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Kilohearts Phase Plant
Kilohearts Phase Plant

Imagine the possibilities

Kilohearts Phase Plant, A sound designer’s dream come true!

Phase Plant is a multi-award-winning, semi-modular softsynth developed for music producers and sound designers. With a unique combination of top-quality processing, creative freedom, and an intuitive workflow you will be creating amazing patches in no time. Explore limitless combinations of generators, modulators, and effects to discover and refine your own original sound.

Now with Granular! Introducing Phase Plant’s new Granular Generator

Update now and you will find the new Granular Generator available within the generator section of Phase Plant. This fully-featured, yet simple to use, granular synthesis engine can be loaded with any sample you like and benefits from all the usual advantages of being integrated into our award-winning modular synthesizer.

Go ahead and load up multiple Granular Generators in one patch, then combine them and cross-modulate them with any of the other available generators to create captivating and diverse sounds. And that’s before you even think about adding effects and modulation.

Phase Plant Features

Build the Synths of Your Dreams

Phase Plant’s open modular architecture gives you the freedom to design anything from compact synths to complex evolving patches within an ecosystem that is fun and intuitive to use. Combine as many generators, modulators, and effects as you need to create your own unique sounds with precision and ease.

Superior Signal Generation

Choose from regular waveforms, wavetables, samples, and noise for your source sounds. Make use of an extensive selection of factory wavetables or design your own with Phase Plant’s advanced Wavetable Editor. Start with solid foundations to create original layers and combinations of sounds within one synth.

Essential Effects Included

Phase Plant comes with Kilohearts Essentials, a large range of useful effects plugins. These are all available as Snapins to be combined and modulated as you desire in Phase Plant’s three effects lanes. Keep all your FX processing right inside Phase Plant and baked into your presets. Premium Effects are available to buy separately to further bolster your sound design capabilities.

Mind-Blowing Modulation

Phase Plant’s unique modular modulation section allows you to connect modulators and utilities in an infinite number of combinations for ultimate control, or ultimate chaos. Whether it’s ultra-precise envelopes and LFOs you need or wild randomization for unpredictable generative jams… Phase Plant has you covered.

FM from A to Z

Unleash the true potential of audio rate modulation with the power to cross-modulate (and even self-modulate) volume, frequency, and phase between all signal generators. Explore new and unusual tones and textures for your productions.

Express Yourself with MPE

With all those effects and modulation available, why wouldn’t you want to get expressive with it? MPE compatibility allows you to control not just the notes and velocities but fine pitch, pressure, and timbre too, which means you can really play those presets with unprecedented levels of articulation and variety.

Created by Experienced Developers

At every point in the signal chain, all our software is optimized for the highest quality audio generation and processing with the lowest possible CPU load. For professional music production and sound design, you won’t ever have to worry about shortcomings in sound quality again.

Fantastic Factory Content

All our plugins come loaded with a broad range of factory presets from some of the most highly-regarded sound designers in the game. Whether you’re in need of a solid starting point to customize and make your own, or just love to reverse-engineer incredible patches to learn exactly how they work, you will find just what you need in the presets folder.

Lifetime Free Updates

Once you buy a license for any Kilohearts plugins you will get all future updates for free. We won’t charge you a penny for new versions. And we will continue to improve all our software with new features and OS compatibility, which means that investing in Kilohearts software is a very sensible move for the serious sound designer.

And, in Phase Plant, that shows.

With hundreds of factory presets by renowned sound designers such as Rob Swire (Pendulum, Knife Party) and Francis Prevé you’ll quickly grow to love the diversity of Phase Plant. Get started creating your own sounds. Then, you’ll understand why Phase Plant is the favorite tool in the arsenal of artists such as Zomboy, Noisia, and Netsky, even before it has been released!

My favourite new plugin. Endless possibilities and a very clever UI. The wavetable editor is gonna change the game.

We want you to understand how things work, and what better way to learn than by assembling your own creations from scratch? Phase Plant loads with an empty patch so you are free to add any components you desire, as you need them.

Kilohearts Phase Plant

Kilohearts Phase Plant Features include:

  • Analog oscillator
  • Wavetable oscillator
  • Sampler
  • Advanced noise generation
  • Phase Modulation, Linear and Exponential Frequency Modulation, and Ring Modulation between generators
  • Use any number of generators in any order
  • Any number of LFOs, Envelopes, and other modulations
  • Compatible with all Kilohearts snapin effects
  • ~300 expertly-crafted factory presets
  • Advanced onboard Wavetable editor
  • Quick and creative to work with
  • Grouping, minimizing, and much more…

To get the most out of Phase Plant, we recommend that you get it bundled with the Kilohearts Toolbox, which is chock-full of creative effects.

In this track, all synth sounds apart from the drums are made from scratch in Phase Plant, with a rare modification of an existing preset.

I love how incredibly flexible and powerful this synth is. There are many sound engines under one hood, and the amazing snapins which are pretty incredible on their own. Creating compelling and original sounds is easy as a breeze, and it can serve novice and pro sound makers alike. Cannot recommend enough.

Operating system*PC or Mac (M1 Native supported)
*Kilohearts recommend keeping up to date with OS versions as they become available. We are not able to support OS versions that are no longer supported by their respective manufacturers. If you are using an outdated OS please try our free trials to ensure compatibility before making any purchases.

Kilohearts doesn't support Linux natively but they mention that LinVST is a working wrapper.
CPU2 GHz or faster
Memory1 GB or more
Host SoftwareAny DAW supporting VST 2, VST 3, AAX, or Audio Unit plugin standards. All plugin formats in 64-bit only.
Kilohearts plugins don't require much to work, but they recommend the following:
Kilohearts Phase Plant Sound Design for Dance Music

Kilohearts Phase Plant Sound Design for Dance Music

Create some cool dance music with Kilohearts Phase Plant's 4 signal generators and modular modulation sources with demo artist Kevin Ochoa.


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