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Mastering The Mix ANIMATE


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Mastering The Mix ANIMATE

Multi-purpose mixing plugin

ANIMATE helps you inject life into your mixes in a precise, versatile and colorful way. With four different movement modes, each with individual frequency assignments and mid/side functionality you’ll get your music jumping out of the speakers precisely how you want.


Key Benefits

  • Dial in a pristinely clean sounding upward expansion with the EXPAND module.
  • Enhance the transients of your audio to help them bite through the mix using the PUNCH module
  • Introduce rich harmonic distortion in a dynamic way based on the input signal with the IGNITE module. IGNITE can increase the perceived loudness, power and presence of a channel without the pumping effects of a compressor.
  • Increase the width of the selected frequencies surpassing the threshold using a psychoacoustic precedence effect with the GROW module.
  • Isolate which frequencies are processed using the filter, and mid/side controls



ANIMATE was designed to be your secret weapon in a wide range of mixing and mastering scenarios. It’s sonic versatility and precision will help you get your sound jumping out of the speakers exactly how you want. This video will provide some examples of where ANIMATE‘s powerful tools can be utilized.

MAC OSX Requirements

OS X 10.8 or higher. 32-bit or 64-bit AU, VST 2/3 or AAX host.

Windows Requirements

Windows 7, 8 or 10. 32-bit or 64-bit VST 2/3 or AAX host.

V1.1.6: Build Dec 22, 2021

This update includes:

  • Updates to licensing and AAX


V1.1.5: Build Feb 12, 2021

This update includes:

  • Big Sur + Apple Silicon support optimizations specifically for the new Apple M1 processor.
  • Improved graphics performance.
  • Updated authorization error messages with links to fast solutions.
  • Threshold engaged to-14dB on Expand. -60dB on Ignite, Punch and Grow to give faster results.

What’s new July 2020?

  •  Fix for a bug that slowed the UI in Logic 10.5
  • Improved authorization error reporting
  • Bug fixes


Mastering The Mix ANIMATE Walkthrough

This walkthrough shows you how to use Mastering The Mix ANIMATE to inject life into your mixes in a precise, versatile and colourful way.