Mike Udin TakeMatPass


Mike Udin TakeMatPass
Mike Udin TakeMatPass

Cinema 4D does not natively allow the output of materials in separate passes, either as a white mask or as each material represented in different colors. TakeMatPass is a plug-in for Cinema 4D R17 and higher that can create an additional ‘take’ with a mask of the materials, objects and texture tags that can be output as a Color ID pass or multiple white masks.


mike udin takematpass


White matte mode

mike udin takematpass

For each selected materials, objects and texture tags in the material manager, TakeMatPass creates a separate take, where material, object and texture tag is displayed with a white mask, and everything else, through the Material Override function, is black.

Color ID mode

mike udin takematpass

For all selected materials, objects and texture tags, TakeMatPass creates take with the name 'MaterialID', here each is displayed with a separate unique color.


  1. Various kinds of simulations, for example, Dynamics or Mograph-animation before rendering should be cached or baked to keyframes.
  2. Effects of visual geometry deformation (displacement) created by materials of third-party renderers are not supported.



In this tutorial I'll show you how to create in Cinema 4D a Color ID pass to use in Adobe After Effects as an alternative to Object Buffer.

Works with Cinema 4D R17+