HY-FX HyColour PRO

HY-FX HyColour PRO
HY-FX HyColour PRO

Complete Colour Grading Tool

HyColour PRO is a complete colour grading solution for FCPX that avoids having to round-trip to Resolve or other grading tools.


Building on all the great features of HyColour, this ‘PRO’ version adds:

  • Compare Modes – compare your before and after in multiple ways
  • Masking – circular and 8 point freeform masks
  • Vignettes – white, black and keyframable
  • ProMist Filter – for that look of the past
  • Colour Tinting – start to develop ‘looks’ to your grading
  • Monochrome Filter – instant monochrome
  • Widescreen Filter – industry aspect ratios with image offset
  • Broadcast Safe Filter – outputting for broadcast? One click and you’re safe.

Recommended Video Resolutions
SD, 720p & 1080p. Supported but not extensively tested: 2k, 2.5k and 4k

System Requirements
Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6 and higher
OpenCL-capable graphics card or Intel HD Graphics 3000 or later.
256MB of VRAM (512MB of VRAM recommended).
OS X v10.6.8 or OS X v10.7.5 or OS X v10.8.3 or later.