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1.2 KeyFast

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Powerful one-click shortcuts to give you more time & less boredom

KeyFast is loaded with 1 click animations and commonly used shortcuts. Animate an entire scene with a few clicks (no graph editor needed).

Apply animations with auto eased keyframes on multiple layers at once (with 1 click).

Trim Paths, slide, scale, or rotate multiple layers (automatically with easing). Stagger layers. Better yet, stagger keyframes… or align them. Copy/paste keyframes on multiple layers, ease every keyframe in your entire comp with a click, and a whole lot more!

Essentially, KeyFast does all the repetitive stuff, leaving more time to animate the fun stuff. (It’s so easy, your mom could do it!… Seriously.)

Main features:

  • Trim Paths on and off (on multiple layers)
  • Stagger layers up or down
  • Stagger keyframes up or down
  • Align keyframes (on multiple layers)
  • Copy/paste keyframes (on multiple layers)
  • Ease specific keyframes (or all of them) with 1 click
  • Slide layers in any direction (with automatic easing)
  • Rotate layers left or right (with automatic easing)
  • Ease all keyframes on selected layers
  • Fade layers on and off
  • Add overshoot to any KeyFast button

Additional features:

  • Time reverse keyframes
  • Change trim path direction
  • Center anchor points before rotating
  • Center anchor points before scaling
  • Eliminate those annoying path handles with linear keyframe easing
  • And more!

Intuitive control:

  • Hover over any button to see what it does
  • Customizable settings (like ease, overshoot, and sliding values)
  • Quick popup panels (to adjust settings in a second)
  • Command and shift hotkeys (for precise control)
  • A quick start guide (that will walk you through your first time using KeyFast)
  • Adjustable button layout (horizontal or vertical)
  • A compact panel (that fits in tight workspaces)
  • And more

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1.2 –  Jan 23, 2021

– KeyFast button images are now embedded in code. (for easier installing)

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