LAUBlab Q-Parquet | MATERIALS-01


LAUBlab Q-Parquet | MATERIALS-01
LAUBlab Q-Parquet | MATERIALS-01

126 Mats | 500 tex @8k

The library “Q-Parquet| Materials 01” contains 126 unique parquet materials, handcrafted for Corona C4D & V-Ray for C4D, with 500 8k textures for all materials!

Every Material includes Diffuse (Albedo)/reflection color, glossy, normal and displacement maps. The library is have materials in following categories: french chevrons, herringbone and parquet. Included are 500 textures, all in 8k native resolution, that can be used directly in Corona for C4D and V-Ray for c4d. In addition we now also include ready to use .lib4d files to use in the MAXON Cinema4d content browser for easy use.

The 500 included 8k Textures itself can be used in any common 3d program or render engine, as well as in Unreal or Unity (on request we can provide low res variants in 4k or 2k for game engine use).

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Handcrafted for Corona C4D & V-Ray for C4D