1.8.5 Kilohearts Phase Plant

Kilohearts Phase Plant
Kilohearts Phase Plant

New Era Synthesis

Kilohearts Phase Plant, A sound designer’s dream come true!

Whether you have just installed your first DAW, or you’re looking for inspiration to follow up that award-winning single you produced last year, or you’ve been tasked with creating the sound of a hot broadsword slashing through the ice for an online game, we have what you need. While many companies limit your options in fear of users creating bad sounds or causing performance issues, Kilohearts always believed our users to be the best judges of what works.

And, in Phase Plant, that shows.

With hundreds of factory presets by renowned sound designers such as Rob Swire (Pendulum, Knife Party) and Francis Prevé you’ll quickly grow to love the diversity of Phase Plant. Get started creating your own sounds. Then, you’ll understand why Phase Plant is the favorite tool in the arsenal of artists such as Zomboy, Noisia, and Netsky, even before it has been released!

My favourite new plugin. Endless possibilities and a very clever UI. The wavetable editor is gonna change the game.

We want you to understand how things work, and what better way to learn than by assembling your own creations from scratch? Phase Plant loads with an empty patch so you are free to add any components you desire, as you need them.

Kilohearts Phase Plant

Kilohearts Phase Plant Features include:

  • Analog oscillator
  • Wavetable oscillator
  • Sampler
  • Advanced noise generation
  • Phase Modulation, Linear and Exponential Frequency Modulation, and Ring Modulation between generators
  • Use any number of generators in any order
  • Any number of LFOs, Envelopes, and other modulations
  • Compatible with all Kilohearts snapin effects
  • ~300 expertly-crafted factory presets
  • Advanced onboard Wavetable editor
  • Quick and creative to work with
  • Grouping, minimizing, and much more…

To get the most out of Phase Plant, we recommend that you get it bundled with the Kilohearts Toolbox, which is chock-full of creative effects.

In this track, all synth sounds apart from the drums are made from scratch in Phase Plant, with a rare modification of an existing preset.

I love how incredibly flexible and powerful this synth is. There are many sound engines under one hood, and the amazing snapins which are pretty incredible on their own. Creating compelling and original sounds is easy as a breeze, and it can serve novice and pro sound makers alike. Cannot recommend enough.

Phase Plant – PDF manual

These are the minimum recommended system requirements for running Phase Plant.

2 GHz or faster
1 GB or more
Operating System
Windows (7 or newer) or Mac OS X (10.7 or newer)
A DAW supporting VST 2, AAX, or Audio Unit plugin standards.

If you have many instances of Phase Plant running or use a lot of snapins at the same time in your patch the CPU usage will increase accordingly. Thus, we cannot guarantee that Phase Plant will work flawlessly in all use cases even if your system does meet the minimum recommended system requirements.

The versions of the plugins installed via the Slate Digital installers, like other Slate Digital products, use the iLok licensing scheme. If you are using these versions, an iLok (USB dongle or iLok cloud) with a valid license from Slate Digital is required to use the plugins.

Kilohearts Phase Plant Sound Design for Dance Music

Create some cool dance music with Kilohearts Phase Plant's 4 signal generators and modular modulation sources with demo artist Kevin Ochoa.