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Real-time - Global illumination, Area lights and realistic reflections

FurryBall is incredibly fast real-time GPU production quality UNBIASED and BIASED final frame renderer. FurryBall was specially created for purposes of CGI animated movies, VFX and movie rendering.


Users with Maintenance will get FurryBall RT automatically - Just log into AAA and you will find your FurryBall RT version here. You can just activate it.

FurryBall is an extremely fast rendering system using the processing power of your GPU instead of your CPU. FurryBall offers UNBIASED Monte Carlo raytracing (path trace - similar like CPU Arnold renderer), with real-time progressive preview in the viewport. Final frame rendering to multiple file format, layers and passes are obvious. FurryBall was developed for purposes of CGI animated movies, VFX and feature movie rendering. FurryBall RT is extra simple and easy to use for an artist - you can tune whole image quality with only a single parameter if you want.

GPU rendering doesn't load your CPU at all - much faster work on your system during rendering.

FurryBall RT can be used also like GPU preview render for Arnold render, because it supports Arnold standard material too -  almost all parameters are supported. Try these samples.

Each license comes with ALL THREE plugins (Maya, Cinema 4D, and 3DS Max) for free. FurryBall fully supports an unlimited number of  GPU in a single computer and also can be used like standalone renderer.

FurryBall was used by many productions since 2008 (Blizzard, Valve, Microsoft, Hydrogen Whiskey Studios, Nickelodeon, Xantus, WinSing, Cluster Studio, Moon Bites, WinSing, Pixals, Full Dimensional and much more.)

FurryBall is idea for Cartoon-like animation rendering.

FurryBall offers all required features and high quality as regular CPU renders.

What do you get?

You will get actually two incredibly fast renderers in one package. You can render your previz or cartoon in real-time with Fur, soft shadows, unlimited lights and textures, Displacement, SSS, AO, DOF, MB or Maya Fluids and Particles. You can fully customize HUD texts in render viewport for Previz playblast purposes. -Even in 3D stereo with many formats.

When you need uncompromising quality, you can just turn ANY of features to Raytrace and you will get Physically-based full global illumination unbiased photorealistic raytrace engine.
You can see render not only in real-time in your viewport, but you can of course render to image files, use different passes, and much more - just like with a regular final frame renderer.
One license package contains all three plugins for free Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max and Cinema 4D.
FurryBall is a complex rendering solution for your pipeline. FurryBall gives you complete artistic freedom. Save your time and money.

furryball 4k

Why use GPU?

  • Up to 3x-15x faster than conventional CPU ray tracing
  • Much cheaper (3x-15x less rendering units than CPU render)
  • Easy scalable (Multi GPU on single computer)
  • More artistic freedom (much faster results)
  • Less heating and electricity consumption (less rendering units)

Comparison tests

According our comparison tests GPU ray tracing with FurryBall is up to 3x-15x faster than CPU raytracers in same visual quality.

Why FurryBall?

Up to this date almost ALL GPU renderers have many technical problems and limitations (memory, texture number limits, output size, quality, lack of features), FurryBall deals with all of these:

You will get ALL THREE plugins for FREE (Maya, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D)

  • Unbiased and Biased rendering
  • Hair, Fur, Fluids, Particles, Displacement
  • Unlimited output resolution
  • Unlimited number of textures
  • Unlimited number of lights
  • Raytraced Physically-based full global illumination ray tracing
  • and much more

furryball hud
Fully customize HUD (Heads-up display) - for Previz playblast purposes


FurryBall RT vs. FurryBall 4.8

  • FurryBall RT is the latest and most advanced product replacing old FurryBall 4.8.
  • Because we have ready just Maya plugin now, we are offering with EVERY new license of FurryBall RT, also a license of FurryBall 4.8
  • More details and FurryBall 4.8 version in FAQ


  • We offer Permanent and Rental licenses.


  • With EVERY new FurrBall RT license you will also got FurryBall 4.8 license.
  • FurryBall RT license contains Autodesk Maya plugin
  • FurryBall 4.8 license contains plugins for Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D (Beta)
  • The licence is NODE locked (Hardware can be changed 3x per year)
  • The license DOESN'T require internet connection.
  • The license is allways per COMPUTER - number of GPUs in one licensed computer is UNLIMITED.

Maintenance and Upgrade Policy for FurryBall RT

  • We prepared new and clear policy for future updates and upgrades - fair for users, and sustainable for us, to bring always new features and keep FurryBall up-to-date for you.
  • In the future, there will be NO MORE versions. Just FurryBall RT and anytime we will develop some feature, update or fix we will release new build. (Internally for example 1.036, 1.067...)
  • When you purchase new FurryBall (or upgrade from older version) you will get free 3 months Maintenance subscriptions. In your Maintenace period, you can use any from new builds. When your Maintenace expired and you will not prolong it, your latest working FurryBall build will be the date of the end of your Maintenance.
  • You can prolong your Maintenace later (but not later than 6 months). After this period, you have tu buy upgrade.

