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Hawaiki Keyer

Professional greenscreen and bluescreen keyer.

Hawaiki Keyer 4.5 is a complete keying system, for green screens and blue screens, designed for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5, and Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, featuring two keyers in one, an innovative keying algorithm, a unique diagnostic toolset and unrivalled compositing options, all designed to help you get the perfect key with the minimum of guesswork.


New in Hawaiki Keyer 4

For Hawaiki Keyer 4 (HK4), we have rebuilt the matte extraction algorithm from the ground up to give you even better quality keys with even less effort.

And we've added a whole range of exciting new features to help you key even more accurately and with even greater finesse.

Screen Clean – NEW in Hawaiki Keyer 4.5

A sophisticated screen correction function that intelligently analyses the green or blue screen backing to remove defects and create an even screen, making most keys a lot easier to pull.

Hawaiki Keyer 4.5 Tutorial – Introducing Screen Clean

Two Keyers in One

Unique new feature that gives you a Primary and a Secondary keyer within the one plug-in. Tackle tricky problem areas much more easily while avoiding any compromise on the fine edge detail. The Secondary keyer section gives you all the same controls as the Primary with full control of the mask between the two.

Mask Tracking

A new tracking system gives you precise and powerful automated realtime tracking of the Secondary mask with the minimum of additional set-up and no need to pre-compute tracking data.

New advanced matte extraction algorithm:

Does more of the heavy lifting for you – clearing the backing and preserving edges while also giving those who need it more fine-grained control. In short, faster results and better edges, more easily.

BG Match

Background Match automatically adjusts the edges of the foreground to match the luminance of the background. So if a foreground pixel is darker than the background it will be brightened and if lighter than the background, darkened. BG Match can be used as an alternative or complement to Light Wrap.

Edge Replace

Allows you to replace the edge of the foreground with pixels further from the edge, synthesising new pixels to replace unwanted edge artefacts. Useful for dealing with a noticeable dark or light edge caused by excessive in-camera sharpening and chroma subsampling as well as the real world light wrap that is present in some shots.

Hawaiki Edge Tools

Edge Tools is a new plug-in which can be added on top of the main keyer module. Provides standalone Light Wrap and Edge adjustments – including the new Fine Edge, Edge Replace and BG Match operations – that can be used with any image with an alpha channel. For example you can use it with an HSV Keyer or use it on titles to create interesting edge effects.

Fine Edge

A new feature in the Edge Tools Plug-in, Fine Edge allows you to darken the outer edge and brighten the inner edge of the foreground’s semi-transparent (grey matte values) pixels. Quite sophisticated results can be achieve with a look that differs from the main Edge brightness. It is also more efficient.


Pre-Qualify now has separate views for the background and foreground mattes and matte black and white controls (replacing FG and BG separation) that work independently on each matte. Makes it much easier to isolate a correction to the foreground or background or correct both differently e.g use a hard foreground matte and a soft background matte.

Hawaiki Slice

A powerful new image analysis plug-in.

hawaiki slice 1 hawaiki slice 2


How does it work?

The plug-in comes complete with two separate Keying modules, Hawaiki Keyer 4.5 (Green) and Hawaiki Keyer 4.5 (Blue). Select whichever is appropriate for your background color: so for green screens select Hawaiki Keyer Green and for blue screens choose Hawaiki Keyer Blue. The operation of both versions is identical but each has been optimised for its respective screen color. For this reason not all the controls work precisely the same between the two modules.

Hawaiki Edge Tools and Hawaiki Slice can be used with either green or blue screens.

Check out the Manual for more details.


  • NEW in Hawaiki Keyer 4.5 is a sophisticated Screen Clean function that intelligently analyses the green or blue screen backing to remove defects and create an even screen, making most keys a lot easier to pull.
  • Hawaiki Keyer 4 features advanced GPU acceleration for blazingly-fast performance both for real-time playback and rendering speed.
  • Hawaiki Keyer's powerful and versatile matte extraction tools include a unique set of easily understood operations to tackle even the trickiest keying problems with perfect finesse and resolve exceptional edge detail.
  • And now with HK4 you can finesse your mattes even further with the unique new Secondary option, which gives you two keyers in one. Mask between the Primary and Secondary mattes and automatically track the position of the mask using the powerful realtime tracking option.
  • Hawaiki Keyer 4 offers an outstanding feature set for spill suppression, a powerful and unique edge control system, and a great-looking Light Wrap option, as well as several new VFX-level edge control features (Background Match, Edge Replace and Fine Edge) that are unique to HK4 and which you won't find in an other keyer.
  • An optional hard Outer Matte and a versatile Matte Cleaner option facilitate pulling a great solid matte without sacrificing the edges of your key.
  • An extensive set of view modes includes a precise Analysis mode, as well as two unique Pre-Qualify views, that make it easy to extract the perfect matte, while the Spill Map view makes for really precise and detailed spill suppression. Additional views allow you to monitor HK4's sophisticated edge control operations.
  • Finally, Hawaiki Keyer 4 offers a full color correction section to provide high quality, accurate grading of the final key, as well as a new White Balance option for correcting either foreground or matte or both.
  • And add to the finishing touch to a really great composite with Hawaiki AutoMatch, the best colour matching plug-in you can buy.

