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2.x Mastering The Mix LEVELS

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Mastering The Mix LEVELS


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Mastering The Mix

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Mastering The Mix LEVELS

Mixing and metering audio plugin

Ever felt that your music could have sounded better? There are so many technical details to focus on when mixing and mastering that mistakes are common. LEVELS has presets for CD, Club, Streaming, Youtube and more to help you make sure your music sounds great wherever it’s heard.

Ease to Use

LEVELS assesses your audio as it passes through. If there are no issues with your mix, the sections will glow green. If there is an aspect of your mix that needs to be fixed, the section will glow red.

Key Benefits

  • Effortlessly monitor the True Peak | LUFS | Dynamic Range | Stereo Width | Loudness Range | Bass Space.
  • Only get a warning if there is a technical issue, keeping you in your creative flow.
  • Presets to help you optimize for YouTube, Spotify, Club, CD, Soundcloud and more.
  • Tool Tips with mixing advice to help you solve specific issues with your mix.
  • Mono, Left/Right, and Mid/Side buttons.





An in-depth tutorial on how to use LEVELS when mastering audio. These tips will help you get the best possible sound for you music. Knowing more about the technical aspects of a mix can help you achieve your artistic goals and get your music sounding better than ever!



MAC OSX Requirements

OS X 10.8 or higher. 32-bit or 64-bit AU, VST 2/3 or AAX host.

Windows Requirements

Windows 7, 8 or 10. 32-bit or 64-bit VST 2/3 or AAX host.

V2.0.1: Build Jan 5, 2022

This update includes:

  • Updates to licensing and AAX
  • Big Sur + Apple Silicon support optimizations specifically for the new Apple M1 processor.


V2.0.1: Build Oct 26, 2019

This update includes:

  • New Loudness Range section.
  • Separated LUFS section.
  • New presets.
  • Compact view.
  • Adjustable filter solo in the Stereo Field section.
  • Tooltip suggestions on how to fix the issues the LEVELS finds.
  • Mid / Side solo feature.
  • UI and UX improvements.
  • Better error code reporting.
  • Offline activation.
  • Bug Fixes.


mastering the mix levels tutorial

Mastering The Mix LEVELS Walkthrough

This video walks you through the features of the mixing and metering plugin 'LEVELS' created by Mastering The Mix.


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