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mamoworld Still Exporter

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mamoworld Still Exporter


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Still Exporter

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mamoworld Still Exporter

Batch Export of still frames for Premiere Pro

Still Exporter is a super-fast exporter of still images from your Premiere Pro timeline. It will export frames at markers you create as jpg, png, tiff or dpx images.  This dramatically speeds up and simplifies the process of exporting stills for reference, client approval, etc.

Video editors create more than just video: in this multimedia and social media age, clients often need to have a set of still images exported from their video. Still Exporter simplifies this process by allowing the user to set markers, choose a file format and let Still Exporter take care of the rest.

mamoworld still exporter workflowWorkflow

  1. Set markers at the frames you want to export.
  2. Choose a naming pattern that describes how the images should be named.
  3. Choose a file type from jpg, png, tiff or dpx.
  4. Choose a destination folder and click Export.

Export Formats

Export directly to jpg format for a small file size, or to png if you need transparency or lossless quality. tif and dpx images are also supported.

mamoworld still exporter namingFlexible Naming

No need to tediously rename each of the files after export. Describe how the exported images should be named using easy to use, powerful naming patterns. The naming pattern supports the following placeholders:

#NUM number of the marker (or #NUM2, #NUM3 etc. to pad the number with leading zeros)
#NAME the name of the marker
#COMMENT the comment of the marker
#PROJECT the name of project file (excluding the extension .prproj)
#SEQUENCE the name of the sequence
#TIMECODE timecode of the frame (in the timecode format that you chose on Premiere Pro for the sequence). In parenthesis you can also add a custom separator symbol between the hours, minutes, seconds and frames. So #TIMECODE(-) will exports timecodes like 00-00-00-00, #TIMECODE(#) will use 00#00#00#00 and #TIMECODE() will use no separator at all, i.e. 00000000

Including Timecode in Filenames

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Still Exporter is also available as part of the Editing Essentials Bundle:
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