Eye Scream Factory: 207 Designer Transition Presets for Boris RED and Avid FX


200+ Designer Transition Effects for Boris RED 5 and Avid FX 6

This first volume of Eye Scream Factory presets features 200+ designer transition effects ranging from extruded shatters, lens flares, lens blurs, caustics, and volumetric rays to organic wipes and waves. The customizable, cross-platform transition effects can be applied at any duration. Requires Boris RED v5 or higher or Avid FX v6 or higher.


Preset Video Gallery

  • Instant Effects.
    Easily preview and apply presets to host application video inside the Avid FX or Boris RED Library Browser. The graphical preset Library Browser makes finding your desired look a snap.
  • Completely Customizable.
    The preset effects can be customized and combined with other effects. Editors can then save new customized presets to the Avid FX or Boris RED Library Browser for future use.
  • Cross-Platform.
    The presets can be used with Boris RED or Avid FX as a standalone application or inside any Macintosh or Windows host application in which Avid FX or Boris RED is installed.
  • Multiprocessor-accelerated Lens Blurring Effects.
    Looks traditionally achieved by a camera lens aperture setting can be matched through simple Eye Scream Factory preset selections.
  • Wide Variety of Transitions.
    In addition to Lens Blur effects, Eye Scream Factory transition presets integrate extruded shatters, lens flares, caustics, volumetric rays, organic wipes, and waves.

These are presets for RED and Avid FX.

Requires Boris RED v5 or higher or Avid FX v6 or higher.

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