Read the manual here

Hawaiki Keyer provides a comprehensive set of view modes to make it easy to set up your key and refine the spill suppression.

hawaiki key menu


sourceThe Source view mode, as the name implies, lets you view your untreated original source image.


hawaiki blackThe On Black mode shows you the final key composited over a black background (with correct premultiplication) – this can be very useful for checking your key. Don't worry that your edges look a bit bright though – unless of course your final background will itself be very dark. You can if necessary correct the brightness of your edges with both the Spill Brightness and the very powerful Edge Control option – see below.


The default mode is Final Key which shows you the keyed image with spill suppression. Make sure to select this view when you have finished work on your key because this is the view that will get rendered.


hawaiki analysisThe powerful Analysis view shows you the current state of the matte, with orange representing the solid foreground pixels, blue representing the semi-transparent pixels (typically your edges), and black representing the fully transparent background.


hawaiki matteThe Main Matte view shows you the black and white matte without the addition of either the Core Matte or the Outer Matte (see below).


hawaiki coreThe Core Matte view shows you the optional hard matte for the Core, with orange representing the solid core, blue representing the edge pixels and black the transparent background.


hawaiki outerThe Outer Matte shows you the hard matte for the outer regions of the background, with red for the full transparent background pixels, overlaid over the full colour original source image.


hawaiki matteThe Combined Matte View shows you the result of combining the optional Core Matte and Outer Matte with the Main Matte. Like the Main Matte this is a grayscale view.


hawaiki spillThe SpillMap view shows you a grayscale representation of the pixels that will be affected by the spill suppression.


hawaiki despillThe Despill view shows you the unmatted source image after the spill suppression has been applied.


hawaiki edgeThe Edge Matte view shows you the fine edge matte that is used by the Edge Control feature for adjusting the brightness of your edges. What this view shows you is the matte itself and not the result. In the default Edge Control mode, the matte is grayscale, but if you turn on Gradient Qualify, the colors will change to purple for the Value A slider, and yellow for the Value B slider.


hawaiki light wrapThe Light Wrap view allows you to monitor the Lightwrap component on its own – in this case what you are seeing is the full color lightwrap and not just its matte, which makes it easy to assess the depth, brightness and saturation of the lightwrap before applying it to the final key.




What's new in Hawaiki 4.5?

Screen Clean

A sophisticated screen correction function that intelligently analyses the green or blue screen backing to remove defects and create an even screen, making most keys a lot easier to pull.

What's new in Hawaiki 3.0 Update – Overview

Objectives – For Hawaiki Keyer 3.0 (HK3), we went back and had a close look at our previous versions and realised that even though the core tech worked really well and produced great results, there was still more guesswork involved than we'd have liked – a problem common to many keyers and which can often be frustrating for users. So while we've refined the core algorithms and added some exciting new features, including the unique and extremely powerful Pre-Qualify option, the focus of this release has been about giving you the tools to reduce the guesswork so you can not only pull a better key but finish the job much faster. We've aimed to achieve this in a few different ways – by removing, reordering and renaming existing parameters, by providing more refined control of existing processes and by adding new and unique views that show both what you need to do and what you've done.

hawaiki keyer 3 screen 1 hawaiki keyer 3 screen 2

Improved matte extraction – Hawaiki Keyer has always been outstanding for the quality of its matte extraction, but with HK3 we've gone even further. Not only have we tweaked the keying algorithm for improved performance, we've also added a whole new set of options for 'pre-qualifying' the image prior to the matte extraction process. This means that it's even easier than ever to compensate for unevenly-lit green screens and restore foreground detail that is heavily contaminated with the background colour. With Pre-Qualify, we think you're going to be getting keying results as good as the very best keyers can offer – or perhaps even better.