Permanent (Regular) license

  • License never expires
  • With the license you got 3 months Maintenace Subscription. During this period you will get all new FurryBall builds (updates, fix, support) for free. After 3 months you can renew your Maintenace.
  • Unlimited number of GPU is supported
  • License is NODELOCKED (only rendering part)
  • License of FurryBall is PERMANENT and bound to MAC address of your network card. In case of any hardware problems or buying a new computer, you can change your license to different computer (but no more than 3x per year)
  • Include basic support over our forum.
  • more informations in FAQ

Rental license

  • Your license will be always up to date, but you will not own it.
  • During this period (1-12 months) all new FurryBall builds (updates, fix, support) for free (include Maintenance in fact).
  • Your license will stop working after rental period expires.
  • Your license can be prolonged as many times you want, when your rental expires.
  • Unlimited number of GPU supported
  • License is NODELOCKED (only renderong part)
  • License of FurryBall is PERMANENT and bound to MAC address of your network card. In case of any hardware problems or buying a new computer, you can change your license to different computer (but no more than 3x per year)
  • Include basic support over our forum.
  • more informations in FAQ


Rendering core

  • Asynchronous progressive rendering
  • 10x faster viewport response than FurryBall 4.8
  • Full Multi-GPU support - unlimited number of cards
  • CUDA OptiX based renderer
  • Direct rendering to viewport, render view, file, IPR, including render region
  • Playblast rendering supported
  • Biased and Unbiased rendering
  • Gamma correction
  • Shadow terminate fix 
  • Easy interface - Quality can be tuned by single parameter
  • Separate features
  • Tile rendering - unlimited output resolution
  • Multipass Depth of field with bokeh effect
  • Realistic Motion blur 
  • Ambient occlusion
  • Matte rendering with color matte
  • Environment fog, postprocess glow
  • Max ray intensity parameter

Standalone and Import / Export features

  • Import / Export from - Maya to Cinema 4D, Cinema 4D to Maya (all supported features include Particles, Fluids, XGen, Shave...)
  • Standalone rendering without home application

Physically-based full global illumination

  • Image based lighting - HDR support
  • Physically based lights
  • Unlimited light bounces
  • Raytraced refraction and reflections
  • Brute force pathtracing

Maya Fluids and Particles

  • Full support for Fluids and Particles
  • Krakatoa (partly support over export)

furryball fluids

Full 3D Stereo support (FurryBall 4.8 only)

  • Real-time preview in ANAGLYPH, SIDE BY SIDE, INTERLACED
  • Advanved 3D stereo tweaking utility (visualization of disparity, problematic disparity)
  • Render 3D Stereo in one EXR

Maya, Cinema 4D Hair, and Shave & Haircut

  • Fur textures, alpha, control maps, specular reflection
  • Vegetation shading option (normal map, translucency)
  • (Yeti coming soon, we hope)

Lighting and Shading

  • HDRI texture lighting
  • Spot, point, ambient, directional and area lights supported
  • Filtered shadows, variable penumbra (light size)
  • Raytraced shadows
  • Indirect lighting - raytraced
  • Object can be used as light source
  • Image based lighting, HDR support
  • Mesh light emitting, Environment light
  • Light sets


  • Polygon meshes
  • Maya Hairs, Shave&Haircut
  • Cinema 4D Hairs
  • Curves
  • Subdivision and Displacement (based on Open subdiv)
  • Vector Displacement
  • Maya Fluids
  • Maya nParticles and Particles
  • Instances (very optimized and fast)
  • Maya BiFrost (mesh rendering)
  • Maya xGen (splines and spheres only)

furryball hair

Fur, Hair and vegetation fur using alpha texture

furryball subD

Base, subdivided and displaced mesh


  • Layered material with alpha masks - unlimited layers
  • Raytraced SSS with texture blending into object
  • Advanced FurryBall material (anisotropic)
  • Advanced FurryBall hair shader
  • Almost Complete Maya Shader tree and utilities
  • Arnold standard material - almost fully supported.  Samples.
  • Basic support for some Mental Ray, Arnold, V-Ray materials
  • Cinema 4D basic material and light as well
  • Maya lambert, blinn, phong, phong E, anisotropic, Ramp
  • Raytraced refractions, reflections
  • Shadow catcher per object
  • Transparency exit color
  • Carpaint material with 2 specular and flakes
  • Displacement, Bump, Normal maps
  • Subsurface scattering (SSS) and translucency
  • Alpha (cutout) opacity
  • Edge fresnel effect
  • Toon shader
  • Ramp shader with texture support
  • Supports for layered textures and procedural 2d Maya textures
  • Image sequence textures
  • High resolution textures like CPU renders

furryball sss

Special FurryBall SSS with blending texture into object


  • Unlimited number of textures - up to 16K per texture
  • Substance procedural texture
  • Layered textures
  • Support procedural textures in Maya and 3DS Max
  • Support for all Maya image formats (PSD, tiff, tga, bmp, etc.)

