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Flowbox – Rental Options


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Rotoscoping & VFX platform built with collaboration in mind

Flowbox is a brand new Visual Effects software platform and Rotoscoping is our first tool. Our unique rotoDRAW, rotoSNAP and intelligent Ripple edit will speed up the most complex and difficult roto shots. Flowbox will help you quickly tackle the most challenging and time consuming shapes: organic, soft objects, clothes and hair.


What's new in Flowbox 1.7


Roto basics – your favorite roto-features at your fingertips

Create shapes with bezier curves, points, tangents. Control softness of your mattes with feather curves. Quickly control entire shapes with shape box.

RotoSTROKE™ – the smartest rotoscopy on the market

Stop dragging points one by one. Create, move and adjust your shape with strokes.  We've created an intelligent point distribution to optimize you shapes. Smart tangents which will follow your desired shape.

Let's make roto easy:

Intelligent Ripple Edit
Our Intelligent Ripple Edit analyzes both movement and rotation and allows you to refine your animation much more accurately.

Follow the Shape
Automatically follow selected shapes or points in a viewer – no matter if you have tracking data or not. Focus on your work without spending time on adjusting your view.

Nuke Export
Export you roto as a Nuke Roto container along with animation. Export Keyframes or baked animation for both closed and open shapes.


Create and animate mattes in seconds not minutes

  • Create mattes in seconds drawing them with rotoDRAW
  • Animate with rotoSNAP – complex hair detail? Clothing in the wind? No problem.
  • Intelligent Ripple Edit – wanna do a last minute fix? No worries – with our new algorithm it's gonna be perfect
  • Use fast point tracker or import tracking from Mocha Pro

Work faster than an expert with our LiveQC integrated workflow

  • LiveQC is a group of intelligently designed features that allow you to check the quality and output of your roto on the fly.
  • Multiple Viewers – for instant feedback
  • Follow Shapes/Points – to stabilize every element with or without tracking
  • Isolate Mode will help you focus on selected shapes
  • Lifetime Control – made visually
  • Power Display Settings – customize per action, how you want to see shapes and points.

Work fast and comfortably

  • If you work in Nuke, Fusion or in another node based system you feel right at home
  • If you work in AfterEffects or another timeline system then you will be suprised how simple our Nodes are to use
  • Our interface and platform is by far the simplest and easiest to use

Support Roto with our light Compositing nodes

  • Merge, Transform, Keyer, Grade, CornerPin, Blur, Invert, Premultiply

Fast export to other software in your pipeline or to your client

  • Export to Nuke and AfterEffects
  • Import tracking from Mocha

Current features:

  • rotoDRAW
  • rotoSNAP
  • Intelligent Ripple Edit
  • Point Tracker
  • Export to Nuke
  • Mocha Track import
  • Render mattes
  • License offline/online activation
  • Tablet/Wacom compatible

Included compositing features:

  • Blur
  • ColorCorrect
  • CornerPin
  • DifferenceKey
  • Gamma
  • Grade
  • Invert
  • Key
  • Merge
  • Posterize
  • Premultiply
  • Roto
  • Transform
  • Unpremultiply

Import/export image formats:

  • BMP
  • DPX
  • EXR
  • GIF
  • ICO
  • JPEG
  • PDF
  • PNG
  • SVG
  • TGA
  • TIFF
  • and more


You can combine x-spline type points with bezier points in one shape using flexibility of both at once! It works with rotoSNAP too! No more stresful decisions which type of spline will be good for your project. Just have fun working with shapes!


Flowbox MANUAL 01 - Welcome Screen and Settings

In this set of manuals/tutorials we will cover details of Flowbox. Window by window, panel by panel. First one is about our welcome screen.


Flowbox MANUAL 02 - Viewer

In this video: work area, magnifier, gizmo options, viewer options, measurement tools.


Flowbox MANUAL 03 - Viewer Panels

Flowbox gives you freedom in setting up your viewers like no one else. Learn how to manipulate viewer panels and make the perfect set up for your workstation.


