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HY-FX HyColour PRO

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HY-FX HyColour PRO
HY-FX HyColour PRO

Complete Colour Grading Tool

HyColour PRO is a complete colour grading solution for FCPX that avoids having to round-trip to Resolve or other grading tools.

Building on all the great features of HyColour Lite, this ‘PRO’ version adds:

  • Compare Modes – compare your before and after in multiple ways
  • Masking – circular and 8 point freeform masks
  • Vignettes – white, black and keyframable
  • ProMist Filter – for that look of the past
  • Colour Tinting – start to develop ‘looks’ to your grading
  • Monochrome Filter – instant monochrome
  • Widescreen Filter – industry aspect ratios with image offset
  • Broadcast Safe Filter – outputting for broadcast? One click and you’re safe.

HyColour Pro Key Features

All your core exposure and colour tools in one placeW

Whilst FCPX is cool, the colour correction interface can seem clumsy and unfamiliar to new users. With HyColour you have access to all the core colour correction tools in one place. And if you’re a Lightroom or Aperture user, you’ll feel right at home.


  • White Balance with auto exposure compensation
  • Fine tune white balance with Warm Hue and Cool Hue
  • Overall Exposure control
  • Individual control over Highlights, Mid Tones and Shadows
  • Saturation Control
  • Change the overall bias of the image with Green-Magenta and Yellow-Blue
    (great for matching footage from different cameras after a multi-camera shoot)
  • Smooth controls. All of the sliders operate within real world limits.

The incredible one-click green cast removal tool

hycolour green castShooting under fluorescent light? It often leaves a green cast that can be hard to get rid of. HyColour’s one click removal tool works like magic!

Circular Masks

hycolor pro circular mask

Isolate part of your image with a circular mask, stretch and pull it’s shape and scale with the on-screen controls. Keyframe it’s properties. A dimming background helps you to position it precisely and a handy bright green border reminds you to turn it off before you render.

8 Point Freeform Masks

hycolor freeform maskAs an alternative, isolate your image using an 8 point freeform mask. Push and pull each point to fit your image. Keyframe it’s position, rotation and scale. It’s easy with HyColour PRO.

Compare Modes

You can view your grade in 6 different ways, and with the new Compare with Reference Mode, you can compare your current edit with any clip in the timeline or event library. Great for keeping consistency between shots.

  • Normal
  • Compare with Reference
  • Side by Side
  • Picture in Picture
  • Vertical Split
  • Horizontal Split

Grading Effects

As well as HyColour PRO’s primary tools for grading, a grab-bag full of secondary effects tools are included.

Vignette Filter

Switch between a light vignette and a dark vignette, use the on-screen controls for position and the keyframable controls for Amount, Scale, Softness and Tilt.

Pro Mist Filter

A timeless effect that’s easy to apply. One click and it’s on, with a slider for application level.

Colour Tinting Filter

Start to use HyColour PRO to create your own ‘looks’. Colour tinting is essential for this. HyColour PRO makes it simple. Use the RGB sliders or for even more extensibility, use the system colour picker.

Instant Monochrome Filter

It can’t be simpler! Speed is the essence here. Use it to experiment.

Widescreen Filter

Simulate that widescreen cinema look with industry standard aspect ratios and an offset control to precisely postion your footage within the new aspect ratio.

Broadcast Safe Filter

Outputting for broadcast? One click and you’re safe.


Check out this in-depth tutorial on the PRO features of HyColour PRO. This is for version 1.0 of the plugin. The additional features of version 1.5 are covered in a separate tutorial.

Recommended Video Resolutions

  • SD, 720p & 1080p, 4K UHD. Not yet compatible with 4K DCI.

System Requirements

  • Final Cut Pro X 10.1.3 and higher – including FCPX 10.3 and Sierra.
  • OpenCL-capable graphics card or Intel HD Graphics 3000 or later. GeForce graphics card recommended for optimum performance.
  • OS X v10.9.2 or later, including Sierra.

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