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v3.0 KBar

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Kbar for After Effects

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Customizable toolbars for After Effects CC

KBar lets you create one-click buttons for just about anything you want do in After Effects.  Build fun, sleek, customizable toolbars with a slick and easy UI. For Adobe After Effects CC 2019 and above.

Create custom toolbars unique to your workflows. Save time and clicks by putting your most used effects, presets and more at your fingertips. Multiple toolbars let you switch between different tasks and keep your productivity up. Focus on creativity, not digging through menus.

What’s in KBar3?

  • Fun and colorful toolbars
  • Slick and easy to use
  • Shareable with others (NEW)
  • More button types (NEW)
  • Make up to 4 toolbars (with keyboard modifiers!)
  • Bulk import and export buttons (NEW)


khanyu kbar icons

khanyu kbar uiSlick and Easy UI

  • Drag and drop reordering
  • Switch between toolbars
  • Snap to the left or right edge of AE for vertical mode
  • Open up to 4 toolbar windows at once
  • Make buttons do more with keyboard modifiers

khanyu kbar buttonsLots of Button Types

khanyu kbar customizableFun Ways to Customize

  • Text labels including emoji’s
  • Pick from 600+ Icons
  • Use your own PNG or SVG files
  • Adjust the size and spacing


KBar Integration Guide

If you’re an author and want your scripts to work with KBar checkout the integration guide.

After Effects 2022, 2021, 2020, CC 2019

 3.0.0  (Current version)  –  Aug 7, 2022

2.0.8 –  Aug 12, 2021

Bug Fixes:
– Some users were seeing firewall issues at startup

2.0.7  –  Jul 24, 2021

Bug Fixes:
– Adding support for AE 18.4 and the recent AE Beta

2.0.6  –  Jun 14, 2021

Bug Fixes:
– Addresses a small issue introduced in 2.0.5 when activating the product on a new machine.

2.0.5  –  Jun 11, 2021

Bug Fixes:
– URL’s for help buttons were previously broken
– Some customers were having licensing issuesOther changes:
– Scriptlets and script file buttons can access JSON and AEQuery from the kbar variable.

2.0.4  –  Sep 29, 2020

Bug Fixes:
– SVG Icons now work in AE 17.1.4
– Purge “All Memory & Disk Cache…” works without needing to remove “&” from command

2.0.3  –  Apr 24, 2020

– Works with After Effects Beta

2.0.2  –  Mar 3, 2019

Bug Fixes:
– Users were being told to upgrade when they already had the latest version.
– Some users were seeing startup errors related to “setDate”. This has been addressed.

2.0.1 – Feb 5, 2019

Fixes a bug where migrating from KBar1.1 to 2.0 didn’t properly update the toolbar file.

2.0.0 – Feb 1, 2019

Initial Release

  • Open multiple toolbars at once
  • Keyboard modified buttons
  • Custom toolbar file location
  • Clone buttons with shift+drag

KraftyFX KBar for After Effects Overview Tutorial #gettingstarted

Learn how easy it is to make fun, sleek, customizable toolbars in After Effects with this KraftyFX KBar overview tutorial.


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