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1.x Mask Prompter

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Mask Prompter


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Blace Mask Prompter

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Mask Prompter

A.I.-based plugin for easy and efficient mask generation.

Blace Plugins Mask Prompter is an easy way of creating masks in After Effects. Simply use points and boxes and the A.I.-based plugin will create a mask from your prompt, for any object in your footage.



Mask Prompter

Mask Prompter Features

Mask Prompter

Simple workflow

The masking workflow is super simple. Specify points and rectangles on/around the object. Mask Prompter will create a mask from your prompt. This allows for fine-grained selection, refinement, and easy tracking.



We applied some custom extensions to the underlying AI – therefore you’ll get interactive prompting. Note: The performance will be dependent on your hardware.


Mask Prompter

Stable on video!

It’s very easy to get consistent results on video. The river mask on the right was created with a single point placed on the river!


Multiple output modes

Output your masks as an overlay for visualization, as a black-white matte, or as content witha transparent channel. This allows for versatile integration in your workflow and interplay with AEs inbuilt effects.




After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022.   Please test your configuration using the free trial before purchasing.


GPU mode may not be as stable as CPU mode.

On Windows, an Nvidia graphics card is needed for the GPU version of the plugin.

Trial version

The trial is fully functional with a blue cross watermark which is removed once a valid license is entered.

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