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Magix Music Maker

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Magix Music Maker
Magix Music Maker

Sound right from the start

Want to make your own music, but have no experience with music software? With Music Maker, you don’t need to be an expert to create music. The clear and easy-to-use interface with powerful features and AI support puts creativity at your fingertips. MUSIC MAKER lets you build your own tracks and beats in any style or genre. It’s fast. It’s flexible. And it doesn’t take any experience to get you started. In fact, you’ll get amazing results faster than with any other music production software.


Step 1: Mix and match loops

Get inspired by a huge selection of loops and samples from any genre, tweaked to work perfectly in your tracks. Simply drag and drop sounds into the mix and enjoy making music from the get-go.

Step 2: Create your own style

Set the music that’s in your head free: With Music Maker, you’ve got all kinds of sounds at your fingertips. From mighty drums and synthesizers to realistic instruments, it’s a complete music studio!

Step 3: Take it to the next level

Record your own vocals, quickly sketch out a section or create entire songs with one click. Music Maker’s creative effects and powerful mixing features enable you to get your sound right on point.

What’s the Difference?

Music Maker Plus

  • All free Music Maker content
  • NEW! Massive beats and even more content: Beatbox Pro
  • NEW! New, flexible interface for a streamlined workflow
  • NEW! Create songs faster: In-app tutorials
  • Freely selectable: 1 Soundpool, 1 Soundpool Collection
  • Analog Synths (VITA Instrument)
  • Tiny Percussion Shaker (Tiny instrument)
  • Multicore audio engine with 64-bit support
  • Producer Planet in-app: Access to high-quality content


Music Maker Premium

  • All free Music Maker content
  • NEW! Produce with artificial intelligence: Song Maker AI
  • NEW! Massive beats and even more content: Beatbox Pro
  • NEW! New, flexible interface for a streamlined workflow
  • NEW! Create songs faster: In-app tutorials
  • Freely selectable: 3 Soundpools, 1 Soundpool Collection
  • coreFX Delay, AM|Track, Vintage FX Filtox, Orange Vocoder ME
  • DN-e1, Bass Machine, Analog Synths (VITA instruments)
  • Tiny Percussion Shaker (Tiny instrument)
  • Multicore audio engine with 64-bit support
  • VST bridge for 32-bit plug-in support
  • SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12

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It’s easy: Mix and match loops

With Music Maker you can explore the endless variety of Producer Planet Soundpools from directly within the app. Get inspired by a global community of music producers, and find new ideas in genres from deep techno to pop and hip-hop. Dive into thousands of hours of musical material, from individual sounds and loops to finished song parts. Created by some of the most talented audio producers around, Soundpools are production-ready and as unique as you are. And with automatic pitch and tempo matching, everything fits together to create impressive songs, ready to chart!


Even better: create your own style

Bring your songs to life with virtual instruments

Discover your own style by trying out our professional studio recorded instruments. From energetic drums and pumping bass lines to acoustic concert guitars or impressive orchestral music, Music Maker offers all the instruments you need for high-quality productions created right in your home studio or bedroom.

Wake up your inner musician – use real instruments

Do you play the guitar, or have you got some experience on the keyboard? Make the most of your musical talent and start recording today. Simply plug in your keyboard or guitar and play a song to make it even more personal.

Something only you can do: Give your tracks a voice

Simply connect your microphone and interface and off you go: Sing on your instrumental and create a complete chart-ready song. Singing is not your thing? Don’t worry, we got you covered with amazing vocal samples you can use freely.

Like a pro: Take it to the next level

Go pro: Take your songs to the next level with advanced mixing and high-end effects that will blow your mind! Get creative with plug-ins such as coreFX Delay or Vintage FX Filtox, and dive deep into sounds from any genre by exploring the infinite universe of Producer Planet loops and samples, accessible directly in-app. Follow your vision and develop your sound even further, effortlessly.

Highlights of the 2022 edition

More like you: A fully customizable interface

Music Maker 2022 is all about you and your songs. We’ve completely redesigned our interface to create the smoothest production experience yet. The new, custom design allows you to move all modules around freely and create your very own personal workflow.

Smarter, better, stronger: Introducing Song Maker AI.

Create song parts, sections or entire songs with just a few clicks: Song Maker AI comes up with a unique musical combination of patterns from any selection of Soundpools. Fast, fun, and incredibly useful – it’s music production, future-style!

