1.1.4 Mastering The Mix EXPOSE


Mastering The Mix EXPOSE


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Mastering The Mix EXPOSE

Audio quality control application

Is your track release ready? Are you sure…? Too often music is released with technical issues that degrade the quality. With EXPOSE, it only takes a few seconds to make sure you deliver the best listening experience every time.


Key Benefits

  • Understand all technical details of a bounced file in seconds.
  • Locate issues immediately.
  • Presets to help you optimize for YouTube, Spotify, Club, CD, Soundcloud and more.
  • Tool Tips with mixing advice to help you solve specific issues with your mix.
  • Preview audio within EXPOSE.





1. Load A Track

Open the application and drag your audio onto the dashboard.

mastering the mix expose


2. Select A Preset

In the bottom left corner you’ll see the presets. Click on the text and select where your audio will be heard.

3. Readings

The four sections give you detailed information about the loudness, peaks, stereo/phase information, and dynamic range of your audio.

4. Identify Issues

If EXPOSE detects that issues would arise, the section icon and problematic readout will turn red. The waveform will also show you the exact location of the issues.

5. Isolate Issues

Click on one of the numerical readouts to isolate those specific issues on the waveform.

6. Issue Explanation

You can hover your mouse over any readout to see the target value for your selected preset. You will also see preset specific text that will help you fix the issue. For example, if your integrated LUFS value has breached the threshold then you’ll see:

Expose is a Stand Alone Application

MAC OSX Requirements

OS X 10.8 or higher.

Windows Requirements

Windows 7, 8 or 10.

V1.1.4: Build Feb 13, 2021

This update includes:

  • Big Sur + Apple Silicon support optimizations specifically for the new Apple M1 processor.
  • Improved graphics performance.
  • Updated authorization error messages with links to fast solutions.
  • Output settings now save for the next session.

What’s new July 2020?

  • Improved authorization error reporting
  • Bug fixes