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Glassbox BeeHive


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Glassbox BeeHive

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Glassbox BeeHive

Real-time collaboration, sync and review for Unreal Engine and Maya

Glassbox BeeHive is an all-in-one real-time change management solution for Unreal Engine and Maya. collaborative, virtual scene syncing, editing and review solution. Built to streamline collaboration and the real-time exchange of data between Unreal, Maya and cameras, Beehive lets you work as a team, whether on site or remotely to review and modify assets, troubleshoot lighting and FX, check your actors face and body performance in real-time, do scene modifications, or even build entire worlds from scratch for VR experiences.

Visualize and collaborate across your entire virtual production shoot with a collaborative, virtual scene syncing, editing and review solution built to meet the needs of today’s virtual directors, cinematographers and artists.

glassbox beehive workflowsFaster, automated virtual production workflows for filmmakers

BeeHive takes conventional iteration workflows for 3D content creation to the next level, by making familiar collaboration techniques more efficient, faster and real-time through the power of Unreal Engine. Enabling live modification of assets and visualisations in 3D, BeeHive removes the inefficiencies associated with manual import and export processes and streamlines the review and iteration process for real-time production.


glassbox beehive multi scene Powerful multi-scene syncing, editing and review

BeeHive removes the bottleneck of working in one instance of Unreal Engine by enabling collaborative working for entire virtual production teams across multiple workstations, even those connected remotely. Powerful multi-scene syncing, editing and review tools ensure your team can distribute work to maximise creative and computational efficiency, whilst still collaborating in real-time without losing or overwriting work.


glassbox beehive non destructive data managementNon-destructive data management and versioning

BeeHive provides a central database that saves project and version history for your end-to-end virtual workflow. Ensuring all users can view the history and properties of every asset in detail, and move between them without limitations, BeeHive’s non-destructive interface with Unreal, and Maya delivers the confidence of traditional data management workflows to real-time. BeeHive also delivers robust version handling, common to real world best practices and open for integration of existing studio frameworks.




BeeHive Features

glassbox beehive scene editing

Collaborative Multi-User Scene Editing

Allows multiple users to sync and edit the same scene across multiple instances of Unreal Engine on the same or different machines. BeeHive’s Multi-User Scene Editing functionality ensures every member of your virtual production team, no matter where they are in the world, can share and edit the same virtual world in real-time.


glassbox beehive interop

Cutting-Edge Unreal to Maya Interop

Allowing virtual production teams to test creative ideas and make changes on-the-fly in real-time, BeeHive’s live Unreal Engine to Maya interoperability let’s users visualize and work together on the same scene. Removing the time intensive import and export process currently slowing down virtual productions, BeeHive gives users the power to edit and make changes in Maya that are reflected live inside the engine.


glassbox beehive virtual camera

Integrated DragonFly Virtual Camera Workflow

Glassbox’s DragonFly brings the power of a virtual camera to a collaborative BeeHive Virtual Production session. With our streamlined workflow between tools, DragonFly’s Master Sequence Playback synchronizes to all users connected within a BeeHive session. Giving your whole team the same view as your DragonFly camera operator. And together DragonFly and BeeHive combine to provide real-time Version Control and Shot Tracking of DragonFly recordings (or takes) to ensure you never lose track of in-context recordings, even after your scene has been modified.


glassbox beehive user management

Flexible User Management Capabilities

BeeHive’s real-time user management tools include: Customisable User Avatars that allow multiple users to easily identify themselves, others and even virtual cameras, as well the changes made by each avatar inside the scene. While User Highlighting streamlines collaborative working by ensuring all team members can always see what others are working on or have selected.


glassbox beehive data management

Powerful Data Management Toolset

BeeHive’s database intelligently stores a complete Transaction History of all actions performed in each multi-user BeeHive session, whether from a connected Unreal or Maya user. Ensuring every modification is logged in real-time and is never overwritten, and that all changes to the scene will persist even after a user disconnects. Thanks to its internal Version Control system, BeeHive streamlines collaborative working allowing users to move between scene history states to visualize changes, and removing the downtime incurred with a traditional VCS.


glassbox beehive collaboration

Simple Host and Client Collaboration Set Up

BeeHive makes it possible for any user working in Engine to set up as the host of an active scene or virtual world, defining where the Transaction History for that scene is stored. Client Users can then join and leave the scene at will via a network connection without interrupting the active scene, ensuring a fast and efficient setup for collaborative working.




  • Unreal Engine 4.27 or 5.0
  • Maya 2019, 2020, 2021, or 2022
  • Windows 10, 64-bit
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
  • Intel i5 7th Generation CPU
  • 8 GB RAM


  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or above
  • Intel i7 7th Generation CPU or above
  • 16 GB RAM or above

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