Post-process effect

  • Real-time update without no need re-render image
  • Output Gamma, Material Gamma, Light Gamma
  • Exposure / Saturation
  • Simple Chromatic Aberration
  • Interactive post-processes (tune post processes without re-rendering) (Glow, Chromatic Aberration, Gamma, Color levels, 3-way color correction...)
  • Interactive post-process Noise reduction (The whole image compare)

furryball noise reduction


  • Multipass renering output
  • Including Depth, AO, specular, indirect light, reflection, normals, wireframe, diffuse, reflection, shadow, color matte and many more
  • Matte pass with unlimited color matte
  • Texture baking  - bake your scene into texture (Beauty, reflections, shadows, AO... and much more channels include UV, Normals..)
  • Maya render layers
  • 360° Spherical map camera
  • Shadow catcher material
  • Float, 32bit, 16bit, 8bit
  • UNLIMITED Output resolution (Tiles rendering)
  • Fully customize HUD (Heads-up display) - for Previz playblast purposes

furryball ao

Ambient occlusion pass

furryball particles

Maya nParticles



New in Version 1.5.4061 (September 17 2017)

Maya Plugin (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2016 Ext2, 2017, 2018)

  • Added support for Maya 2018

New in Version RT 1.4.4 (June 2017)

Cinema4D Plugin (R15, R16, R17, R18, R19)

  • Added support for C4D R19

3DS Max Plugin (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)

  • Added support for 3DS Max 2018

New in Version RT 1.4

  • Added new FurryBall Toon material with contours
  • Added support for texture in diffuse weight attribute of FurryBall Car Paint material
  • Some additional fixes

Maya Plugin (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2016 Ext2, 2017)

  • Added support for contours in Maya Ramp material
  • Added support for texture in position attribute in ramp attribute

Cinema4D Plugin (R15, R16, R17, R18)

  • Added support for Cinema 4D R18
  • Fixed fresnel for second specular in FurryBall Car Paint material

3DS Max Plugin (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)

  • Added support for export
  • Added support for baking into textures
  • Added support for Ink 'n Paint material
  • Fixed reflection color in FurryBall Car Paint material

New in Version RT 1.3

Release 1.3.3905 (march 2016)

  • Render speedup up to 30% (in some scenes drasticaly)
  • Added camera spherical mapping (360°)
  • Added support to use shadow catcher as transparency
  • Added auto near/far
  • Ignore selection sets when scene is loaded
  • Disable gamma for floating point textures and enable it for other (also for Dome light and environment)
  • Added support for solid alpha also without transparency enabled
  • Fixed shadow catcher when cast shadow on catcher objects is disabled
  • Some additional fixes

Because of some problems with previous graphics drivers versions, we recommend to use last drivers (353.62 or later)

Maya Plugin (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

  • FurryBall material improved in viewport 2.0

New in Version RT 1.2 (January 2016)

The main new feature we added to version 1.2 is the ability to export your scene to special FB format.  With this format you can easy import your whole scene, or just objects into Maya and Cinema 4D or just simply render the scene in your FurryBall RT standalone application.  Now you can use Maya Fluids in Cinema 4D or Cinema particle animation in your  Maya scene and much more.  Maya to Cinema 4D, Cinema 4D to Maya - It's easy and just simply works!

  • Added support to standalone rendering
  • Added premultiply alpha post process
  • Added support to use image alpha for alpha mask
  • Added support for selection sets
  • Some speedup in displacement & dome light analyze
  • Fixed memory leak during dome light analyzing
  • Fixed some bugs in bump maps
  • Because of some problems with previous graphics drivers versions, we recommend to use last drivers (353.62 or later)

Maya Plugin (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

  • Export into standalone format
  • Import from standalone format
  • User edited environment variables in separate file

Cinema4D Plugin (R15, R16, R17)

  • Export into standalone format
  • Import from standalone format


New In Version 4.8

Renderer engine - Standalone version

  • Added direct and indirect multipliers for diffuse and specular components
  • Added secondary reflection into FurryBall Material
  • Fixed bad pixels with Dome light

Cinema 4D (R15)

  • Added Cinema 4D beta plugin

New in Version 4.7

Version 4.7 includes two new methods for HDRI map sampling, HDR image format support, new Displacement map behavior and merging FREE and REGULAR LICENSED version into ONE installation file. The main new features we added are two new methods for HDRI map sampling, HDR image format support, new Displacement map behavior and merging FREE and REGULAR LICENSED version into ONE installation file.

