.

We picked the most used emojis around.



Shape layers only

  • Each emoji is made with shape layers, neatly organized into comps.
  • Keeping your project clean and the animations sharp.
  • You can even hand off the project to someone else without EmojiKit.

Lottie compatible

  • Each animation is made with shape layers and zero effects.
  • This means every animation from EmojiKit is ready for a Bodymovin Lottie Files export.

Free updates

  • We plan to grow the EmojiKit library, adding more emojis, styles, and animations in the future.
  • Existing customers will get free updates.


Can I edit emojis?

Yes. Once you add an emoji, you are welcome to hop into the composition and adjust the animation.

What about copyright?

Completely free! Unlike most emoji packs, these are free open source (thank you very much Twemoji).

Twemoji will accept a mention in a project README or an ‘About’ section or footer on a website. In mobile applications, a common place would be in the Settings/About section. We would consider a mention in HTML/JS source sufficient also.

The graphics are licensed under the CC-BY 4.0 which has a pretty good guide on best practices for attribution.

Can I distribute or sell the animations?

Not by themselves. But by all means, use EmojiKit as part of a project and make a fortune 🙂

Can I adjust skin tone?

Currently, EmojiKit includes the generic (yellow) emoji skin tone only.
Once an emoji is added to your project you can freely edit the color of each shape layer.

Can I add my own emojis?

No, EmojiKit does not allow adding custom emojis or animations. But you can customize the emojis from EmojiKit.

Will you add more emojis?

We plan to! Each animation we add takes time and resources.
The more EmojiKit licenses we sell, the more we’ll be able to support future updates – so tell your friends about EmojiKit!

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1.1  –  Jun 25, 2022

  • Fixed thumbnail loading error where emojis don’t show in panel.
  • Solved error 1195. Invalid image data.

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