What's new in Flowbox 1.7

New features:

  • Integrated Mocha Planar Tracker - mocha engine seamlessly integrated into Flowbox UI:
    • Added new tab in Roto node properties - “Mocha  Tracking” with parameters to control tracking process
    • Added corner pin operations context menu in the shapes tree
    • Added top bar with planar tracker controls including track backward/forward, track one frame backward/forward, strop track, clear track backward/forward, setting the track range
    • Added support for tracking area masks.
  • Performance
    • Completely rebuilt the process architecture - way faster startup times
    • Rewritten Roto Node for faster loading
    • Packages for all supported systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS) are now much lighter, approximately around 200mb after unpacking and installation.
  • Licensing
    • License Server - Flowbox now supports new license types: it  can be run with license for base Flowbox or for Flowbox with Integrated Mocha Planar Tracking
    • Perpetual licenses - from now you can buy Flowbox permanent license with or without Mocha integration.

Major bug fixes:

  • Startup issues - eliminated issue with Flowbox crashing during startup on  Windows system

What's New in Flowbox 1.6

New features:

  • F-Splines - new shape representation for ultimate flexibility: combine unique powers of Beziers and X-Splines in a single curve
  • Hard Edge Checker - will save the day when dealing with the motion blur
  • Pause Viewer - you can now freeze a selected Viewer to achieve real-time playback when using multiple Viewers
  • Crop - now you can crop your 4K plate to save memory and keep the best performance
  • Tracking Import - easy import Corner Pin from Mocha1 or Nuke2
  • Render to separate channels - split your roto into separate channels to save on rendering time
  • Multiple projects - you can open more than one project now. (experimental)

Major improvements to existing features:

  • Performance - way faster in loading nodes and playback
  • Ripple Edit - now possible to work on specific range
  • Floating License Server - installer for CentOS/RHEL 6+
  • Roto - added new output: “AlphaOnly”
  • Nodes/Viewer - universal pixelAspect support in various nodes
  • Viewer/Roto - added possibility to set (“K”) and delete (Alt+”K”) shape keys in viewer
  • Welcome screen - new panel with fresh news and tutorials for you

Major bug fixes:

  • Timeline/Rendering - problem when rendering frames with 7 and more digits
  • Export - wrong feather export to Nuke2

1Mocha is a registered trademark of Boris FX
2Nuke is a registered trademark of The Foundry Visionmongers Limited

What's New in Flowbox v1.5:

New features:

  • Multi-thread caching
  • Multi-thread background rendering near current frame
  • Export shapes to Adobe After Effects1
  • Track per folder/shape - copy transform from track and paste it to the roto directory with shapes or paste into separate shape
  • Nudge shape points with key arrows and modifiers (10px - SHIFT, 1px - ALT and 1/10px- ALT & SHIFT)
  • Hide shape when opacity is set to zero
  • Advanced display settings - customize roto shape visuals per action
  • Renaming nodes (double click on the name)
  • GUI Resize - real-time interface scaling for high resolution displays

Major improvements to existing features:

  • Shape isolation mode now isolates gizmos and renders only isolated
  • Rectangle selection now automatically selects either shapes or points
  • Add/Remove shapes to existing shape-box with SHIFT key
  • Track - Smooth interpolation between keyframes
  • GUI Resize - real-time interface scaling for high resolution displays
  • Stabilise selected shapes/points - now with independent pan and zoom
  • Various usability improvements

Major bug fixes:

  • Support for non-Latin character paths on Windows
  • Fixed crashes caused by quick point addition
  • Single image import via drag & drop
  • Curve Editor: fixed improper curve behavior when moving multiple curves at once

All major platforms supported:

  • Windows (64 bit, 7 and above)
  • macOS (10.11 and above),
  • Linux (CentOS/RHEL 6 and above)

Pipeline Compatibility:

  • Import mocha project (cornerPin from mocha in Nuke format)
  • Export to Foundry Nuke (Nuke roto node with animations)
  • Export to Adobe After Effects


  • CPU: x86-64 processor (like Intel Core 2 Duo or later)
  • Video Card: Minimum 1024 MB RAM, supporting OpenGL 4.0 and above
  • Hard Drive: 2.5 GB free disk space
  • RAM: Recommended at least 4 GB RAM

Flowbox Rotoscoping and VFX platform, Getting Started Series

This short series of Flowbox tutorials get you up and running, quickly and easily, with the Rotoscoping and VFX platform, Flowbox.