Standalone version

  • Added support for HDRI lighting - 2 new faster methods
  • Added support for High dynamic range image preview option
  • Added low light intensity shadow rays threshold
  • Added transparency exit color or environment map (Transparent materials)
  • Added support for RGBE file format (.hdr)
  • Added only R channel support in OpenEXR file format
  • Fixed bump map value clipping
  • Some changes in FurryBall standalone application
  • Fixed car paint in layered shader
  • Fixed displacement normals
  • Changed displacement behavior (computed in object space - scale with object)
  • Fixed displacement in negative values
  • Fixed memory leak when raytracing geometry changed
  • Fixed alpha channel
  • Fixed hair random orientation
  • Fixed hair in indirect
  • Fixed texture sizes pass
  • Changed internet connection timeoutMaya Plugin (2010, 2011,2012, 2013, 2014)
  • Fixed refraction index computation
  • Fixed some network rendering bugs
  • Fixed rendering and cancelling render into file
  • Better support for layered materials with SSS
  • Fixed ray traced SSS
  • Fixed primary lighting pass
  • Fixed enabling/disabling textures in raytracing
  • Fixed objects with reverse normals
  • Fixed AO with alphamasked objects
  • Fixed shadow pass with supersampling or multipass multisampling
  • Fixed AO pass with multipass multisampling
  • Fixed reflection pass
  • Fixed car paint flakes in raytracing
  • Fixed bump map color gain
  • Fixed texture analyzator
  • Added asynchronous progressive rendering
  • Changes in Render node (Rays multiplier removed)
  • We removed "Ray multiplier" in version 4.5, so if you used it, please add more rays in each Ray section to achieve the same result like in version 4.
  • Fixed Convert to FurryBall light script
  • Fixed selection sets
  • Fixed gamma correction in output settings node

Maya Plugin (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)

  • Added support for Maya 2015
  • Added render statistics in render view
  • Fixed problem with restarting rendering in render view
  • Fixed Maya 2011 freezing while render to file
  • Instances loading speedup
  • Fixed refreshing in Maya 2014
  • Fixed normals update on smoothed meshes

3DS Max Plugin (2013, 2014, 2015)

  • Added support for Max 2015
  • Added unit scale (3DS Max scene is 10x smaller for FurryBall now)
  • ActiveShade refresh optimizations
  • Added support for object with same names
  • Added bump multiplier into FurryBall material
  • Added support for displacement map
  • Fixed material editor preview
  • Fixed some lights bugs
  • Fixed FurryBall material specular
  • Fixed render passes
  • Fixed updates GI node in ActiveShade
  • Fixed updates mesh when is created
  • Fixed environment map recomputing
  • Fixed render settings initialization
  • Fixed procedural textures updating
  • Fixed bitmap output settings

System Requirements

  • 64 bit - Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows Server, Windows 10
  • NVIDIA graphics card
  • On Apple OSX there is possible to run FurryBall with dual boot
  • Always use the latest drivers! (some older drivers can cause crashing of FurryBall)
  • NVIDIA GPU - CUDA capability 2.0 or later
  • NVIDIA GTX 4xx or later series
  • NVIDIA Quadro 4xxx or later
  • NVIDIA Tesla CM20xx

Supported Software

  • Autodesk Maya  64 bit  - 2011(hotfix 3), 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2016 Ext2, 2017, 2018
  • Maxon Cinema 4D 64 bit - R15, R16, R17, R18, R19 (R15.057, R16.050, R17.025, R18.015, R19.004) or higher
  • Autodesk 3DS Max 64 bit-  2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Standalone version

System recommendation - NVIDIA TITAN 6GB

  • We STRONGLY recommend at minimum 3 GB GPU memory  and at least KEPLER or Maxwell core (6xx, 7xxx, Titan series).
  • For serious work in bigger resolution, there is optimal NVIDIA GTX Titan or Titan X with 6 or 12 GB memory, or Quadro K6000 with 12 GB memory
  • More detailed info and  GPU Tips

Recommended hardware configuration for smooth working

  • i7 4-core or more core CPU for optimum CPU performance
  • 16 GB of system RAM
  • GTX TITAN, GTX 780 (Ti), GTX 980 (Ti), GTX 1080 or Quadro K5000, K6000 with the highest amount of video memory available (3-6 GB and more)

For more informations please reference Hardware FAQ.
Comparison of graphics cards is listed in GPU Benchmarks page.

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