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v2023.1 KeenTools GeoTracker

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KeenTools GeoTracker


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KeenTools GeoTracker for NUKE

You may download a free Demo after logging in.

KeenTools GeoTracker

Nuke node for model-based single view object and camera tracking

GeoTracker is a plugin for Foundry Nuke that can be used for tracking rigid and deformable 3D models without the usual hassle associated with a match-moving job. No tracking skills are needed!  GeoTracker makes tracking tasks much easier, so what usually have been done by a team of motion-tracking specialists can be done by one of them and with less time. More than that, compositing artists could easily become tracking pros using GeoTracker, reducing the pipeline complexity.

You can download Nuke projects and assets displayed in the showreel on KeenTools Example Page.


Accurate & Fast Tracking

Our passion is to bring latest achievements of the scientific world to the production pipelines, meaning you have the best algorithms and approaches at hand when you use our tracking plugins. Speaking of the speed, we can’t guarantee you the realtime tracking, but we are really close to it, so you wouldn’t wait long.

Simple Model Placement

Our pin-based model positioning approach we invented for PinTool have proven its effectiveness and handiness over time, so we decided to stick with it in GeoTracker.

Tracking Of Rigged Models

Sometimes you need to track deformable 3D models. GeoTracker can help you with such tasks as well. You can also lock bones to restrict their movements. To import rigged models into Nuke you can use our free ReadRiggedGeo node.

Camera Tracking

One of possible uses of GeoTracker is camera tracking. If you have a static object in the scene, you can track it and then you have a track of a camera.

Magic Keyframe

In pursuit of reducing the amount of work for our users, we added the Magic Keyframe function. It automatically aligns the model on the given frame. You can just place the model roughly, hit the button and then it will be positioned with the maximum precision possible.

Focal Length Estimation

GeoTracker can also estimate the focal length of a camera when it’s unknown. It can not only help you with tracking objects in footages filmed with unknown cameras, but also complement camera tracking results with focal length settings, even if it was changing over the filmed sequence.

User Tracks (Helpers)

GeoTracker can improve its own tracking quality using tracking data from other trackers. For example, you can import tracks of Nuke’s built-in Tracker node.

Surface Masks

You can mask out some polygons of the 3D model that you want to exclude from tracking. For example, some moving parts, windows with lots of reflections or displays with changing content, so they will not confuse GeoTracker.

Feels Like Built-In

Our plugins are written with C++ using low-level Nuke API. So you can be sure you’re working with tools with native-like experience.

Nuke Indie support

All our nodes including FaceBuilder are available in Nuke Indie. You need to install the 12.2v4 version of Nuke and 2020.1 version of KeenTools package or newer. There are no functional limitations compared to the standard Nuke.

GeoTracker FAQ

Do I need a model to perform tracking?

Yes, you need a model of an object or a scene to perform tracking.

Should the model fit the scene perfectly?

No, it shouldn’t. But the better model you have the better results you obtain from every key frame.

How detailed should the model be?

The model should fit the scene. Minor details aren’t very important and could have negative impact on tracking performance.

Do I need a motion capture rig to make it work?

No, GeoTracker can match the model movement on already filmed shots.

What if the object in the scene has semi-transparent or reflective parts?

You may use 3D surface mask to exclude semi-transparent or reflective parts from tracking process.

What if the object I’m tracking is partially overlapped?

If the overlapped area is relatively small GeoTracker will handle it. Otherwise you may use a 2D mask to exclude overlapping from tracking process.

What’s the output of GeoTracker node?

GeoTracker’s output is the transformed input geometry.

Do I need GeoTracker installed on every machine in my pipeline?

No. As soon as you’ve done tracking you may export the results as a usual Nuke node (TransformGeo or Camera node) to pass them to other machines.

How to export tracking results?

You can export the results as a TransformGeo or a Camera node on the results tab.

How to export tracking results to other software?

You can use WriteGeo node to export geometry with its transformations.

Does GeoTracker work in Nuke Indie?

Yes! Starting from the 12.2v4 version.



The Foundry Nuke 12, 12.1, 12.2, 13, 13.1, 13.2, 14

KeenTools for Nuke 2023.1 (07 March 2023)

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

KeenTools for Nuke 2022.3.0 (18 December 2022)

  • Added support for Nuke 14 (classic 3D nodes)
  • Minor fixes and improvements

KeenTools for Nuke 2022.2.4 (28 November 2022)

  • Better unicode support
  • Fixed user tracks in FaceTracker and GeoTracker
  • Minor fixes and improvements

KeenTools for Nuke 2022.2.0 (3 August 2022)

  • FaceBuilder can reconstruct faces with finer details
  • Added MetaHuman-compatible UV layout
  • GeoTracker, FaceTracker: added transform handles in 2D
  • FaceBuilder, FaceTracker: fixed align face for anamorphic footage and translated cameras
  • Nuke 11 support removed
  • Many minor fixes and UI tweaks

KeenTools for Nuke 2022.1.1 (14 April 2022)

  • Nuke 13.2 support
  • Minor fixes

KeenTools for Nuke 2022.1.0 (6 April 2022)

  • Regularisation improvements in FaceBuilder and FaceTracker
  • Fixed anamorphic lens support in FaceBuilder
  • Fixed scaling in export
  • Pins can be toggled
  • Improved tracking workflow when there are not enough features
  • Fixed exporting bugs
  • Improved Align Face behaviour
  • Minor UI tweaks
  • ‘Output transformed geometry’ in FaceBuilder is now deprecated
  • 2D-masking in GeoTracker is now completely strict
  • General performance improvements
  • More stable Hardware ID in License Server


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