Improved diagnostic tools – Hawaiki Keyer has led the way in tools that help you analyse your image to get the best possible key and spill suppression, but with HK3 we've sought to expand on that very considerably. The new and unique Pre-Qualify, RGB Max and Luma Map views help take the guesswork out of pulling a really great key. The new Spill Map and Spill Map Overlay views give you much improved analysis of the spill suppression process. Our aim has been to reduce the guesswork and make it much easier for you to get exceptional results, exceptionally quickly and easily, and you won't find these tools in any other keyer on the market.

White Balance – We've also introduced a new white balance feature that uses Hawaiki's state-of-the-art AutoGrade technology for really outstanding results. If your green screen footage is heavily biased towards a particular colour, it can sometimes be difficult to pull a key. With the new white balance option, you can neutralise any colour bias in the backing colour and/or correct the foreground image for a much more pleasing result.

Other improvements – Among numerous improvements and enhancements, we've improved the density tools, the matte refine tools, the Despill operation, the Light Wrap process, the Edge process, the Edge Blend process, and the Denoise process, as well as adding two new Auto options to the matte auto process. In addition, we've sought to streamline the toolset and simplify the way that it is presented to make Hawaiki Keyer easier to use and more understandable than ever before.

Hawaiki Keyer 3 Tutorial

What's New in v3.0:

Feature list

  • View Modes: New Swap option (with additional dropdown menu) for quick comparison of any two views; New views include RGB Max, Pre-Qualify, Luma Map, Edge Blend and Spill Map Overlay, as well as improved versions of Analysis and Spill Map.
  • Auto Target & Auto Edge: New Auto Target control to adjust the target density of the Auto process; new Auto Edge option helps maintain lighter foreground detail.
  • Refined Screen Density Controls: Knee controls for High & Low Density for greater accuracy and enhanced edge quality.
  • Pre-Qualify: New Pre-Qualify section intelligently targets foreground and background RGB balance for very high levels of matte refinement.
  • Black and White Clip Knees: New Black and White Clip knee controls allow for much more precise targeting of clip operations.
  • White Balance: New White Balance section uses Hawaiki's state-of-the-art white balance technology (from AutoGrade) to allow you to white balance either the foreground image or the matte process or both, with the choice of balancing from a white (grey value) pick or a skin tone pick.
  • Edge: Revamped Edge processing: Edge Transparency now uses the main edge matte, as does the new Edge Blur, so both can be qualified with a gradient. Edge Blend algorithm has been updated to produce a smoother blend.
  • Denoise: Improved Denoise options with Low, Medium and High settings.
  • Despill: New Auto Luminance and Auto Saturation options.
  • Light Wrap: Enhanced Light Wrap module with a choice of blend modes.

What's New in v2.0:


  • Optimisation of Matte Extraction Algorithm for truly outstanding mattes

New Modes:

  • New enhanced Auto Mode
  • New Pick Color Mode


  • Three new view buttons (Source, Analysis & Combined Matte) for quick comparisons
  • New dual view mode allows for side by side comparison of any two views

New Matte Controls:

  • New Screen Calibration control adds advanced fine-tuning option for optimising matte extraction
  • New extremely powerful Matte Cleaner option that addresses many matte tidying requirements
  • Clip Black and Clip White controls added to Matte section


  • New auto correction option to automatically balance the brightness of the despill to match the original source
  • New despill saturation option
  • RGB color controls for manual adjustment of the despill color

Advanced Compositing Tools:

  • RGB color controls for Edge Control option (for both A & B sides)
  • New Edge Transparency option
  • New Edge Blend option

View Options:

  • Invert Key switch
  • External Matte
  • Background

External Matte:

  • Option to input external matte with three compositing methods


This product requires Noise Industries FxFactory to run (Free Download).

Please refer to the FxFactory page for updated system requirements.  FXFactory Pro is a paid version with the same system requirements as the free version.

Final Cut Pro X 10.3.4 +, Motion 5.3.2 +, After Effects and Premiere Pro CC (2015.3) +

In Depth: Keying: Part 5: Hawaiki Keyer

As you may know, Green Screen Made Easy, 2nd Edition, which I co-authored with Jeremy Hanke, came out in October 2016. In the book, I go over the keyers, but because it’s in print, I’m limited to how much space I have. In this series, I’m going IN DEPTH on some of my favorite keying and compositing tools for After Effects and other hosts.