Letsmotion Storyboard Pro

Letsmotion Storyboard Pro


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Letsmotion Storyboard Pro

Letsmotion Storyboard Pro is an After Effects extension that lets you create storyboards directly in After Effects.  Storyboard Pro is ideal for independent storytellers, studios, agencies, schools and students, videographers and video production teams.



letsmotions storyboard pro add shotsAdd shots, Cameras and More

There are lots of different options that you can set for each scene or camera. You can select the image, description, shot type, shot size, subject, frame rate, lens, duration, camera movements, sounds, and more.


letsmotions storyboard pro exportExport and Import

Export storyboards into different formats which can be shared and easily re-imported.


letsmotions storyboard pro importImport Photos

Import photos and manage them in an easy to use interactive UI. Next, see the final result in After Effects.


Apply to After Effects

Hit the apply button and everything will be imported in After Effects. All the scenes will be synced. Each scene retains the specified details and you can place your final footage there.

letsmotions storyboard pro apply to ae


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