Your new favorite: Meet the BeatBox.

Easy, quick and sample-based, this new built-in drum machine is the ultimate tool for beats out of the box! Find your own rhythm and fun and discover fresh, authentic drum kits and matching patterns: You’ll get professional-sounding results in minutes.



Music Maker Free Edition
Music Maker 2022 Plus Edition
Music Maker 2022 Premium Edition
Slots / credit
Soundpool / Soundpool Complete Bundle in the value of $19.99
1 (freely selectable)
3 (freely selectable)
Soundpool Collection in the value of $49.99
1 (freely selectable)
1 (freely selectable)
User Interface Update (Docking & Mixer) New
Song Maker New
Song Maker
Song Maker
Song Maker AI
Beatbox New
Beatbox Pro
Beatbox Pro
Music Maker Tutorials New
6 effects
64-bit & multicore support
VST Support
VST Bridge
Project Notes
More Tracks and Formats
Plug-ins & extra content
Concert Grand LE
coreFX Delay New
Creative Suite
Live Pads & Live Sets
More essentialFX
Music Maker - Feel Good (Soundpool)
DN-e1 New
Bass Machine New
Analog Synths New
Tiny Percussion Shaker New
Plus FX
Premium FX
Orange Vocoder ME
Revolta 2 (16 presets)
SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12
Vintage FX Filtox
VITA 2 (presets)

All MAGIX programs are developed with user-friendliness in mind so that all the basic features run smoothly and can be fully controlled, even on low-performance computers. The technical data for your computer can be found in the control panel of your operating system.

Operating Systems

  • Windows 8, 10

Minimum system requirements

  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Graphics card: Onboard, minimum resolution 1280 x 768
  • Sound card: Onboard
  • Hard drive space: 700 MB or more for program installation
  • Program languages: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Suomi, Polski, Português, Svenska
  • Internet connection: Required for registering and validating the program, as well as for some program features. Software requires one-time registration.

File Formats



  • AAC*
  • AIFF
  • FLAC
  • MIDI standard format (MID)
  • MIDI standard formats (GM, GS, XG)
  • MP3**
  • OGG Vorbis
  • WAV
  • WAV with codec


  • FLAC
  • MIDI standard format (MID)
  • MP3**
  • OGG Vorbis
  • WAV
  • WAV with codec

* Fee-based activation

** MP3 export with Windows Media Player 10 or higher



  • AVI
  • MXV
  • WMV



  • Audio CD
  • Data CD/DVD

Note: Only non-copy-protected audio CDs can be imported.

What’s new in Music Maker 2022

The new Music Maker 2022 is more powerful, more versatile and even more fun than before! Discover the latest customizable tools and features for producing amazing songs with ease.

Beatbox: The Rhythm Machine

Easily create massive beats from samples and achieve the perfect rhythm every time with the newly integrated Beatbox. Discover five authentic drum kits with a wide variety of patterns. Experiment by dragging and dropping your own sequences directly onto the timeline. Included in the FREE version

Beatbox Pro: Create your own beats

If you love the rhythms offered by Beatbox, you’ll be blown away by the new Beatbox Pro! Take your songs to the next level with 17 drum kits and over 200 patterns. Save your own beats separately from your project and use them again and again as part of a professional workflow.

Exclusively in PLUS + PREMIUM

Song Maker AI: The music of the future

Experience creative technology that sets new standards. Create song parts, individual sections or entire songs at the touch of a button with the help of artificial intelligence! Song Maker AI uses up to eight Soundpools and 49 song templates to create unique musical compositions.

Exclusively in PREMIUM

New interface

  • Works as fast you can think: The new interface – More personalized than ever before – experience a new, customizable user interface that makes production even more intuitive.
  • The fastest way to learn: In-program tutorials – It’s never been this easy to get up and running: Learn the ins and outs of Music Maker with step-by-step in-app tutorials that guide you from your first idea to a finished song. At a glance: Arranger & Mixer with a new look The clearly designed and intuitive arranger and mixer feature a dedicated track for Beatbox Pro, making it easy to build your own beats.
  • At a glance: Arranger & Mixer with a new look – The clearly designed and intuitive arranger and mixer feature a dedicated track for Beatbox Pro, making it easy to build your own beats.


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