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1.x.x Goodbye Greenscreen

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Goodbye Greenscreen


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Goodbye Greenscreen

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Goodbye Greenscreen

Artificial Intelligence-based plugin for background matting and keying

Goodbye Greenscreen is an Artificial Intelligence-based plug-in for background matting and keying without the need for manual masking or keyframing.

Note: Now available for Mac


Goodbye Greenscreen leverages the power of AI to make keying as easy and fast as possible. You can create mattes without any manual masking or keyframing.


Auto masking (new in v1.3!)

Create a matte from a salient foreground object. No manual clean plate, color selection, roto brushing, etc. needed!

Background Matting

Create a matte from a video and a clean background (download this test footage at the bottom of the page!)

goodbye gs originalclean plate


AI based color keyer

And as a bonus, it is also a powerful chroma keyer!

goodbye greenscreen


Limited Premiere Pro support

Color keying and automasking can be done in Premiere Pro.


  • Goodbye Greenscreen is a windows only plugin at the moment.
  • The AI is mostly trained to key out humans, so it may behave poorly on other objects.
  • 16bit rendering may produce artifacts, we are working on a solution.
  • GPU mode may be not as stable as cpu mode.


After Effects 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020
Premiere 2022, 2021, 2020

Goodbye Greenscreen for macOS

1.9.4 –  Feb 3, 2023

– fix bug which lead to crash for some preview resolutions

1.8.3  –  Oct 28, 2022

– support for Premiere Pro on Mac

1.8.1  –  Oct 25, 2022

– initial release for macOS

Goodbye Greenscreen for Windows

1.9.4 –  Feb 3, 2023

– fix bug which lead to crash for some preview resolutions

1.8.0  –  Sep 9, 2022

– add new automasking model (generic 2022)

1.5.1 –  Dec 7, 2021

– fix out-of-memory error on cuda

1.5.0  –  Dec 7, 2021

– support for arbitrary resolutions
– improve memory consumption and performance with mode “half”
– added uninstaller

1.4.0  –  Nov 1, 2021

– Compatibility upgrade to AE 2022
– Improved support for Geforce RTX 30xx cards
– Separated GPU version

1.3.0  –  Nov 1, 2021

– added experimental automask mode for object detection without clean plate
– premiere pro support for color and automask keying
– improved memory consumption on gpu
– installer bugfix

1.2.0  –  Feb 5, 2021

– better gpu stability
– visualization of detected matchpoints

1.1.0  –  Feb 5, 2021

– improved perspective matching
– experimental gpu support
– bug fixes

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